Scarborough boys, LaSalle girls rule FOC, Doorow & Rego individual champions

Scarborough boys, LaSalle girls rule FOC, Doorow & Rego individual champions

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Updated FOC Team/Individual History

Seeded Race

The #10 ranked LaSalle Academy girls were planning on competing in the Great American XC race this weekend, but weather forced the cancellation of the meet, and left them looking for a place to run. Thursday night coach Kelly Martin made contact with meet director Glendon Rand, and the rest is history.

LaSalle showed their dominance right from the gun as they ran 1-2-3-4 throughout the first 2 miles. Senior Eliza Rego won the individual title as she clocked the third fastest time in history as she crossed the line in 18:05.53. Behind Rego came teammates Karina Tavares (18:29) & sophomore Grace Connolly (18:36).

"This was a good starter, but I want to keep improving", race winner Eliza Rego said of her dominating performance.

Orono's Tia Tardy was the top Maine runner and she was able to break up the LaSalle top 4 as she closed well over the final 800m of the race to place 4th in a new personal best and state leading effort of 18:39.51. Following Tardy across the line was the 4th runner for LaSalle, Emily Kane (18:50.33).

"I think I went out a little too quick, but I settled into a pace" Tardy said after the race. "I was happy with my overall time."

Waterville's Lauren Brown had a breakthrough race as the senior pushed the pace the whole way leading Tardy for 2/3 of the race, Brown was rewarded for her effort as she ran 19:00.65, a personal best by 47 seconds, and a FOC best by 1:27.

Next across the line was Kialeigh Martson of Bonny Eagle, a former winner of the race 3 years ago, she showed she is injury free and healthy for the first time in a year. Marston ran 19:03 her fastest 5k time since her win at FOC back on Oct 5, 2013, this was her second fastest time ever.

Last year's champion Amy Laverty of Cumberland finished 8th in 19:04.64, just off her winning pace of 19:01 of a year ago. Laverty has had her share of success at FOC, winning the freshman race 4 years ago, and winning in 2014.

Orono's Hannah Steelman was 9th in 19:04.9 just off her personal best of 19:03.65 from FOC a year ago. Steelman was the second Orono runner in the top 10.

Rounding of the top 10 was Erin Magill of Harwood Union, VT in 19:09.56, the time was a personal best improving on her 19:25 from last week's Manchester Invitational. A year ago Magill was the runner-up in the freshman race.

 Top 10 Individuals
  1 Eliza Rego                SR La Salle - RI         18:05.58  
  2 Karina Tavares            SR La Salle - RI         18:29.27  
  3 Grace Connolly            SO La Salle - RI         18:36.60  
  4 Tia Tardy                 JR Orono                 18:39.51  
  5 Emily Kane                SO La Salle - RI         18:50.33  
  6 Lauren Brown              SR Waterville            19:00.65  
  7 Kialeigh Marston          SR Bonny Eagle           19:03.63  
  8 Amy Laverty               SR Cumberland-RI         19:04.04  
  9 Hannah Steelman           JR Orono                 19:04.90  
 10 Erin Magill               SO Harwood Union-VT      19:09.56  

Freshman Race

Camden Hills freshman Augusta Stockman pushed the pace from the gun and ran away from the field.

"I've never been so exhausted in my life, I couldn't feel my arms or legs at the end" Stockman said of her race

Stockman who crossed the line in 19:03.57 was 36 seconds up on runner-up Faith Blethen of Boothbay.

"I never slacked off, I was always in pain" the reason for her 57 second personal best.

Stockman's time when combined with the three other races was the 7th fastest on the day. Her time is the fastest ever in the freshman race as well breaking the year old mark of Anna Slager of Gorham, 19:15.82

Boothbay's Faith Blethen has a strong run for second place, Blethen who entered the meet with a personal best of 19:56, lowered that to 19:39.02.

Bonny Eagle's Kayla Raymond also broke 20 minutes for 3rd as she crossed the line in 19:58.91.

 Top 5 Freshman Individuals
  1 Augusta Stockman          FR Camden Hills          19:03.57  
  2 Faith Blethen             FR Boothbay              19:39.02  
  3 Kayla Raymond             FR Bonny Eagle           19:58.91  
  4 Talia Jorgensen           FR Cony                  20:10.51  
  5 Ami Beaumier              FR Bonny Eagle           20:24.17  

Unseeded Race

Katie Ferguson a sophomore from Harwood Union, VT won the unseeded race as she covered the 5k course in 22:11.76, the time improved her personal best from just last week by 48 seconds.

Ferguson said she felt "Really tired, but amazing." on winning her effort.

