Pierce & Thayer run to WM C titles

Pierce runs fastest time of the day, Thayer best the girls field.  Hall-Dale Boys win title while Merriconeag slips by Waynflete

Merrcioneag's Jack Pierce did the unthinkable he ran the fatest time of the day for boys after the course at Twin Brook had been chewed to shreds. The senior clocked 16:38 to hold off a challenge from Josef Holt Andrews of Telstar (16:46). On the girls side Sophia Thayer used a fast last mile to separate from NYA's Hannah Austin to win in 21:12. Check out the coverage and see who will be running next week in the state meet



Class C Boys

Class C Girls

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Boys race video

The expected duel between Josef Holt-Andrews of Telstar & Jack Pierce of Merriconeag turned out to be a good one.

Pierce & Holt-Andrews who are 2 of the best runners in the state of Maine didn't dissapoint despite the conditions behind tough

Pierce set the pace throughout the race with Holt-Andrews seemingly conserving energy a stride behind

The two would run stride for stride over the first 2 3/4 miles of the race but at the Pain Cave Pierce was able to summon some new strength.

At that point "I knew I had something left at the Pain Cave, so I just went hard" Jack would say after the race.

Over the final 600 meters of the race Pierce was able to pull away to finish in the fastest time of the day 16:38

How'd the heck did he run that fast? Good question as the course keep getting slower as the day went on. "It's all mental" Pierce would respond about his fast time today depsite the conditions.

Holt-Andrews ran a strong race to finish as the runner-up, his final time was 16:46, the #2 time on the day.

Interesting tidbit Pierce finished in front of Holt-Andrews during last year's regional final, at the state meet the roles were reversed in 2011.

Winthrop's Marc Hachey had the pleasure of running solo most of the race, he would finish 3rd in 17:53.

Waynflete's Josh Espy used a strong last mile to get by a pack of runners for 4th.

Ben Allen of Winthrop was 5th followed by Alex Owen of Boothbay (18:23)

Hall-Dale's Josh Ringer crossed the line in 7th, he was followed by NYA's Matt Malcom

Freshman Nick Harriman of Lisbon was 9th while Merriconeag's Zach Neveu placed 10th

Hall-Dale the pre-race favorite took the top honors for teams. The Bulldogs scored 92 to win by 14 points over the Flyers of Waynflete
They had 4 runners in the top 21. Running well for Hall-Dale was Ringer in 7th as well as Matt Plourde (17th) & Chris Pomerleau (18th).

Waynflete edged the Seahawks of Boothbay for the runner-up plaque 106-110, the difference being the 5th man as Waynflete's finished 34th while Boothbay's was 49th. Winthrop was just 6 points back in 4th

Other qualifying for states were Monmouth, North Yarmouth Academy, Telstar & Lisbon


Boys Individual State Qualifiers

  1 Jack Pierce               SR Merriconeag           16:38.28  
  2 Josef Holt-Andrews        JR Telstar               16:46.70  
  3 Marc Hachey               SR Winthrop              17:53.39  
  4 Josh Espy                 SR Waynflete             18:19.50  
  5 Ben Allen                 SO Winthrop              18:21.23  
  6 Alex Owen                 SR Boothbay              18:23.40  
  7 Josh Ringer               SR Hall-Dale             18:25.01  
  8 Matt Malcom               SO NYA                   18:29.80  
  9 Nicholas Harriman         FR Lisbon                18:33.98  
 10 Zach Neveu                SO Merriconeag           18:37.57  
 11 Benn Scully               JR Boothbay              18:51.87  
 12 Tristen Rich              SO Madison               18:59.86  
 13 Robert Campbell           JR Boothbay              19:06.76  
 14 Bronson Dean              JR Telstar               19:17.62  
 15 dylan Kinsbury            SR Waynflete             19:22.14  
 16 Colby Trenten             SR Madison               19:23.72  
 17 Matt Plourde              SR Hall-Dale             19:25.12  
 18 Chris Pomerleau           SO Hall-Dale             19:26.35  
 19 Jake Burns                SR NYA                   19:31.01  
 20 Abukar Adan               SR Waynflete             19:36.92  
 21 James McAuliffe           JR Hall-Dale             19:42.81  
 22 Ben Bailey                JR Monmouth Academy      19:44.77  
 23 Cote Brauneis             SO Lisbon                19:46.61  
 24 Travis Robbins            SO Richmond              19:52.06  
 25 Dylan Thombs              JR Monmouth Academy      19:53.06  
 26 Tyler Horsford            SR Monmouth Academy      19:54.31  
 27 Dylan Berney              SR Winthrop              19:55.10  
 28 Stewart Buzzell           JR Monmouth Academy      20:03.46  
 29 Harry Cheung              SR Hall-Dale             20:05.47  
 30 Haley Cunningham          SO NYA                   20:08.73  


Team Qualifiers

Top 8 Teams Qualify for State Meet
   1 Hall-Dale High School        92    7   17   18   21   29   36   47
      Total Time:  1:37:04.76
         Average:    19:24.96
   2 Waynflete School            106    4   15   20   33   34   54   61
      Total Time:  1:37:53.42
         Average:    19:34.69
   3 Boothbay Region High Scho   110    6   11   13   31   49   56   58
      Total Time:  1:37:18.55
         Average:    19:27.71
   4 Winthrop High School        116    3    5   27   38   43   51   73
      Total Time:  1:37:17.15
         Average:    19:27.43
   5 Monmouth Academy            136   22   25   26   28   35   50   57
      Total Time:  1:39:57.48
         Average:    19:59.50
   6 North Yarmouth Academy      145    8   19   30   40   48   52   65
      Total Time:  1:39:30.94
         Average:    19:54.19
   7 Telstar Regional High Sch   173    2   14   44   46   67   88   96
      Total Time:  1:39:29.23
         Average:    19:53.85
   8 Lisbon High School          180    9   23   39   45   64   78
      Total Time:  1:41:03.25
         Average:    20:12.65



