Class C Girls Virtual State Meet

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Class C Girls Virtual State Meet

With the 2017 outdoor track & field season getting underway this week with the first countable meets, we took a look at the Class C Girls 2016 returners, and scored it as a state meet. Scoring was based on 10,8,6,4,3,2,1

Team Scores

1Orono High School121.6
2George Stevens Academy45.33
3Central High School37.1
4Maranacook Community High School32
5Monmouth Academy31.6
6Caribou High School Viking Pack29.5
7Lisbon High School29
8Telstar Regional High School28.5
9Maine Central Insitute28
10Sacopee Valley High School26
11St. Dominic Regional High School24
12Wiscasset High School19.33
13Mountain Valley17.6
14Washington Academy14
15Boothbay Region High School11.6
16Mattanawcook Academy11
17Searsport District High School10.5
18Penquis Valley High School8
19Dexter Regional High School7
20Hall-Dale High School3.5
21Fort Fairfield2.5
21Old Orchard Beach2.5
23Kents Hill School2
25Winthrop High School0.5
26North Yarmouth Academy0.33

100 Meter Dash

1Katie O'Brien2018Orono High School12.94 10
2Kaity Killam2019Telstar Regional High School13.16 8
3Jojo Fields2018Caribou High School Viking Pack13.32 6
4Sydney Allen2018Central High School13.33 4
5Danielle Cummings2019Dexter Regional High School13.37 3
6Ottilie Mcphail2018Central High School13.38 2
7Amelia Hanning2018Houlton13.53 1
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200 Meter Dash

1Kaity Killam2019Telstar Regional High School26.69 10
2Katie O'Brien2018Orono High School26.81 8
3Sydney Allen2018Central High School27.32 6
4Danielle Cummings2019Dexter Regional High School27.63 4
5Emily Billings2017Mountain Valley27.81 3
6Ottilie Mcphail2018Central High School27.93 2
7Anicia Gillespie2017Kents Hill School27.97 1
SCRTiara Tardy2017Orono High School26.80 --
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400 Meter Dash

1Rebecca Lopez-Anido2017Orono High School1:00.50 10
2Sydney Allen2018Central High School1:01.15 8
3Angie Perkins2017Boothbay Region High School1:01.37 6
4Kassidy Dill2017Orono High School1:02.33 4
5Izzy Lewis2017Monmouth Academy1:02.57 3
6Hanna Jordan2017George Stevens Academy1:03.14 2
7Anicia Gillespie2017Kents Hill School1:03.21 1
SCRTiara Tardy2017Orono High School1:00.12 --
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800 Meter Run

1Rebecca Lopez-Anido2017Orono High School2:18.02 10
2Hannah Steelman2017Orono High School2:25.88 8
3Kassidy Dill2017Orono High School2:28.59 6
4Madeline Gudde2017Caribou High School Viking Pack2:29.33 4
5Jenna Gaetjen2018Orono High School2:31.48 3
6Mary Brenna Catus2018Searsport District High School2:32.29 2
7Alexis Rodriguez2019Caribou High School Viking Pack2:33.70 1
SCRTiara Tardy2017Orono High School2:12.19 --
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1,600 Meter Run

1Hannah Steelman2017Orono High School5:19.28 10
2Helen Ruhlin2017Sacopee Valley High School5:32.76 8
3Ella Brown2017St. Dominic Regional High School5:32.85 6
4Alexis Rodriguez2019Caribou High School Viking Pack5:34.29 4
5Mary Brenna Catus2018Searsport District High School5:37.90 3
6Mary Richardson2018George Stevens Academy5:38.21 2
7Kassidy Dill2017Orono High School5:38.39 1
SCRTiara Tardy2017Orono High School5:02.45 --
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3,200 Meter Run

1Hannah Steelman2017Orono High School11:29.81 10
2Ella Brown2017St. Dominic Regional High School11:59.84 8
3Mary Richardson2018George Stevens Academy12:01.69 6
4Kassidy Dill2017Orono High School12:03.83 4
5Eliza Broughton2018George Stevens Academy12:10.62 3
6Helen Ruhlin2017Sacopee Valley High School12:26.90 2
7Maddie Taylor2018Maranacook Community High School12:38.56 1
SCRTiara Tardy2017Orono High School11:04.87 --
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100 Meter Hurdles

1Lauren Sterling2018Mountain Valley16.06 10
2Chase Collier2017Lisbon High School17.09 8
3Jojo Fields2018Caribou High School Viking Pack17.20 6
4Mazie Smallidge2018George Stevens Academy17.39 4
5Paige Ireland2017Searsport District High School17.78 3
6Maija Overturf2018Central High School17.94 2
7Bella Cimeno2017George Stevens Academy18.00 1
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300 Meter Hurdles

