EMITL Championship Virtual Meet

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EMITL Championship Virtual Meet

We scored out the championship meet using those who were entered to get an idea of what might happen tomorrow at the EMITL Indoor track & field championship meet. In the field events where multiple athletes are seeded with the same performances (High Jump & Pole Vault), the program randomly selects the athletes. The meet was scored 10-8-6-4-2-1.

The Brewer girls are seeded to win the EMITL Championship meet based of the seeds. They are seeded for 88 points, and are well balanced with 26 points in distance, 16 in hurdles, 20 in the relays along with 17 in the jumps. Hampden Academy, and Bangor look like the only other teams that could challenge for the team title. The Broncos are seeded for 78 with the Rams at 72. Hampden's best events are the distance and jumps, while Bangor is sprint & jump heavy.

Girls Team Scores

1Brewer High School88
2Hampden Academy78
3Bangor High School72
4Old Town High School45
5Mt. Desert Island High School42
6Orono High School36
7George Stevens Academy23
8John Bapst Memorial High School22
9Central High School12
10Ellsworth High School10
11Bucksport High School6

55 Meter Dash

1Ashley Anderson2018Mt. Desert Island High School7.46 10
2Katie O'Brien2018Orono High School7.63 8
3Maddi Cormier2018Bangor High School7.65 6
4Camille Kohtala2019Orono High School7.69 4
5Mykayla Hoggard2018Bangor High School7.73 2
6Nicole Kennedy2018Old Town High School7.86 1
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200 Meter Dash

1Ashley Anderson2018Mt. Desert Island High School26.21 10
2Maddi Cormier2018Bangor High School27.42 8
3Mykayla Hoggard2018Bangor High School27.78 6
4Ottilie Mcphail2018Central High School27.91 4
5Nicole Kennedy2018Old Town High School28.58 2
6Cassie Brown2018Brewer High School28.63 1
SCRCamille Kohtala2019Orono High School27.23 --
SCRMackenzie Lambert2020Bangor High School28.40 --
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400 Meter Dash

1Maddi Cormier2018Bangor High School1:03.17 10
2Mykayla Hoggard2018Bangor High School1:04.01 8
3Meaghan Goodine2018Bucksport High School1:05.67 6
4Emma Shearer2018Hampden Academy1:05.92 3
4Isabelle Angelo2021John Bapst Memorial High School1:05.92 3
6Morgan Paradis2019Old Town High School1:06.40 1
SCRCamille Kohtala2019Orono High School1:00.84 --
SCRMackenzie Lambert2020Bangor High School1:04.70 --
SCRMary Brenna Catus2018George Stevens Academy1:04.71 --
SCRZoe Olson2020Mt. Desert Island High School1:05.29 --
SCRNicole Kennedy2018Old Town High School1:06.24 --
SCRAshley Anderson2018Mt. Desert Island High School1:06.33 --
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800 Meter Run

1Zoe Olson2020Mt. Desert Island High School2:27.86 10
2Camille Kohtala2019Orono High School2:28.42 8
3Mary Brenna Catus2018George Stevens Academy2:29.23 6
4Helen Shearer2020Hampden Academy2:29.93 4
5Margo Kenyon2021Ellsworth High School2:33.08 2
6Chelsea El-hajj2018Hampden Academy2:34.14 1
SCROlivia Mosca2021Brewer High School2:33.26 --
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One Mile Run

1Helen Shearer2020Hampden Academy5:31.71 10
2Olivia Mosca2021Brewer High School5:36.52 8
3Mary Richardson2018George Stevens Academy5:40.30 6
4Hannah Smith2018Brewer High School5:42.68 4
5Moxie Flanagan2020Hampden Academy5:43.28 2
6Ava Dowling2021Hampden Academy5:50.50 1
SCRZoe Olson2020Mt. Desert Island High School5:44.77 --
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Two Mile Run

1Helen Shearer2020Hampden Academy11:32.27 10
2Olivia Mosca2021Brewer High School12:19.76 8
3Hannah Smith2018Brewer High School12:27.72 6
4Eliza Broughton2018George Stevens Academy12:35.32 4
5Audree O'meara2019Old Town High School12:47.92 2
6Lydia Gilmore2020Bangor High School12:53.85 1
SCRMary Richardson2018George Stevens Academy12:23.35 --
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55 Meter Hurdles

1Christie Woodside2018Hampden Academy9.01 10
2Morgan Honey2021Brewer High School9.03 8
3Hannah Hopkins2019Brewer High School9.18 6
4Georgina La Grange2021John Bapst Memorial High School9.60 4
5Ashlee Vilasuso2018Brewer High School9.67 2
6Eliza Broughton2018George Stevens Academy9.72 1
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4x200 Meter Relay

1Brewer High School1:54.92 10
2John Bapst Memorial High School1:56.10 8
3Hampden Academy1:56.41 6
4Central High School1:56.81 4
5Old Town High School1:56.96 2
6Orono High School1:57.78 1
SCRBangor High School1:55.37 --
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4x800 Meter Relay

1Brewer High School10:23.76 10
2Hampden Academy10:35.77 8
3George Stevens Academy10:42.96 6
4John Bapst Memorial High School10:55.86 4
5Bangor High School11:04.11 2
6Orono High School11:23.66 1
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Long Jump

1Camille Kohtala2019Orono High School17-4 10
2Christie Woodside2018Hampden Academy17-0.5 8
3Oliviah Damboise2018Old Town High School16-11.25 6
4Katie O'Brien2018Orono High School16-6.5 4
5Alyssa Elliott2018Bangor High School16-3.5 2
6Grace Day2018John Bapst Memorial High School15-7.75 1
SCRMykayla Hoggard2018Bangor High School16-5.5 --
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Triple Jump

1Oliviah Damboise2018Old Town High School35-8.25 10
2Alyssa Elliot2021Bangor High School35-1 8
3Morgan Honey2021Brewer High School34-4.75 6
4Maija Overturf2018Central High School33-6.5 4
5Grace Day2018John Bapst Memorial High School32-11.5 2
6Delaney Veilleux2018Old Town High School32-2 1
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High Jump

1Christie Woodside2018Hampden Academy5-0 10
2Emma Mckechnie2019Ellsworth High School4-11 8
3Alyssa Elliot2021Bangor High School4-10 4
3Chloe March2021Hampden Academy4-10 4
3Sophia Inman2020Brewer High School4-10 4
6Abby Stroup2021Brewer High School4-8 1
SCRMackenzie Lambert2020Bangor High School4-10 --
SCRGeorgina La Grange2021John Bapst Memorial High School4-8 --
SCRGracie Sanborn2020Old Town High School4-8 --
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Pole Vault

1Oliviah Damboise2018Old Town High School9-6 10
2Sofia Wittmann2019Bangor High School9-0 8
3Madison Gibbs2020Brewer High School8-6 5
3Sophia Canarr2020Bangor High School8-6 5
5Georgia Doore2021Bangor High School8-0 1
5Megan Friel2020Brewer High School8-0 1
5Naomi Noack2021Bangor High School8-0 1
SCRSophia Cannar2020Bangor High School8-0 --
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Shot Put

1Emma Hargreaves2018Old Town High School31-10 10
2Allicia Norberg2018Mt. Desert Island High School31-5 8
3Lillian Blakeman2018Brewer High School31-1.5 6
4Dorothy Lemoine2018Mt. Desert Island High School30-7.75 4
5Sarah Wood2021Brewer High School29-7 2
6Shelby Deron2018Hampden Academy29-6.5 1
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