In His Own Words: Daniel Guiliani - One Last Season

  One last season. All the blood, sweat and tears it took to get here, all built up for this year, senior year. Missing indoor made me a better athlete, and has given me a fire that I haven't felt since the beginning of junior year. All that's on my mind is this season, and what I want to accomplish. I have this urge to prove to everyone what I'm really made of, and how far I really can throw. I think the 65-4 in indoors was a good start. It was a good day just coming back from an injury and what not, but it in no way shape or form shows what's in store this spring. 70. That's where I'm at as far as expectations. Throwing farther than my PR will be nice, but I will feel like a failure if I don't break 70. I set a goal last spring to break this barrier, and it's about time it actually happens. I know thats people are waiting for, and the wait will soon be over.

  My training has been going very well. I think what's going to make a difference this season is my strength/speed increase. I've been on a powerlifting program this off season, low rep, high weight. Numbers are better than last year. Last season, my numbers in the weight room was 405lb. Bench, 545lb. Deadlift, 525lb. Squat, and a 225lb. Hang clean. Now, 415lb. Bench, 610lb. Deadlift, 555lb. Squat, and a 315lb. Hang clean. Not only am I stronger, but I have gotten a lot faster, and athletic. I do a lot plyometric workouts, bounding, battle ropes, lots of agility work,..all things that have overall turned me into a much better thrower.

As far as the throwing side of the training goes, my coaches and I have worked hard on my overall speed in the ring, to get that extra energy when I finish the throw. I've been getting better at being more patient during my throws, and hitting every step of my technique to the best of my ability. There are still some timing issues, which is expected due to how early it is in the season, but everything for the most part is looking very smooth.

Lastly, I can't wait to compete with my team again. I have so much fun at meets with the guys, and though I was around them this winter, It wasn't the same. It's been since December 12th, when I injured my arm, so that's another reason why I'm excited for this Wednesday.

To all those competing this week, I wish you the best of luck. Go hard and have fun!

- Daniel Guiliani