Class B Girls Virtual State Meet

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Class B Girls Virtual State Meet

With the 2017 outdoor track & field season getting underway this week with the first countable meets, we took a look at the Class B girls 2016 returners, and scored it as a state meet. Scoring was based on 10,8,6,4,3,2,1

Team Scores

1Mt. Desert Island High School53
2Greely High School48.33
3York High School44.5
4Belfast Area High School31.33
5Lake Region High School30
6Old Town High School29.5
7Waterville High School29
8Yarmouth High School26
9Winslow High School24.5
10Lawrence High School24
10Lincoln Academy24
12Kennebunk High School21
13Leavitt Area High School18.33
14Spruce Mountain18
15Fryeburg Academy15
16Gray New Gloucester High School14
17Foxcroft Academy13
17Poland Regional High School13
19John Bapst Memorial High School12.5
20Erskine Academy11
21Nokomis High School10
22Mt. View8
22Presque Isle High School8
24Wells High School7.5
25Camden Hills Regional High School4
26Cape Elizabeth High School3.5
27Morse High School2
28Medomak Valley High School1

100 Meter Dash

1Ashley Anderson2018Mt. Desert Island High School12.78 10
2Skye Collins2018Fryeburg Academy12.80 8
3Tori Koch2017Presque Isle High School12.91 6
4Kiana Letourneau2017Lawrence High School12.92 4
5Nicole Daigle2018Leavitt Area High School12.96 3
6Madison Post2019Gray New Gloucester High School12.97 2
7Oriagna Inirio2017Fryeburg Academy13.00 1
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200 Meter Dash

1Tahlia Mullen2018Lincoln Academy26.11 10
2Kiana Letourneau2017Lawrence High School26.27 8
3Ashley Anderson2018Mt. Desert Island High School26.28 6
4Caitlin Wolff2019Kennebunk High School26.86 4
5Skye Collins2018Fryeburg Academy27.00 3
6Audrey Clement2018Camden Hills Regional High School27.01 2
7Avery Williams2019Spruce Mountain27.08 1
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400 Meter Dash

1Tahlia Mullen2018Lincoln Academy58.34 10
2Kiana Letourneau2017Lawrence High School59.46 8
3Caitlin Wolff2019Kennebunk High School1:00.11 6
4Tia Tardy2017Mt. Desert Island High School1:00.12 4
5Kaylee Porter2018Erskine Academy1:00.15 3
6Austin Taylor2017Nokomis High School1:00.69 2
7Morgan Smith2018York High School1:00.75 1
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800 Meter Run

1Tia Tardy2017Mt. Desert Island High School2:12.29 10
2Kaylee Porter2018Erskine Academy2:17.10 8
3Anneka Murrin2018Yarmouth High School2:19.74 6
4Madison Szczygiel2018Wells High School2:22.64 4
5Laura Kenealy2018York High School2:24.43 3
6Austin Taylor2017Nokomis High School2:25.38 2
7Tahlia Mullen2018Lincoln Academy2:26.01 1
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1,600 Meter Run

1Tia Tardy2017Mt. Desert Island High School5:02.45 10
2Anneka Murrin2018Yarmouth High School5:12.59 8
3Carolyn Todd2019Greely High School5:14.27 6
4Abigail Hamilton2017Yarmouth High School5:22.15 4
5Emily Carty2018Fryeburg Academy5:25.13 3
6Augusta Stockman2019Camden Hills Regional High School5:26.61 2
7Liv Palma2017Cape Elizabeth High School5:26.83 1
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3,200 Meter Run

1Tia Tardy2017Mt. Desert Island High School11:04.87 10
2Abigail Hamilton2017Yarmouth High School11:12.14 8
3Carolyn Todd2019Greely High School11:26.12 6
4Malia Cryan2017York High School11:39.42 4
5Cecilia Morin2017Waterville High School11:46.09 3
6Kathryn Miller2018York High School11:57.14 2
7Louise Holway2017Kennebunk High School11:57.36 1
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100 Meter Hurdles

1Elesha Pratt2017Poland Regional High School15.83 10
2Paige Smith2017Winslow High School16.27 8
3Skylar Cooney2019Greely High School16.81 6
4Ella Ruehsen2019Waterville High School17.39 4
5Emily Harris2019Lincoln Academy17.45 3
6Emily Cottis2017Wells High School17.55 2
7Danica Chadwick2018Lake Region High School17.58 1
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300 Meter Hurdles

