KVAC Championship Class A Virtual Meet

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KVAC Championship Class A Virtual Meet

We scored out the championship meet using those who were entered to get an idea of what might happen tomorrow at the EMITL Indoor track & field championship meet. The meet was scored 10-8-6-4-2-1.

The Dragons of Brunswick are the team favorite based on seeds heading into the KVAC Class A Championship with 109 points, which is 22 more than second ranked Mt Ararat. Brunswick is seeded for 40 points in the sprints, while they are expected to score another 28 in the jumps. For the Eagles they are almost even split between sprints & distance with 29 & 26 points respectively.

Boys Team Scores

1Brunswick High School109.16
2Mt. Ararat High School86.5
3Edward Little High School64
4Lewiston High School53
5Skowhegan Area High School36
6Messalonskee High School30.33
7Cony High School20
8Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School15
9Camden Hills Regional High School12
10Mt. Blue High School8

55 Meter Dash

1Jason Halliday2018Mt. Ararat High School6.96 10
2Enock Citenga2019Lewiston High School6.97 8
3Holden Brannan2020Mt. Ararat High School7.00 6
4Mitchell Lienart2020Brunswick High School7.04 4
5Fabrice Mpoyo2018Edward Little High School7.05 1.5
5Hunter Parker2019Brunswick High School7.05 1.5
SCRJack Harvey2020Brunswick High School7.01 --
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200 Meter Dash

1Hunter Parker2019Brunswick High School23.98 10
2Mitchell Lienart2020Brunswick High School24.29 8
3Fabrice Mpoyo2018Edward Little High School24.41 6
4Lucas Nichols2019Lewiston High School24.47 4
5Kyle Jacques2018Skowhegan Area High School24.53 2
6Jason Halliday2018Mt. Ararat High School24.60 1
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400 Meter Dash

1Hunter Parker2019Brunswick High School52.94 10
2Tyler Bernier2019Mt. Ararat High School53.01 8
3Mitchell Lienart2020Brunswick High School54.87 6
4Ethan Rac2019Mt. Ararat High School54.98 4
5Davion Jackson2018Lewiston High School55.17 2
6Kian Murray0Brunswick High School55.84 1
SCRJames Oliver2018Cony High School53.34 --
SCRRussell Allen2018Edward Little High School53.43 --
SCRTravis Nickerson2018Cony High School54.81 --
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800 Meter Run

1Russell Allen2018Edward Little High School2:02.52 10
2Travis Nickerson2018Cony High School2:04.05 8
3Lisandro Berry-Gaviria2020Mt. Ararat High School2:04.93 6
4Abbas Muktar2018Lewiston High School2:07.32 4
5Andrew Chingos2020Brunswick High School2:08.42 2
6Jack Wroten2018Cony High School2:08.69 1
SCRJames Oliver2018Cony High School2:05.14 --
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One Mile Run

1Lisandro Berry-Gaviria2020Mt. Ararat High School4:30.00 10
2Will Shaughnessy2020Brunswick High School4:45.77 8
3Dominic Sclafani2018Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School4:46.66 6
4Tyler Patterson2021Brunswick High School4:51.58 4
5Elijah Caret2018Messalonskee High School4:58.03 2
6Jack Wroten2018Cony High School5:02.84 1
SCRJames Oliver2018Cony High School4:47.93 --
SCRAbbas Muktar2018Lewiston High School4:51.35 --
SCRRussell Allen2018Edward Little High School4:53.14 --
SCRMaurice Beaulieu2019Lewiston High School4:54.44 --
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Two Mile Run

1Lisandro Berry-Gaviria2020Mt. Ararat High School9:35.95 10
2Dominic Sclafani2018Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School10:17.62 8
3Russell Allen2018Edward Little High School10:35.30 6
4Will Shaughnessy2020Brunswick High School10:43.40 4
5Abbas Muktar2018Lewiston High School10:46.07 2
6Elijah Caret2018Messalonskee High School10:58.35 1
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55 Meter Hurdles

1Barrak Abdraba2018Edward Little High School8.51 10
2Preston Ross2020Mt. Blue High School8.61 8
3Isiah Leach2018Lewiston High School8.97 6
4Dalton Streeter2018Mt. Ararat High School9.06 4
5Issac Hayden2018Skowhegan Area High School9.55 2
6Moubarek Abdourahman2020Lewiston High School10.20 1
SCRBen Strong2020Edward Little High School8.64 --
SCRJames Oliver2018Cony High School9.14 --
SCRDaimian Lewis2020Messalonskee High School9.76 --
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4x200 Meter Relay

1Mt. Ararat High School1:36.08 10
2Brunswick High School1:38.16 8
3Edward Little High School1:38.56 6
4Lewiston High School1:39.50 4
5Skowhegan Area High School1:40.02 2
6Messalonskee High School1:41.06 1
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4x800 Meter Relay

1Cony High School8:58.06 10
2Brunswick High School9:02.03 8
3Lewiston High School9:06.41 6
4Mt. Ararat High School9:43.50 4
5Messalonskee High School9:52.85 2
6Skowhegan Area High School10:03.83 1
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Long Jump

1Kyle Jacques2018Skowhegan Area High School19-11.25 10
2Samuel Cenescar2020Brunswick High School19-9.5 8
3Spencer Frahn2018Edward Little High School19-4.5 6
4Crispin Kamandula2019Lewiston High School19-4.25 4
5Maximo Varela2019Mt. Ararat High School19-3.5 2
6Lucas Nichols2019Lewiston High School18-11.5 1
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Triple Jump

1Kyle Jacques2018Skowhegan Area High School42-6 10
2Dalton Streeter2018Mt. Ararat High School40-11.5 8
3Crispin Kamandula2019Lewiston High School40-1.25 6
4Sam Hebert2019Camden Hills Regional High School40-1 4
5Spencer Frahn2018Edward Little High School39-7 2
6Silas Gordon2019Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School38-3.25 1
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High Jump

1Samuel Cenescar2020Brunswick High School6-6 10
2Sam Hebert2019Camden Hills Regional High School6-1 8
3Ryan Olson2018Brunswick High School6-0 6
4John-luke D'amico2018Messalonskee High School5-10 4
5Alex Thompson2018Edward Little High School5-8 1.5
5Hunter Lohr2018Mt. Ararat High School5-8 1.5
SCRJames Oliver2018Cony High School5-10 --
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Pole Vault

1Alex Thompson2018Edward Little High School13-0 9
1Clayton Miller2018Skowhegan Area High School13-0 9
3Michael Gary2019Edward Little High School12-6 6
4Caleb Rand2018Brunswick High School11-6 2.333
4John-luke D'amico2018Messalonskee High School11-6 2.333
4Ryan Olson2018Brunswick High School11-6 2.333
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Shot Put

1Colin Kinney2020Messalonskee High School42-1 10
2Ethan Duperry2018Messalonskee High School41-1 8
3Elijah Gagnon2018Brunswick High School40-5.75 6
4Connor Kaplinger2018Lewiston High School39-8 4
5Caden Pond2018Mt. Ararat High School38-4 2
6Brink Beaulieu2018Lewiston High School36-6.75 1
SCRSpencer Frahn2018Edward Little High School36-8 --
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