Indoor 2017-18: Class B Boys Top Returning Teams & Individuals

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Mt Desert Island captured the Class B title a year ago, and returns the top ranked squad based on returners in 2017.

2017 me HS M Indoor Track Team Scores (Returners Only)

Calculated as of November 20, 2017

These rankings were calculated by scoring the rankings as a meet. We took the individual rankings and scored them as a normal meet: 10-8-6-4-3-2-1. This doesn't take into account relays

Athletes whose graduation years are unknown were left out of the list.

Team Scores

1Mt. Desert Island High School40
2Yarmouth High School34.25
3John Bapst Memorial High School34
4Fryeburg Academy32
5Greely High School30.25
6Belfast Area High School29.5
7Waterville High School28
8Brewer High School27.5
9York High School23
10Cape Elizabeth High School20
11Hermon High School13.75
12Lincoln Academy13
13Freeport High School11
14Mattanawcook Academy10
14Nokomis High School10
16Lawrence High School9.75
17Old Town High School9.5
18Erskine Academy8.25
19Bucksport High School7
20Orono High School6.5
21Poland Regional High School3
21Winslow High School3
23Ellsworth High School3
23Traip Academy2
25Gray New Gloucester High School0.75

55 Meter Dash

1Matthew Concannon2018Cape Elizabeth High School6.84 10
2Ben Cotton2018John Bapst Memorial High School6.87 7
2Jared Chisari2018Fryeburg Academy6.87 7
4Steve Fitzpatrick2018John Bapst Memorial High School6.89 4
5Jacob Tomm2018Freeport High School6.95 3
6Jeremiah Schrader2018Fryeburg Academy6.96 2
7Andrew Peterson2018Gray New Gloucester High School6.98 0.5
7Liang-kang Lin2019Old Town High School6.98 0.5
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200 Meter Dash

1Griffin Maristany2018Mt. Desert Island High School23.56 10
2Jeremiah Schrader2018Fryeburg Academy23.79 8
3Matthew Concannon2018Cape Elizabeth High School24.06 6
4Tyler Pelletier2019Nokomis High School24.08 4
5Jacob Tomm2018Freeport High School24.22 3
6Jacob Gagner2018Traip Academy24.26 2
7Steve Fitzpatrick2018John Bapst Memorial High School24.27 1
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400 Meter Dash

1Griffin Maristany2018Mt. Desert Island High School52.35 10
2Jeremiah Schrader2018Fryeburg Academy52.84 8
3Liam Higgins2020Mt. Desert Island High School53.95 6
4Ricky Smith2018Belfast Area High School54.61 4
5Ben Bernier2018Poland Regional High School55.09 3
6Ben Cotton2018John Bapst Memorial High School55.23 2
7Christian Bedell2018Fryeburg Academy55.42 1
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800 Meter Run

1Nick Dall2019Waterville High School1:59.60 10
2Luke Laverdiere2018Yarmouth High School1:59.73 8
3Christian Bedell2018Fryeburg Academy2:03.88 6
4Liam Higgins2020Mt. Desert Island High School2:05.19 4
5Jacob Young2018York High School2:08.44 3
6Ricky Smith2017Belfast Area High School2:08.56 2
7Jon Donnelly2018Brewer High School2:08.91 1
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One Mile Run

1Luke Laverdiere2018Yarmouth High School4:19.04 10
2Nick Dall2019Waterville High School4:27.74 8
3Sam Russ2019Lincoln Academy4:47.13 6
4Matthew Todd2019Greely High School4:50.13 4
5David Barnum2018Lincoln Academy4:50.80 3
6Luke Marsanskis2019Greely High School4:52.78 2
7Jacob Young2018York High School4:54.92 1
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Two Mile Run

1Luke Laverdiere2018Yarmouth High School9:29.85 10
2Nick Dall2019Waterville High School9:53.21 8
3Luke Marsanskis2019Greely High School10:30.91 6
4Sam Russ2019Lincoln Academy10:32.06 4
5Matthew Todd2019Greely High School10:40.75 3
6Matt Shea2020Ellsworth High School10:44.24 2
7Nick Reznick2018Mt. Desert Island High School10:46.61 1
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55 Meter Hurdles

1Zachary Beaton2019Hermon High School8.39 10
2Zach Westman2018York High School8.49 8
3Gavin Poperechny2018Greely High School8.55 5
3Jack Hanson2020Belfast Area High School8.55 5
5Avery Hallahan2018Brewer High School8.68 2.5
5John Burke2019York High School8.68 2.5
7Coleman Gary2018Brewer High School8.69 1
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High Jump

1Gavin Mcdonald2019John Bapst Memorial High School6-0 10
2Jack Hanson2020Belfast Area High School5-11 8
3Matthew Sanborn2018Yarmouth High School5-10 3.75
3Nicolas Brown2019Greely High School5-10 3.75
3Thomas Kenney2018Lawrence High School5-10 3.75
3Zachary Beaton2019Hermon High School5-10 3.75
7Chris Weymouth2019Erskine Academy5-8 0.25
7Jack Kelley2019York High School5-8 0.25
7Jaykob Sanborn2018Gray New Gloucester High School5-8 0.25
7John Burke2019York High School5-8 0.25
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Long Jump

1Jack Hanson2020Belfast Area High School20-5.5 10
2Liang-kang Lin2019Old Town High School20-1.25 8
3Tyler Pelletier2019Nokomis High School19-8.75 6
4Tony Manev2018Orono High School19-4.25 4
5Jacob Tomm2018Freeport High School19-3.25 3
6Steve Fitzpatrick2018John Bapst Memorial High School19-2.75 2
7Danny Bunker2018Bucksport High School19-0.75 1
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Triple Jump

1Cayden Spencer-Thompson2019Mattanawcook Academy46-3 10
2Chris Weymouth2019Erskine Academy40-11 8
3Danny Bunker2018Bucksport High School40-10.5 6
4Zach Westman2018York High School40-5 4
5Max Spaulding2020Winslow High School39-11.25 3
6Ethan Nurick2018Waterville High School39-9.5 2
Atticus Deeny

Ellsworth High School


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Pole Vault

1Avery Hallahan2018Brewer High School12-6 10
2Brady Chadwick2018John Bapst Memorial High School11-6 8
3Dawson Dibiase2018Greely High School11-0 6
4Griffin Bean2019York High School10-6 4
5Chris Koskinen2020Yarmouth High School10-0 2.5
5Matt Keresey2018Orono High School10-0 2.5
7Bryan Taylor2019Greely High School9-6 0.5
7Drew Robson2019Belfast Area High School9-6 0.5
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Shot Put

1Jacob Mccluskey2019Brewer High School51-1.75 10
2Croix Albee2018Mt. Desert Island High School48-1.5 8
3Alex Higgins2019Lawrence High School43-10 6
4Luc Houle2018Cape Elizabeth High School42-2.5 4
5Evan Lee2018Brewer High School42-2 3
6Jacob Tomm2017Freeport High School42-0.5 2
7Sam Hoff2019Mt. Desert Island High School41-10.5 1
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