FOC Was Buzzing With Bees, Just Ask Michael Hayden

Michael Hayden of Brewer High School was buzzing with emotion as he crossed the finish line at Saturday's Maine XC Festival of Champions. The junior wasn't jumping for joy at his 35th place finish on the Belfast XC Course, but rather in shock after swallowing a bee nearly 60-100 meters before the end of the meet. "I felt it hit the back of my throat and I felt it sting me," he explained. "I crossed the finish line and threw up into a trash can. After that I walked around and grabbed some water and about 6-7 minutes later I started feeling weird and my feet got itchy and tingly." Brewer immediately went to the training table and told trainer what had happened from there. The sensation got progressively worse along the lines of an allergic reaction. She told him to lie down and gave him water. As the symptoms worsened even more, 9-11 was called and he received an Epi pen from someone.

"The trainer administered that and kept me in the recovery position to keep my airway open and tried to keep me from panicking while the ambulance was on its way," Brewer said. "Once the ambulance got there the EMT's administered a second EpiPen and stabilized me in the ambulance."

The emergency staff gave him oxygen during transport. He didn't pass out, but Brewer doesn't remember much about the ride to the ER where received more IV's and a third EpiPen. Brewer's vitals were monitored and his medicines adjusted, until he began to recover from the incident. His next race will be Friday at the Mt. Blue Relays.