Watch the race video

The Class C race girls race didn't come with the headlines as the boys race did but it turned out to be a great race between Boothbay's Sophia Thayer & NYA's Hannah Austin

Thayer took over the lead 400m into the race and set the pace over the first mile. Austin followed about 10 meters back at the mile with Natalie Boldcu of Dirigo on her heels. Behind them was Morgan Crocker & Hannah Morley of Boothbay

Over the next mile Austin would move up to Thayer shoulder and even took the lead right before the 2 mile mark. Thayer covered Austin's move and the two exited the woods right together.

Bolduc remained 3rd with Crocker in 4th. Waynflete's Marta Veroneau ran a very patient race moved herself through the field after the mile to get into 5th before the pain cave, while Sam Pierce of Merriconeag tracked her moves.

At the pain Thayer would dig deep and make her break which was good enough to earn her the victory in 21:12. Austin put up a valiant effort finishing 2nd 21:29. Boldcu remained 3rd 22:09

Pierce of Merriconeag moved up to 4th with a strong close moving ahead of Wyanflete's Veroneau who placed 5th. Crocker crossed next in 6th.

Teagan Wu of Merriconeag also ran a string last 800 to move up to 7th just one spot in front of Waynflete's Ella Millard. Lisbon freshman Bree Sauter had a good run finishing 9th.

Early race leader Bronte Elias rounded out the top 10

The team race was very competitive as Merriconeag & Waynflete battled it out. Wyanflete took the better of Merriconeag at last week's WMC championship but the roles would be reversed today.

A strong last mile moved Merriconeag's top 2 runners just ahead of Waynflete's by 1 spot. The difference maker was the #3 runner for Merriconeag Zoe Chace-Donahue who placed 14th overall. Waynflete's Cat Johnson was 7 places back in 21st.

When it was all said and done the margin of victory was just 6 points. Not much separates the two teams and they are sure to be neck and neck at next week's state championship

Dirigo the MVC champions placed 3rd, while Boothbay punched their ticket to the state meet in 4th.

The final spot went to Monmouth. How close was it? They edged Lisbon by 1 point for the final spot


Girls Individual State Qualifiers

 1 Sophia Thayer             JR Boothbay              21:12.77  
  2 Hannah Austin             SO NYA                   21:29.70  
  3 Natalie Bolduc               Dirigo                22:09.80  
  4 Samantha Pierce           SO Merriconeag           22:34.27  
  5 Martha Veroneau           SO Waynflete             22:39.05  
  6 Morgan Crocker            SO Boothbay              22:50.20  
  7 Wu Teagan                 SR Merriconeag           22:52.94  
  8 Ella Millard              JR Waynflete             22:54.46  
  9 Bree Sautter              FR Lisbon                22:58.11  
 10 Bronte Elias              SO Madison               23:05.63  
 11 Gabi Stone                SO Telstar               23:09.05  
 12 Angel Abbott              FR Winthrop              23:15.90  
 13 Hannah Morley             FR Boothbay              23:18.47  
 14 Chace-Donahue Zoe         SR Merriconeag           23:32.07  
 15 Molly Kieltyka            JR Winthrop              23:42.52  
 16 Emma Wilson               SO Hall-Dale             23:43.43  
 17 Jocelyn Lorrey            JR Traip                 23:50.68  
 18 Kate Hilscher             FR NYA                   23:50.86  
 19 Caitlyn Bundy             FR Lisbon                23:51.61  
 20 Ellen Tuttle              JR St. Dominic           23:55.55  
 21 Johnson Cat               SR Waynflete             23:56.84  
 22 Kaitlin Souza             FR Winthrop              23:57.01  
 23 Jessica Conant               Dirigo                23:58.08  
 24 Gail Johnson              FR Waynflete             23:59.84  
 25 Ashleigh Hartford         SO Monmouth Academy      24:09.13  
 26 Kaitlyn Brown             FR Telstar               24:12.57  
 27 Carey Knowles             SO Monmouth Academy      24:13.00  
 28 Sylvia Lutick                Dirigo                24:21.47  
 29 Abby L'Abbe               FR St. Dominic           24:24.74  
 30 Tiffany Pease             JR Monmouth Academy      24:27.64  


Team Qualifiers

Top 5 Teams Qualify for State Meet
   1 Merriconeag Waldorf High     79    4    7   12   27   29   35   45
      Total Time:  1:58:18.54
         Average:    23:39.71
   2 Waynflete School             85    5    8   18   21   33   34   39
      Total Time:  1:58:43.37
         Average:    23:44.68
   3 Dirigo High School          112    3   20   24   28   37
      Total Time:  2:00:48.66
         Average:    24:09.74
   4 Boothbay Region High Scho   117    1    6   11   47   52   53
      Total Time:  2:02:02.65
         Average:    24:24.53
   5 Monmouth Academy            138   22   23   26   31   36   41   48
      Total Time:  2:03:16.32
         Average:    24:39.27