Class C Boys Virtual State Meet

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Class C Boys Virtual State Meet

With the 2017 outdoor track & field season getting underway this week with the first countable meets, we took a look at the Class C Boys 2016 returners, and scored it as a state meet. Scoring was based on 10,8,6,4,3,2,1

Team Scores

1Orono High School81.43
2Traip Academy55
3Washington Academy50
4Mountain Valley44.5
5George Stevens Academy30.93
6Mattanawcook Academy24
7Dirigo High School22
8Caribou High School Viking Pack21
9Telstar Regional High School20
10Hall-Dale High School19
11Fort Fairfield17.43
12Boothbay Region High School17
12Madison Memorial High School17
14Bangor Christian16
16Maranacook Community High School13
17Monmouth Academy12
18Lisbon High School11.5
19North Yarmouth Academy9
21Sacopee Valley High School6
22Winthrop High School5.5
23Dexter Regional High School5.43
24Mt. Abram5
24Seacoast Christian5
26Maine Central Insitute3
26Waynflete School3
28Wiscasset High School2.43
29Central High School2
30Sumner Memorial High School1.43
31Calais High School1

100 Meter Dash

1Evan Porter2017Traip Academy11.00 10
2Michaiah Robinson2017Washington Academy11.28 8
3Oneko Lowe2017Washington Academy11.31 6
4Kyle Farrar2017Mountain Valley11.71 4
5Eli Turner2017Mountain Valley11.76 3
6Nate Scott2017Winthrop High School11.79 2
7Keenan Collett2017Orono High School11.81 1
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200 Meter Dash

1Michaiah Robinson2017Washington Academy22.61 10
2Oneko Lowe2017Washington Academy22.96 8
3Xander Bartone2017North Yarmouth Academy23.55 6
4Kyle Farrar2017Mountain Valley23.59 3.5
4Nate Scott2017Winthrop High School23.59 3.5
6Josh Rand2019Central High School24.06 2
7Jacob Gagner2018Traip Academy24.16 1
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400 Meter Dash

1Michaiah Robinson2017Washington Academy50.03 10
2Hunter White2017Dirigo High School50.21 8
3Evan Porter2017Traip Academy52.08 6
4Tyreek Rankins2017Mountain Valley52.62 4
5Xander Bartone2017North Yarmouth Academy52.80 3
6Jacob Fandel2017Orono High School52.85 2
7Thomas Dupuy2017Maranacook Community High School52.97 1
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800 Meter Run

1Jacob Fandel2017Orono High School1:58.10 10
2Dalan Hubbard2018Traip Academy2:05.00 8
3Dylan Goff2018Monmouth Academy2:06.99 6
4Matt Keresey2018Orono High School2:07.47 4
5Isaiah Brown2017Houlton2:07.63 3
6Thomas Dupuy2017Maranacook Community High School2:10.16 2
7Wilson Moore2017Waynflete School2:10.80 1
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1,600 Meter Run

1John Hassett2017George Stevens Academy4:24.03 10
2Jacob Fandel2017Orono High School4:40.38 8
3Dalan Hubbard2018Traip Academy4:40.81 6
4Matt Keresey2018Orono High School4:41.29 4
5Isaiah Brown2017Houlton4:42.72 3
6Wilson Moore2017Waynflete School4:44.70 2
7Jonathan Steelman2019Orono High School4:50.02 1
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3,200 Meter Run

1John Hassett2017George Stevens Academy10:12.18 10
2Isaiah Brown2017Houlton10:24.34 8
3Matt Keresey2018Orono High School10:31.01 6
4Xavier Romanoski2017Mt. Abram10:43.41 4
5Evan Desmond2018Caribou High School Viking Pack10:48.83 3
6Ruslan Reiter2017Maranacook Community High School10:53.32 2
7Blake Erhard2019Boothbay Region High School10:58.37 1
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110 Meter Hurdles

1Evan Porter2017Traip Academy15.07 10
2Avry Griffin2017Telstar Regional High School15.64 8
3Jonah Daigle2019Fort Fairfield16.00 6
4Sam Simonds2017Traip Academy16.23 4
5Jarrett Bearor2017Madison Memorial High School16.73 3
6Keenan Collett2017Orono High School17.03 2
7Colin Goshorn2018Fort Fairfield17.07 1
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300 Meter Hurdles

