Class A Girls Virtual State Meet

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Class A Girls Virtual State Meet

With the 2017 outdoor track & field season getting underway this week with the first countable meets, we took a look at the Class A girls 2016 returners, and scored it as a state meet. Scoring was based on 10,8,6,4,3,2,1

Team Scores

1Cheverus High School50.5
2Westbrook High School44
3Falmouth High School42.5
4South Portland High School40
5Lewiston High School37
6Thornton Academy36.5
7Bonny Eagle High School30.5
7Scarborough High School30.5
9Brewer High School27
10Skowhegan Area High School26
11Hampden Academy22.5
12Edward Little High School20
13Massabesic High School19
14Noble High School18
15Mt. Ararat High School16
16Gorham High School14.5
17Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School13
18Cony High School11
19Bangor High School10
19Deering High School10
21Portland High School7
22Marshwood High School6
23Brunswick High School4.5
24Messalonskee High School4
25Sanford High School3
26Windham High School1

100 Meter Dash

1Emily Turner2017Cheverus High School12.70 10
2Lia Johnson2017Brewer High School12.89 8
3Maggie Kelly2018Noble High School12.90 6
4Ella Altidor2018Portland High School12.96 4
5Alexandra Hart2018Thornton Academy13.01 2.5
5Sabria Merrifield2019Bonny Eagle High School13.01 2.5
7Gaby Panagakos2018Scarborough High School13.03 1
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200 Meter Dash

1Emily Turner2017Cheverus High School25.92 10
2Alexandra Hart2018Thornton Academy26.26 8
3Jenny Martin2017Lewiston High School26.42 6
4Moriah Biener2017Massabesic High School26.77 4
5Ella Altidor2018Portland High School26.99 3
6Lia Johnson2017Brewer High School27.11 2
7Maggie Kelly2018Noble High School27.44 1
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400 Meter Dash

1Emily Turner2017Cheverus High School56.57 10
2Gaby Panagakos2018Scarborough High School58.64 8
3Alexandra Hart2018Thornton Academy59.81 6
4Moriah Biener2017Massabesic High School1:00.02 4
5Juliana Selser2018South Portland High School1:00.32 3
6Maggie Franz2019Scarborough High School1:00.76 2
7Amanda Turner2017Windham High School1:01.54 1
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800 Meter Run

1Juliana Selser2018South Portland High School2:15.79 10
2Malaika Pasch2019Falmouth High School2:17.65 8
3Kayla Raymond2019Bonny Eagle High School2:23.60 6
4Natalie DuBois2017Marshwood High School2:23.84 4
5Avery Brennan2017Messalonskee High School2:25.41 3
6Nicole Whipkey2018Deering High School2:26.11 2
7Afton Turnbull2019Westbrook High School2:26.31 1
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1,600 Meter Run

1Kayla Raymond2019Bonny Eagle High School5:17.41 10
2Katherine Leckbee2018Mt. Ararat High School5:17.65 8
3Ami Beaumier2019Bonny Eagle High School5:18.10 6
4Juliana Selser2018South Portland High School5:20.62 4
5Anne Guadalupi2017Cony High School5:24.87 3
6Bethany Sholl2018Scarborough High School5:28.69 2
7Avery Brennan2017Messalonskee High School5:33.97 1
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3,200 Meter Run

1Bethany Sholl2018Scarborough High School11:33.03 10
2Katherine Leckbee2018Mt. Ararat High School11:41.07 8
3Ami Beaumier2019Bonny Eagle High School11:49.03 6
4Anne Guadalupi2017Cony High School12:00.38 4
5Kylie Johnson2019Massabesic High School12:15.49 3
6Mackenzie Young2019Marshwood High School12:15.64 2
7Hannah Berzinis2017Falmouth High School12:16.96 1
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100 Meter Hurdles

1Nina Tasker2018Noble High School15.44 10
2Jenny Martin2017Lewiston High School15.65 8
3Ellen Shaw2017Scarborough High School15.93 6
4Christie Woodside2018Hampden Academy16.02 4
5Callie O'brien2017South Portland High School16.46 3
6Kaylie-An Vallee2017Edward Little High School16.64 2
7Sophie Chiasson2019Noble High School16.66 1
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300 Meter Hurdles