1Chase Collier2017Lisbon High School49.47 10
2Eliza Broughton2018George Stevens Academy50.27 8
3Bella Cimeno2017George Stevens Academy50.71 6
4Molly Sheehan2017Washington Academy51.17 4
5Willow Whitten2019Caribou High School Viking Pack53.56 3
6Alayna Lamb2018Washington Academy53.61 2
7Angie Perkins2017Boothbay Region High School53.80 0.5
7Paige Ireland2017Searsport District High School53.80 0.5
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Triple Jump

1Ayanna Main2018Wiscasset High School32-3 10
2Jordan Durant2017Penquis Valley High School32-2 8
3Megan Hebert2018Sacopee Valley High School32-1.25 6
4Natalie Corson2019Wiscasset High School31-8.5 4
5Victoria Friend2019Maine Central Insitute31-6.5 3
6Ashten Wells2019Searsport District High School31-0.75 2
7Grace Despres2019Maranacook Community High School31-0 0.5
7Maija Overturf2018Central High School31-0 0.5
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Long Jump

1Katie O'Brien2018Orono High School16-10 10
2Kaity Killam2019Telstar Regional High School16-5.25 8
3Camille Kohtala2019Orono High School15-6.5 6
4Megan Hebert2018Sacopee Valley High School15-6 4
5Gabby Chapman2017Wiscasset High School15-3.5 3
6Natalie Corson2019Wiscasset High School15-0.5 2
7Kinli Dibiase2018Winthrop High School14-10 0.5
7Loren Genrich2019Boothbay Region High School14-10 0.5
SCRTiara Tardy2017Orono High School17-0.25 --
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High Jump

1Kelsey Kneeland2017Mattanawcook Academy5-1 10
2Abby Allen2018Monmouth Academy4-10 4.6
2Angie Perkins2017Boothbay Region High School4-10 4.6
2Camille Kohtala2019Orono High School4-10 4.6
2Lauren Sterling2018Mountain Valley4-10 4.6
2Libby Cook2017Central High School4-10 4.6
7Isabelle See2017North Yarmouth Academy4-8 0.333
7Natalie Corson2019Wiscasset High School4-8 0.333
7Tess Williamson2019George Stevens Academy4-8 0.333
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Pole Vault

1Janika Pakulski2018Maranacook Community High School8-6 10
2Addi Williams2018Maine Central Insitute7-6 7
2Kaylin Le2017Lisbon High School7-6 7
4Kendra Furber2017Caribou High School Viking Pack7-0 2.5
4Laura Ireland2019Maranacook Community High School7-0 2.5
4Marissa Brouette2018Fort Fairfield7-0 2.5
4Sabrina Freeman2018Hall-Dale High School7-0 2.5
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1Lauren Melanson2019Orono High School105-6 10
2Jaiden Veal2017Washington Academy99-5 8
3Tuuli Overturf2017Central High School94-7 6
4Mahala Hayden2018Monmouth Academy88-4 4
5India Orino2017Telstar Regional High School85-2 2.5
5Megan Niedzwiecki2018Old Orchard Beach85-2 2.5
7Erin Kashian2017Caribou High School Viking Pack83-10 0.5
7Kendra Furber2017Caribou High School Viking Pack83-10 0.5
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Shot Put

1Nicole D'angelo2018Maranacook Community High School35-10 10
2Christa Carr2019Maine Central Insitute34-7 8
3Dayna Cyr-Parker2017Sacopee Valley High School33-11.25 6
4Allison Hughes2018Maine Central Insitute30-4 4
5Morgan Dauk2017George Stevens Academy28-4.75 3
6Tuuli Overturf2017Central High School28-4 2
7Lauren Melanson2019Orono High School28-2.5 1
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1Morgan Dauk2017George Stevens Academy119-2 10
2Molly Searway2017Maranacook Community High School96-7 8
3Abby Allen2018Monmouth Academy93-6 6
4April McAlpine2018Maine Central Insitute91-3 4
5Mahala Hayden2018Monmouth Academy91-1 3
6Christa Carr2019Maine Central Insitute88-9 2
7Julia Stahlnecker2017Hall-Dale High School88-2 1
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1600 Meter Race Walk

1Sydney Sirois2017St. Dominic Regional High School8:26.61 10
2Moira Burgess2018Monmouth Academy8:39.24 8
3Kylie Gray2017Orono High School8:43.93 6
4Sydney Douglas2018Lisbon High School8:46.89 4
5Tori Spencer2017Monmouth Academy8:55.31 3
6Emma Belyea2017Caribou High School Viking Pack9:07.18 2
7Leela Stockley2017Mattanawcook Academy9:27.72 1
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