1Skylar Cooney2019Greely High School48.83 10
2Audrey Grimes2019York High School49.55 8
3Ashlyn Williams2019Spruce Mountain49.95 6
4Danica Chadwick2018Lake Region High School50.34 4
5Katelynn Greene2018Poland Regional High School50.82 3
6Lily Wolf2017Kennebunk High School50.92 2
7Jane Vannoy2018Medomak Valley High School51.40 1
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Triple Jump

1Oliviah Damboise2018Old Town High School35-1 10
2Paige Smith2017Winslow High School34-3 8
3Hannah Chadwick2018Lake Region High School33-6.25 6
4Maddie Amidon2017York High School33-2.5 4
5Ella Ruehsen2019Waterville High School33-1.25 3
6Emma Gould2018Morse High School32-9.25 2
7Ashley Pratt2017Leavitt Area High School32-8.5 1
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High Jump

1Betsy Hunt2018Mt. View5-0 8
1Lauren Williams2017Greely High School5-0 8
1Olivia St. Germain2017John Bapst Memorial High School5-0 8
4Jordan Fostun2017Old Town High School4-10 2.5
4Katie Oberholtzer2017Cape Elizabeth High School4-10 2.5
4Nicole Rion2018York High School4-10 2.5
4Paige Smith2017Winslow High School4-10 2.5
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Long Jump

1Kylie Nelson2017Belfast Area High School16-9.25 10
2Oliviah Damboise2018Old Town High School16-2 8
3Paige Smith2017Winslow High School16-0 6
4Miranda Coombs2018Leavitt Area High School15-7 4
5Elizabeth Brown2018Greely High School15-5.5 3
6Bailey Morrison2018Wells High School15-3.5 1.5
6Caroline Reed2019John Bapst Memorial High School15-3.5 1.5
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Pole Vault

1Kylie Nelson2017Belfast Area High School10-0 10
2Oliviah Damboise2018Old Town High School9-0 8
3Ashley Pratt2017Leavitt Area High School8-6 4.333
3Hadley O'malia2017Belfast Area High School8-6 4.333
3Maggie Mccormick2019Greely High School8-6 4.333
6Ella Ruehsen2019Waterville High School8-0 1
6Kassidy Harriman2017Old Town High School8-0 1
6Tia Zephir2018John Bapst Memorial High School8-0 1
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1Emily Mikoud2017Foxcroft Academy121-7 10
2Sarah Cox2019Waterville High School104-2 8
3Sam DeSouza2018Lake Region High School96-5 6
4Madison Post2019Gray New Gloucester High School95-0 4
5Elizabeth Brown2018Greely High School94-4 3
6Mackenzie Hanna2018Mt. Desert Island High School94-3 2
7Johnna Scott2019Lake Region High School91-5 1
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1Reilly Smedley2017York High School106-6 10
2Sam DeSouza2018Lake Region High School100-7 8
3Allie Belaire2018Leavitt Area High School99-1 6
4Hadley O'malia2017Belfast Area High School98-9 4
5Shera Hilt2019Belfast Area High School98-2 3
6Maddie Wing2018Presque Isle High School96-1 2
7Calley Baker2019Spruce Mountain93-5 1
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Shot Put

1Sarah Cox2019Waterville High School37-1.5 10
2Emma Maccallum2017Gray New Gloucester High School35-6 8
3Mary Freeman2017York High School34-6.5 6
4Sam DeSouza2018Lake Region High School34-5 4
5Emily Mikoud2017Foxcroft Academy34-2.25 3
6Elizabeth Brown2018Greely High School32-8.25 2
7Dorothy Lemoine2018Mt. Desert Island High School32-3.5 1
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1600 Meter Race Walk

1Emily White2019Spruce Mountain8:38.06 10
2Grace West2018Kennebunk High School8:53.51 8
3Becca Marcia2017Nokomis High School9:06.81 6
4Kaylee Brann2017Lawrence High School9:09.83 4
5Sarah O'connor2017York High School9:23.43 3
6Emma Bragdon2017John Bapst Memorial High School9:23.68 2
7Annie Yauch2018York High School9:31.44 1
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