In his own words: Daniel Guiliani #70ft

 I woke up Wednesday morning and thought "Today will be the day". The day I just put all nerves aside and believe in the training and the technique,..the day I just step up and get it done. 

  I had a nice breakfast, a good day at school, and just knew by the end of the day, my major goal for the year is going to be complete. I showed up to noble (A beautiful facility), warmed up very good, stretched a lot, and got ready to throw. I took a few warm ups, and then I was up first. My first throw was 68-0.5,  which was a New England record and a new personal best right off the bat. The tape measure broke so we waited around for a new one to come to continue and in the mean time i went to the practice ring and worked some form. I felt very good, I got one on the board, already a new PR so I figured I should just go for it. I got in that ring and the whole way through the throw I hit everything. All I heard was seven-, then I just couldn't even think, I was just so happy..then I threw another personal best over 71 feet, and my last throw at 69-5. That day was very special, and I'll never have to hashtag break 70 again. 

  It feels weird that I finally cracked that barrier. I won't lie, there was a point during the winter where I was injured where I didn't think it was possible, and before the MRI results, I was accepting the fact that I may never throw with the riots on my chest again, but once I got those results back I didn't waste anytime. I trained vigorously, and made it happen. You see, in life you're going to get knocked down, flat on your face, at one point or another, and when that happens to you, you're going to have two options..1). You can quit, give up and accept it..or 2). You can say screw the odds, give it your all, and not stop until you get back up. "I can do all things through Christ who's strengthens me", Philippians 4:13..that has ran through my mind  from the moment I was injured, to the moment that shot left my hand and landed 70 feet, and to the moment I write these will carry me through to the day I die. I believed in myself, those words in 4:13, my family, my coaches, and we made it happen. 

  Moving forward, my goal is to just improve. I had a good follow up meet at cheverus throwing 70-10, and threw 68-7 at the county meet with a high fever so I'm staying consistent in the low 70 to high 60 range, but I believe there's still room for improvement. I have thrown in the 73 to 74 foot range in practice before, so before I finish my high school career, I think that I can throw that officially. 

Good luck to all of those competing this weekend.

Yours truly, 

Daniel Guiliani