She took over the lead just after the 2 mile before going on to win the race by 6 seconds over Carla Boyd-Wight of Telstar.

Boyd-Wight set a huge personal best as well as the senior dropped 44 seconds in this race.

Aenea Mead & Nicole Cutler of Harwood Union, VT were 3rd & 4th, running 22:22 & 22:34 respectively

<span style="font-size: 12.6px; line-height: 1.6em;"> Top 5 Unseeded Individuals</span>
  1 Katie Ferguson            SO Harwood Union-VT      22:11.76  
  2 Carla Boyle-Wight         SR Telstar               22:17.12  
  3 Aenea Mead                SR Harwood Union-VT      22:22.65  
  4 Nicole Cutler             JR Harwood Union-VT      22:34.00  
  5 Alice Little              SO Phillips Exeter       22:34.65  
  6 Sarae Greenier            SO Caribou               22:39.95  

LaSalle Academy scored an impressive 30 points in winning the team title. The 30 points is a meet record low, and the girls averaged 18:42 for their top 5 runners.

LaSalle Academy showed why they are one of the top teams in the country with 4 of the top 5 finishers and all five scoring members in the top 19. They broke the meet record for lowest score (30) and team averaged 18:42.88, previously the low team score was held by Cheverus (74) with their 2010 win, while the best team average before today was 19:42 by the 2009 Cheverus team.

Orono proved it's the best team in Maine as the Red Riots finished 2nd overall with 128 points, they had 3 of the top 13 individuals in the seeded race. They outdistance the next Maine team by 139 points.

Cumberland, RI scored a third place with 141, followed by Harwood Union VT with 154. Falmouth rounded out the top 5 with 267, they were the top Class A school.

Cape Elizabeth in 6th (301) points was the top Class B school.

Results - Women
   1 La Salle Academy-RI          30    1    2    3    5   19   22   24
      Total Time:  1:33:34.36
         Average:    18:42.88
   2 Orono High School           128    4   10   14   47   53  138  176
      Total Time:  1:38:12.44
         Average:    19:38.49
   3 Cumberland High School-RI   141    9   17   26   39   50  126  131
      Total Time:  1:39:06.92
         Average:    19:49.39
   4 Harwood Union High School   154   11   13   30   40   60   61  132
      Total Time:  1:39:30.13
         Average:    19:54.03
   5 Falmouth High School        267   27   52   56   57   75   87   98
      Total Time:  1:43:06.75
         Average:    20:37.35

Osman Doorow of Lewiston took over the race after the mile, and then dominated the field over the final two miles, finishing with a personal best 15:50.05, the 4th fastest winning time in meet history.

In the boys seeded race Cumberland, RI junior Ben Drezek wanted to avoid the traffic at the beginning of the race, the newcomer to XC this fall did just that leading the throng of 275 runners on the line.

Drezek was joined by George Stevens Academy junior John Hassett & Osman Doorow of Lewiston as the trio started to pull away from the pack within the first 800m.

After the mile the tall and lanky Doorow showed he was all business, as he stepped on the gas pedal heading up the super highway. Osman would continue to pull away from the field, making it look easy as his loping stride ate up the ground in front of him

Doorow continued to push all the way to line crossing in a personal best 15:50.05, his margin of victory was almost 15 seconds over Paul Casavant of Hampden Academy.

"I was trying to break 16, that was my goal coming into the race." Doorow said of his performance.

Osman has established himself as the favorite to win the Class A title later in October with his win today, and how easy it looked for him. His winning time was the 9th fastest in meet history.

Hampden Academy's Paul Casavant showed good patience throughout his race, and as a result he was able to chase down the runners in front of him over the 1200m of the race. Casavant was able to pull by Drezek to finish as the runner-up in a lifetime best 16:04.95, 22 seconds faster than his 2014 FOC effort.

Casavant said the race helped his confidence, "It's a huge boost knowing I can run with a quality, and put up some fast times."

Drezek who switched from the pitch to the trails this fall continued his impressive season as he clocked a personal best 16:12.25.

The Scarborough duo of Andrew Sholl & Connor Doherty moved up well over the last half the race going from 8th & 9th at 2 mile up to 4th & 5th at the finish. Sholl was rewarded with a 20 second personal best with his 16:18.62, while Doherty clocked a 23 second personal best with his 16:20.37.

Harwood Union's junior Noah Eckstein was next in 6th place, with a 16:21.14 performance, 29 seconds faster than he ran in last weekend's Manchester Invitational.

Classical, RI Joe Murphy crossed in 7th place with his 16:24.99, following him in 8th place was Scarborough's #3 runner Colin Tardiff who ran the identical time 16:24.99.