1Evan Porter2017Traip Academy39.20 10
2Avry Griffin2017Telstar Regional High School41.36 8
3Hunter White2017Dirigo High School41.66 6
4Stephen Nelson2017Orono High School42.29 4
5Keenan Collett2017Orono High School42.92 3
6Jonah Daigle2019Fort Fairfield43.03 2
7Chris Glover2018Mountain Valley44.09 1
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Triple Jump

1Cayden Spencer-Thompson2019Mattanawcook Academy43-11.75 10
2Hunter White2017Dirigo High School43-1.5 8
3Kyle Farrar2017Mountain Valley41-2.5 6
4Avry Griffin2017Telstar Regional High School40-5 4
5Brandon Allen2017Dexter Regional High School39-8.5 3
6Brandon Stevens2017Maine Central Insitute39-7.5 2
7Jake Traylor2018Wiscasset High School39-6.75 1
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High Jump

1Jon Whitcomb2017Hall-Dale High School6-3 10
2Cayden Spencer-Thompson2019Mattanawcook Academy6-0 8
3Cameron Payne2018Mountain Valley5-10 6
4Austin Brown2017Houlton5-8 1.429
4Brandon Allen2017Dexter Regional High School5-8 1.429
4Brandon Goud2017Wiscasset High School5-8 1.429
4Gavin Mcdonald2019Orono High School5-8 1.429
4Ian Ramsay2018George Stevens Academy5-8 1.429
4Jonah Daigle2019Fort Fairfield5-8 1.429
4Ti Janla2018Sumner Memorial High School5-8 1.429
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Long Jump

1Kyle Farrar2017Mountain Valley21-8.5 10
2Oneko Lowe2017Washington Academy21-0 8
3Cayden Spencer-Thompson2019Mattanawcook Academy20-9 6
4Darrin Libby2018Madison Memorial High School19-10 4
5Chris Glover2018Mountain Valley19-8.5 3
6Jonah Daigle2019Fort Fairfield19-7.5 2
7Brandon Allen2017Dexter Regional High School19-4 1
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Pole Vault

1Jarrett Bearor2017Madison Memorial High School13-0 10
2William Green2018Maranacook Community High School12-0 8
3Colin Goshorn2018Fort Fairfield11-0 5
3Matt Keresey2018Orono High School11-0 5
5Cory Jandreau2018Caribou High School Viking Pack10-6 1.5
5Erik Taylor-lash2017George Stevens Academy10-6 1.5
5Evan Michaud2018Caribou High School Viking Pack10-6 1.5
5Kurtis Bolton2017Lisbon High School10-6 1.5
SCRJohann Bradley2017Bucksport High School13-0 --
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1Jake Koffman2017Orono High School156-11 10
2Jovanni Tavares2019Washburn153-2 8
3Abel Bryer2017Boothbay Region High School151-8 6
4Chris Glover2018Mountain Valley148-9 4
5Caleb Lacroix2017Seacoast Christian148-5 3
6Jett Boyer2018Hall-Dale High School147-0 2
7Caden Williams2018Calais High School141-8 1
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1Jake Koffman2017Orono High School189-9 10
2Austin Keib2018Bangor Christian137-1 8
3Eddie Dixon2017Sacopee Valley High School123-0 6
4Shane Johnson2017Boothbay Region High School121-5 4
5Abel Bryer2017Boothbay Region High School118-10 3
6Ethan Morin2017Seacoast Christian116-11 2
7John Longfellow2017Hall-Dale High School116-8 1
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Shot Put

1Jake Koffman2017Orono High School52-2.75 10
2Austin Keib2018Bangor Christian47-6.25 8
3Zack Wallace2019Monmouth Academy41-1.5 6
4John Longfellow2017Hall-Dale High School40-9 4
5Abel Bryer2017Boothbay Region High School39-11 3
6Nic Sleeper2018Caribou High School Viking Pack39-8.5 2
7Aaron Schanck2018Maine Central Insitute39-0.5 1
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1600 Meter Race Walk

1Evan Desmond2018Caribou High School Viking Pack7:08.95 10
2Erik Taylor-lash2017George Stevens Academy7:09.06 8
3Mike Schlotterbeck2017Lisbon High School7:10.88 6
4Alan Lavoie2019Lisbon High School7:40.75 4
5Bryce Coffin2017Caribou High School Viking Pack7:44.08 3
6Zander Bourne2019Hall-Dale High School8:14.38 2
7Benjamin Butterfield2019Mt. Abram8:58.00 1
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