Class B Boys Virtual State Meet

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Class B Boys Virtual State Meet

With the 2017 outdoor track & field season getting underway this week with the first countable meets, we took a look at the Class B boys 2016 returners, and scored it as a state meet. Scoring was based on 10,8,6,4,3,2,1

Team Scores

1Waterville High School70
2Winslow High School50.34
3York High School49.5
4Yarmouth High School49
5Mt. Desert Island High School40.67
6Wells High School28
7Leavitt Area High School23
8John Bapst Memorial High School21.67
9Hermon High School21
10Erskine Academy19.67
11Lake Region High School16
11Lawrence High School16
13Presque Isle High School15
14Greely High School14.67
15Freeport High School14
16Old Town High School13
17Camden Hills Regional High School11
17Kennebunk High School11
17Medomak Valley High School11
20Gray New Gloucester High School10
21Foxcroft Academy6.17
22Ellsworth High School6
22Mt. View6
24Cape Elizabeth High School5.67
25Lincoln Academy5
26Fryeburg Academy4
27Nokomis High School3
28Belfast Area High School2
29Poland Regional High School1
30Gardiner High School0.67

100 Meter Dash

1Alec Pinette2017Wells High School11.45 9
1Jake Warn2018Winslow High School11.45 9
3Steve Fitzpatrick2018John Bapst Memorial High School11.51 6
4Andrew Peterson2018Gray New Gloucester High School11.53 4
5Mason Cooper2017Lawrence High School11.61 3
6James Petersen2018Hermon High School11.63 2
7Evan Wadsworth2018Fryeburg Academy11.70 1
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200 Meter Dash

1Jake Warn2018Winslow High School23.31 10
2James Petersen2018Hermon High School23.33 8
3Steve Fitzpatrick2018John Bapst Memorial High School23.65 6
4Alec Pinette2017Wells High School23.76 4
5Shaynen Schofield2017Mt. View23.80 3
6Matthew Concannon2018Cape Elizabeth High School23.88 2
7Mason Cooper2017Lawrence High School23.96 1
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400 Meter Dash

1Tahj Garvey2018Yarmouth High School50.64 10
2James Petersen2018Hermon High School51.40 8
3Mason Cooper2017Lawrence High School52.66 6
4Deandre James2018Leavitt Area High School52.96 4
5Trace Cyr2019Presque Isle High School53.20 3
6Joshua Willey2017Old Town High School53.39 2
7Dakota Stover2017Lake Region High School53.53 1
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800 Meter Run

1Luke Laverdiere2018Yarmouth High School2:00.10 10
2Luke Groothoff2018Yarmouth High School2:03.05 8
3Mitch Libby2018Wells High School2:04.19 6
4Nick Dall2019Waterville High School2:04.54 4
5Christian Bedell2018Fryeburg Academy2:05.98 3
6Riley Cushing2017Lincoln Academy2:06.57 2
7Wesley Moody2017Wells High School2:06.71 1
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1,600 Meter Run

1Luke Laverdiere2018Yarmouth High School4:21.47 10
2Nick Dall2019Waterville High School4:30.45 8
3Henry Jaques2017Freeport High School4:33.03 6
4Max Stickney2017Greely High School4:35.03 4
5Wesley Moody2017Wells High School4:39.11 3
6Tucker Pierce2017Gray New Gloucester High School4:41.32 2
7Mac Huffard2017Cape Elizabeth High School4:42.36 1
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3,200 Meter Run

1Luke Laverdiere2018Yarmouth High School9:18.16 10
2Henry Jaques2017Freeport High School9:43.75 8
3Nick Dall2019Waterville High School10:07.49 6
4Tucker Pierce2017Gray New Gloucester High School10:15.04 4
5Sam Russ2019Lincoln Academy10:17.30 3
6Max Stickney2017Greely High School10:23.22 2
7Luke Marsanskis2019Greely High School10:26.14 1
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110 Meter Hurdles

1Jake Martin2018York High School16.22 10
2Maddison Jordan2017Camden Hills Regional High School16.83 8
3Zach Westman2018York High School17.29 6
4Kenneth Pruyne2017Medomak Valley High School17.54 4
5Zachary Campbell2018Lawrence High School17.57 3
6Chandler Dow2019Foxcroft Academy18.53 2
7Jordan Bishop2018Hermon High School18.82 1
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300 Meter Hurdles

