In His Own Words: Steve Larkin - Joining the Running Club

Stevie Lark Goes To A Practice

This is Steve Larkin, better known in select circles as Stevie Lark, freshman at the University of
Notre Dame, Cheverus High School class of 2017. I have obtained license from Coach Veilleux
to blog for this website about "running, and whatever else is on [my] mind." I intend to focus on
the former.

Since I lack the speed to be anything other than annihilated by Justyn Knight and the other elite
talent of the ACC, I've joined the running club, which competes against other running clubs in
the area, at Notre Dame. Last Monday I went to my first practice. Like an incompetent person, I
let my training become sloppy as I adapted to college life. Like a genius, I decided to ignore this
and went out with the fastest kids in the club for six miles.

It went about as poorly as you'd expect: but, for your amusement, O reader, here are the highlights:
-one kid saying his school was All-American in the 4xmile
-a different kid saying that 1:57 was not a fast enough time to make his school's 4x8
-me almost falling down a flight of stairs
-me almost falling into the St. Joseph River
-me getting ruthlessly dropped on a "hill" (what passes for a hill in Indiana is different than in
-me pathetically dragging myself through an endless string of off-campus student housing
-me taking a 40 minute shower after getting back to my dorm
-me thinking about how much I hate running
-me realizing that I've always hated running
-me thinking I should have played another sport
-me realizing that I'm completely terrible at everything but distance running
-me resigning myself to the fate of being a distance runner, as I was in the beginning, am now,
and shall be forever

All in all, it was an excellent start.