George Stevens John Hassett who pushed the pace earlier was able to hold on to finish 9th running 16:27.28, he was the top Class C runner in the race.

Rounding out the top 10 was Jeremiah Sands of Falmouth who ran under 17 minutes for the first time as he ran 16:29.90.

 Top 10 Individuals  
  1 Osman Doorow              SR Lewiston              15:50.05  
  2 Paul Casavant             JR Hampden               16:04.95  
  3 Benjamin Drezek           JR Cumberland-RI         16:12.25  
  4 Andrew Sholl              SR Scarborough           16:18.62  
  5 Connor Doherty            SR Scarborough           16:20.37  
  6 Noah Eckstein             JR Harwood Union-VT      16:21.14  
  7 Joe Murphy                SR Classical-RI          16:24.99  
  8 Colin Tardiff             SR Scarborough           16:24.99  
  9 John Hassett              JR George Stevens        16:27.28  
 10 Jeremiah Sands            JR Falmouth              16:29.90  


Hampden Academy's Wyatt Lord started at the front and stayed there throughout the freshman race.

Lord crossed the finish line in 17:12.38, good for a 12 second victory over Sam Russ of Lincoln Academy.

The time for Lord improved his personal best by 4 seconds.

Nick Dall of Waterville who helped set the pace early on finished third with a fine effort of 17:31.97, he was followed by a hard charging Gabe Coffey of Bangor (17:36.07)

Daniel Collard of Cumberland, RI rounded out the top 5 in 17:43.86.

 Top 5 Individuals   
  1 Wyatt Lord                FR Hampden               17:12.38  
  2 Sam Russ                  FR Lincoln Academy       17:24.26  
  3 Nick Dall                 FR Waterville            17:31.97  
  4 Gabe Coffey               FR Bangor                17:36.07  
  5 Daniel Collard            FR Cumberland-RI         17:43.86  


It was the Harwood Union show in the boys unseeded race as the team from Vermont took 4 of the top 5 spots.

Leading the way was Tristan Touchette who crossed the line in 18:33.11, the time improved his personal best from last weekend at the Manchester Invitational by 6 seconds.

Following Touchette was his teammate Cam Alberghini in 18:39.48. The third runner from Harwood across the line was junior Riley Power in 18:50.41.

<pre style="font-size: 12.6px;"> Top 5 Individuals  

1 Tristan Touchette JR Harwood Union-VT 18:33.11

2 Cam Alberghini SO Harwood Union-VT 18:39.48

3 Riley Powell JR Harwood Union-VT 18:50.41

4 Christian Tomison SO Bonny Eagle 18:53.29

5 Christopher Cahalan JR Harwood Union-VT 18:54.69

The Scarborough boys won the FOC title for a record 5th time and their first title since 2010 behind a 4-5-7 finish from their seniors Andrew Sholl, Connor Doherty & Colin Tardiff.

With three of the top 8 individual finishers the Red Storm of Scarborough took the team title with 120 points. This win helps solidify Scarborough as the top team in the state, and will give them confidence as they enter the championship in a few weeks.

After the top 3 of Shool, Doherty & Tardiff, they got a huge effort from junior Andrew Goodwin who finished 40th running 17:21.28, his effort was a personal best by 23 seconds, and over a minute faster than he ran a year ago. Sophomore Luke Grover rounded out the scoring with a 62th place effort, his time was 17:44.68.

Cumerland, RI last year's champion ran well to finish second with 162. Considering they were missing top runner Sean Laverty, Cumberland showed they will be one of the top teams in RI this fall.

Falmouth finished third with 187, and the Yachtsmen have to be proud of their effort considering top runner Josh Simensky wasn't in the lineup Saturday. If you add him into the mix the battle for the Class A title with Scarborough promises to be a good one in less than a month.

Phillips Exeter Academy finished 4th with 243, just 2 points in from of Harwood Union, VT

Results - Men
   1 Scarborough High School     120    4    5    7   39   65   80  157
      Total Time:  1:24:09.94
         Average:    16:49.99
   2 Cumberland High School-RI   162    3   24   34   38   63   64  105
      Total Time:  1:25:41.02
         Average:    17:08.21
   3 Falmouth High School        187    9   12   20   72   74   86  161
      Total Time:  1:26:00.70
         Average:    17:12.14
   4 Phillips Exeter Academy -   243   14   37   57   62   73   95  113
      Total Time:  1:27:21.74
         Average:    17:28.35
   5 Harwood Union High School   245    6   30   60   67   82  101  127
      Total Time:  1:26:56.03
         Average:    17:23.21