College Bloggers: Erzsebet Nagy (Middlebury College) #2

Erzsie’s College Running Blog #2

Erzsebet Nagy will be a freshman at Middlebury College in the fall. Nagy had a very succesful high school running career that ended this spring with 3 individual state title (1600,800, 3200). Nagy is the Maine All-time record holder for 800m with a 2:13.50 clocking. Follow along as Nagy chronciles her summer xc training as she preps for her first collegiate season.


Pounding Pavement in Europe


As a graduation present, my mom took me on a trip to Paris, Barcelona, and Annecy (a town in southern France). We left in the middle of my week of complete rest- so no real form of exercise. As a compulsive, obsessive athlete, this was quite difficult (especially seeing pictures from New Balance Nationals all over the web). I made myself rest however, and I think that taking a week really refuels the body, both physically and mentally.

So, instead of running on our first several days in Paris, my mom and I would just go out and walk. Everywhere. Rarely did we take the metro, and just our first day we left the apartment and did not return for six hours! When I finally began the next week of running (June’s mileage was low key at 20-25 miles a week), my mom and I would go out for 40 minute runs along boulevard Rochechouart. A few times, we even did some stair running up the steps of the Sacre Coeur! Each night we would replenish our bodies’ glycogen stores with a different pastry.

From Paris, we went EasyJet-ed to Barcelona. My dream was to visit Spain, since I speak some Spanish (and no French whatsoever). Although Barcelona is primarily touristy, I still had an amazing time! Less than a quarter of a mile from our modest hotel room was La Boquería market: an open-air market with the freshest, most colorful produce imaginable! There were fresh fruit juices for only one euro each (the coconut mango was one of my favorites!), baskets of juicy figs, and I even saw some prickly pears! One of the best things about Barcelona was the beach, and my mom and I ran there and back in the mornings when not many people were out yet so it was all peaceful and gorgeous. I definitely plan on returning someday to Spain.

Our last visit was to Annecy, the hometown of our exchange student who stayed with us the past two summers named Thibaut.  Being a big fan of the country myself, Annecy was such a nice change from the city. The town is surrounded by mountains and is wraps around a large turquoise lake. Those were by far the best runs in Europe, along the water. We also did an incredible scenic bike ride along the lake.

After a little over two weeks, we returned home. The experience was awesome, but coming home felt really nice. I was even more pumped and ready to begin my summer training! Plus, all of the new food that I ate inspired my culinary creativity.