Who is the Class B Favorite This Spring?

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Class B Girls

Defending state champion Greely looks to add to its storied history with another state title. The Rangers are once again the favorite with 56 points. The Wildcats of York who finished second a year ago returns 40 points good for the second spot. Old Town with standout Oliviah Damboise slots into the third spot with 37 points. They are closely followed by Mt Desert Island who is seeded for 34 points. Rounding out the top 5 is Waterville who returns 28.75 points.

Team Scores

1Greely High School56
2York High School40
3Old Town High School37
4Mt. Desert Island High School34
5Waterville High School28.75
6Camden Hills Regional High School28.2
7Kennebunk High School27.5
8Lincoln Academy27.2
9Cape Elizabeth High School26
10Lake Region High School22
11Yarmouth High School21.75
12Gray New Gloucester High School21.5
13Brewer High School20.95
14Erskine Academy17.75
15Spruce Mountain16
16Leavitt Area High School14.2
17Belfast Area High School12
18Fryeburg Academy11
19Morse High School10
20Winslow High School9.2
21Cony High School6
21John Bapst Memorial High School6
23Lawrence High School5
23Presque Isle High School5
25Freeport High School3
26Mt. Blue High School2
26Nokomis High School2

100 Meter Dash

1Madison Post2019Gray New Gloucester High School12.53 10
2Nicole Daigle2018Leavitt Area High School12.54 8
3Ashley Anderson2018Mt. Desert Island High School12.67 6
4Junne Robertson-McIntire2020Belfast Area High School12.78 4
5Audrey Clement2018Camden Hills Regional High School12.89 3
6Darcy Cochran2020Cape Elizabeth High School12.92 2
7Gwen Boros2020Fryeburg Academy13.18 1
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200 Meter Dash

1Ashley Anderson2018Mt. Desert Island High School25.69 10
2Madison Post2019Gray New Gloucester High School25.87 8
3Tahlia Mullen2018Lincoln Academy26.63 6
4Nicole Daigle2018Leavitt Area High School26.71 4
5Caitlin Wolff2019Kennebunk High School26.77 3
6Audrey Clement2018Camden Hills Regional High School26.82 2
7Erin O'donnell2019York High School27.00 1
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400 Meter Dash

1Tahlia Mullen2018Lincoln Academy58.93 10
2Ashley Anderson2018Mt. Desert Island High School59.81 8
3Erin O'donnell2019York High School1:00.15 6
4Kaylee Porter2018Erskine Academy1:00.27 4
5Caitlin Wolff2019Kennebunk High School1:00.69 3
6Morgan Smith2018York High School1:01.11 2
7Nicole Daigle2018Leavitt Area High School1:01.76 1
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800 Meter Run

1Kaylee Porter2018Erskine Academy2:16.55 10
2Anneka Murrin2018Yarmouth High School2:17.87 8
3Laura Kenealy2018York High School2:24.43 6
4Hannah D'Orso2019Kennebunk High School2:26.39 4
5Chloe Smith2018Greely High School2:26.52 3
6Carolyn Todd2019Greely High School2:26.62 2
7Zoe Olson2020Mt. Desert Island High School2:26.76 1
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1600 Meter Run

1Anneka Murrin2018Yarmouth High School5:12.07 10
2Augusta Stockman2019Camden Hills Regional High School5:14.22 8
3Grace Iltis2020Camden Hills Regional High School5:15.13 6
4Carolyn Todd2019Greely High School5:16.46 4
5Lily Horne2019Freeport High School5:18.86 3
6Miranda Durcan2020Kennebunk High School5:19.50 2
7Ava Haritos2018Kennebunk High School5:32.60 1
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3200 Meter Run

1Kathryn Miller2018York High School11:26.00 10
2Carolyn Todd2019Greely High School11:28.43 8
3Grace Iltis2020Camden Hills Regional High School11:52.53 6
4Camilla Grosso2019Cape Elizabeth High School12:22.88 4
5Julia Curran2019Greely High School12:28.63 3
6Gwinna Remillard2019Waterville High School12:29.42 2
7Audree O'meara2019Old Town High School12:29.93 1
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300 Meter Hurdles