1Jenny Martin2017Lewiston High School46.42 10
2Annah Rossvall2018Deering High School48.93 8
3Callie O'brien2017South Portland High School49.09 6
4Hannah Hopkins2019Brewer High School49.18 4
5Katelyn Gendron2017Cheverus High School49.33 3
6Bridget Rossignol2018Gorham High School49.90 2
7Syeira New2019Massabesic High School50.31 1
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High Jump

1Nyagoa Bayak2019Westbrook High School5-8 10
2Lingdong Bol2018South Portland High School5-4 7
2Moriah Biener2017Massabesic High School5-4 7
4Leah Savage2018Skowhegan Area High School5-2 4
5Christie Woodside2018Hampden Academy5-0 2
5Emma White2019Cheverus High School5-0 2
5Taylor Chamberlain2018Lewiston High School5-0 2
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Triple Jump

1Leah Savage2018Skowhegan Area High School36-0.25 10
2Kelly Dyer2017Westbrook High School35-7.5 8
3Nyagoa Bayak2019Westbrook High School35-3.75 6
4Emma White2019Cheverus High School35-2.5 4
5Lingdong Bol2018South Portland High School34-0 3
6Chloe Thorndike2017Skowhegan Area High School33-8.5 2
7Christie Woodside2018Hampden Academy33-7.75 1
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Long Jump

1Leah Savage2018Skowhegan Area High School16-10.5 10
2Kelly Dyer2017Westbrook High School16-8.25 8
3Emma White2019Cheverus High School16-7.75 6
4Alexandra Hart2018Thornton Academy16-5.5 4
5Nyagoa Bayak2019Westbrook High School16-5.25 3
6Christie Woodside2018Hampden Academy16-3.5 1.5
6Katelyn Gendron2017Cheverus High School16-3.5 1.5
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Pole Vault

1Rihan Smallwood2017Bangor High School10-6 10
2Kiersten Hilton2017Westbrook High School10-0 8
3Lauren Berube2018Edward Little High School9-9 6
4Alyssa Vargo2017Brewer High School9-6 4
5Bridget Rossignol2018Gorham High School9-0 1.5
5Chelsea Zhao2018Falmouth High School9-0 1.5
5Kirsten Dennen2018Scarborough High School9-0 1.5
5Tea Kepler2019Brunswick High School9-0 1.5
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Shot Put

1Adelaide Cooke2017Falmouth High School39-11.5 10
2Samantha Curran2017Thornton Academy39-7.5 8
3Daija Misler2017Hampden Academy38-3 6
4Maighread Laliberte2018Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School37-4 4
5Hannah Abbott2018Cheverus High School36-10 3
6Abigail Cook2017Thornton Academy33-10.5 2
7Lilly Blakeman2018Brewer High School33-1 1
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1Britanee Nouchanthavon2017Edward Little High School129-0 10
2Adelaide Cooke2017Falmouth High School113-6 8
3Erin Childs2018Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School107-4 6
4Gabby Low2019Cony High School106-6 4
5Evelyn Kitchen2019Gorham High School105-2 3
6Nicole Leblanc2018Sanford High School104-5 2
7Carolyn Higgins2017Sanford High School101-7 1
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1Adelaide Cooke2017Falmouth High School131-0 10
2Daija Misler2017Hampden Academy118-7 8
3Samantha Curran2017Thornton Academy111-11 6
4Madison Tait2017Falmouth High School110-4 4
5Maighread Laliberte2018Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School110-0 3
6Lilly Blakeman2018Brewer High School109-1 2
7Hannah Abbott2018Cheverus High School104-5 1
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1600 Meter Race Walk

1Kayla Allen2017Lewiston High School7:25.40 10
2Hayley Bickford2018Gorham High School8:13.19 8
3Lily Cohen2017Brewer High School8:24.34 6
4Abby Donahue2017South Portland High School8:25.75 4
5Emma Nagler2017Brunswick High School8:42.05 3
6Sophie Bilodeau2019Edward Little High School8:59.75 2
7Magdelena Elwell2017Lewiston High School9:02.37 1
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