1Jake Martin2018York High School43.12 10
2Zach Westman2018York High School43.58 8
3Josh Bloom2017Mt. Desert Island High School44.42 6
4Kenneth Pruyne2017Medomak Valley High School44.68 4
5Maddison Jordan2017Camden Hills Regional High School45.02 3
6Zachary Beaton2019Hermon High School45.17 2
7Gavin Poperechny2018Greely High School45.24 1
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Triple Jump

1Jake Warn2018Winslow High School42-7 10
2Caleb Bowen2018Leavitt Area High School41-2.75 8
3Ethan Nurick2019Waterville High School40-4 6
4Chris Weymouth2019Erskine Academy40-0 4
5Alvaro Valls2017Medomak Valley High School39-10.5 3
6Ben Cotton2018John Bapst Memorial High School39-7.25 2
7Dakota Stover2017Lake Region High School39-5.5 1
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Long Jump

1Jake Warn2018Winslow High School20-8.25 10
2Dakota Stover2017Lake Region High School20-0.25 8
3Kyle Mcgadney2017Waterville High School19-5.5 6
4Chan Villatora2017Presque Isle High School19-4 4
5Jake Martin2018York High School19-3 3
6Bryce Swisher2017Belfast Area High School19-2.5 2
7Tucker Whitney2017Yarmouth High School19-1.5 1
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High Jump

1Noah Hutchinson2017Leavitt Area High School6-4 10
2Jake Martin2018York High School6-1.25 8
3Jack Jowett2019Erskine Academy5-10 5
3Keegan Reidy2017Wells High School5-10 5
5Ben Dorval2019Winslow High School5-8 0.667
5Ben Cotton2018John Bapst Memorial High School5-8 0.667
5Billy Kerley2018Mt. Desert Island High School5-8 0.667
5Chris Weymouth2019Erskine Academy5-8 0.667
5Collin Foye2018Gardiner High School5-8 0.667
5Dylan Hutchinson2017Winslow High School5-8 0.667
5Harry Queeney2017Cape Elizabeth High School5-8 0.667
5Max Santagata2017Foxcroft Academy5-8 0.667
5Nicolas Brown2019Greely High School5-8 0.667
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Pole Vault

1Chris Weymouth2019Erskine Academy12-0 10
2Brady Chadwick2018John Bapst Memorial High School11-6 7
2Isaac Pellerin2017Waterville High School11-6 7
4Benjamin Copeland2017Lawrence High School11-0 3
4Josh Larrabee2018Mt. View11-0 3
4Sam Bonnevie2017Greely High School11-0 3
7Griffin Bean2019York High School10-3 0.5
7Hyatt Smith2019Foxcroft Academy10-3 0.5
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1Zach Smith2017Waterville High School139-4 10
2Croix Albee2018Mt. Desert Island High School138-8 8
3Jacob St Louis2018Old Town High School129-4 6
4Jesse Workman2017Waterville High School119-10 4
5Christopher Wilson2017Nokomis High School118-8 3
6Luc Houle2018Cape Elizabeth High School111-1 2
7Sam Stone2018Poland Regional High School109-4 1
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1Zach Smith2017Waterville High School159-3 10
2Croix Albee2018Mt. Desert Island High School157-1 8
3Jesse Workman2017Waterville High School153-3 6
4Justin Park2017York High School151-4 4
5Max Santagata2017Foxcroft Academy140-6 3
6Sam Bonnevie2017Greely High School139-11 2
7Nate St Jean2017Old Town High School137-1 1
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Shot Put

1Croix Albee2018Mt. Desert Island High School48-6.75 10
2Micah Hallett2018Mt. Desert Island High School41-0 8
3Thomas Noble2018Lake Region High School40-6 6
4Jacob St Louis2018Old Town High School39-11.5 4
5Zach Smith2017Waterville High School39-6.75 3
6Brennan Schatzabel2018Kennebunk High School39-2.5 2
7Elliott Boardman2017Greely High School38-11 1
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1600 Meter Race Walk

1Jamie Sears2017Winslow High School7:48.98 10
2Jonah Clark2018Presque Isle High School8:08.04 8
3Mark Berry2019Ellsworth High School8:31.66 6
4Nathan Ladd2017Kennebunk High School8:34.85 4
5Lucas Marquis2017Kennebunk High School8:38.43 3
6Forrest Robie2018Kennebunk High School8:56.19 2
7Ryan Pratt2018Leavitt Area High School9:05.70 1
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