1Morgan Selby2019Greely High School45.96 10
2Darcy Cochran2020Cape Elizabeth High School46.03 8
3Maeghan Bernard2019Winslow High School47.04 6
4Hayley Smith2020York High School47.30 4
5Skylar Cooney2019Greely High School47.43 3
6Kristina Kelly2020Camden Hills Regional High School47.62 2
7Audrey Grimes2019York High School48.50 1
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Long Jump

1Gwen Boros2020Fryeburg Academy17-2 10
2Oliviah Damboise2018Old Town High School16-7.25 8
3Kristen Penley2018Cape Elizabeth High School16-5 6
4Grace Day2018John Bapst Memorial High School16-0.25 4
5Payton Goodwin2019Lawrence High School15-9.5 3
6Morgan Selby2019Greely High School15-6 2
7Caitlin Wolff2019Kennebunk High School15-4 0.5
7Jasmine French2020Gray New Gloucester High School15-4 0.5
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High Jump

1Elizabeth Brown2018Greely High School5-2 10
2Brooke Stuart2019Kennebunk High School5-0 6
2Haley Kinghorn2018Morse High School5-0 6
2Nicole Rion2018York High School5-0 6
5Emmie Wood2019Camden Hills Regional High School4-10 1.2
5Keragan Davis2018Leavitt Area High School4-10 1.2
5Maeghan Bernard2019Winslow High School4-10 1.2
5Olivia Richmond2018Lincoln Academy4-10 1.2
5Sophia Inman2020Brewer High School4-10 1.2
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Triple Jump

1Oliviah Damboise2018Old Town High School36-2 10
2Hannah Chadwick2018Lake Region High School34-4 8
3Kristen Penley2018Cape Elizabeth High School33-5.5 6
4Emma Gould2018Morse High School33-2.5 4
5Ella Ruehsen2019Waterville High School33-1 3
6Grace Day2018John Bapst Memorial High School32-9 2
7Payton Goodwin2019Lawrence High School32-4 1
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Pole Vault

1Oliviah Damboise2018Old Town High School10-0 10
2Maggie Mccormick2019Greely High School9-6 8
3Ella Ruehsen2019Waterville High School8-6 3.75
3Megan Friel2020Brewer High School8-6 3.75
3Paige Reinfelder2019Yarmouth High School8-6 3.75
3Sophie Taylor2019Erskine Academy8-6 3.75
7Michaela Huey2019Lawrence High School8-0 1
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1Mili Zapata2019Lincoln Academy114-7 10
2Shera Hilt2019Belfast Area High School102-8 8
3Gabby Low2019Cony High School102-4 6
4Sam DeSouza2018Lake Region High School96-8 4
5Maddie Wing2018Presque Isle High School94-3 3
6Dale Hubbard2018Nokomis High School93-11 2
7Julie Bulliard2018Brewer High School92-6 1
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1Sarah Cox2019Waterville High School114-3 10
2Lillian Blakeman2018Brewer High School108-1 8
3Mackenzie Hanna2018Mt. Desert Island High School100-2 6
4Sam DeSouza2018Lake Region High School100-1 4
5Madison Post2019Gray New Gloucester High School95-8 3
6Abby Civiello2020Greely High School95-0 2
7Weslee Littlefield2019Winslow High School93-7 1
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Shot Put

1Sarah Cox2019Waterville High School38-7.25 10
2Claudia Damboise2020Old Town High School37-1.5 8
3Sam DeSouza2018Lake Region High School35-6 6
4Lillian Blakeman2018Brewer High School33-9.5 4
5Dorothy Lemoine2018Mt. Desert Island High School33-7.25 3
6Laura Gunter2020Mt. Blue High School33-2.5 2
7Elizabeth Brown2018Greely High School32-4 1
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1600 Meter Race Walk

1Emily White2019Spruce Mountain8:05.89 10
2Grace West2018Kennebunk High School8:43.00 8
3Isabelle Castonguay2020Spruce Mountain8:46.10 6
4Olivia Pavuk2018York High School9:22.97 4
5Jessica Hart2019Brewer High School9:23.41 3
6Kamryn Gilmour2019Presque Isle High School9:26.99 2
7Anna Pellerin2019Winslow High School9:27.46 1
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