Help Wanted! You Can Contribute to MaineTrackXC Coverage

There are many ways that anyone, from casual fans to official contributors, can help make MaineTrackXC better for everyone.

Come on Southern, Central & Northern Maine if you want coverage of your events we need your help.

Contributors Welcome

In any given week, there are more meets to cover than there are MaineTrackXC staff members to cover them, and that is particularly true of the weekday events (all of our staff members are either students, or coaches). Even at the meets we already cover, there are too many aspects of coverage for one person to possibly handle. We are currently recruiting contributors that fit the following two profiles:

  • If you have a camera (digital or video) and a willingness to go to meets in your area, you can become an official coverage contributor, with a chance to have your content featured in the weekend recap article or weekly meet articles. Photographers would need a decent camera body and lens to capture fast action to shoot at a semi-professional level. There is a certain quality level of photos which would justify being paid for those photos.

  • If you have writing skills and would write post-meet recap which would include meet details, splits, and quotes from winners.

If either of these tickles your fancy, email the webmaster ( and offer your services! All official contributors (those approved and assigned by me) will be compensated for assigned meets. I am looking for photographers & videographers all around the state that I can call on to assign a meet for coverage.

Everyone Can Pitch In

At its best, MaineTrackXC is a community: a large and diverse group of people that share a common passion for Maine track and cross country. That means you don't just have to be a "consumer" of our content, you can actually add to it! You don't have to be a staff reporter or even an official contributor to make a positive contribution to the site, and provide something that may prove valuable to another fan of the running sports. Here are some ways that anyone can feel more involved in the coverage, and help out.

  • If you take pictures or record videos at meets, share them with other MaineTrackXC fans by posting them on the meet page (tutorial for this coming soon).

  • Post training/racing questions, supportive comments, or topics for interesting discussion (even including links to outside stories or articles) in the forum.

  • Follow your favorite athletes, be they your own children, your teammates, or just the ones that impressed you the most (this can be done from their profile page).

  • Interact with other athletes by commenting on their performances and accomplishments (again, through the feed on the profile page).