Returning Champions: Emily Turner Class A 400m

Returning Champions: Emily Turner Class A 400m

What are your goals for the upcoming season?

My goals for this upcoming season are to PR in most of my events, especially the 400 and the 200. 

What have you done to improve in the off-season?

To improve in the off-season I have been doing more workouts and lifting in the weight room to improve my strength.

What does a typical week look like for you training wise?

 My typical week is on Monday we work on starts, on Tuesday we have a workout, Wednesday is an easy day where we run. Thursday we have another workout that focuses on form, and Friday is another easy day. Every week we alternate from a four day lift to a two day lift. 

What competitions are you most looking forward to this season?

The competitions I am most looking forward to are the SMAA meet, the state meet, Dartmouth, and the relay meet.

What was one thing you learned last year that will help you the most this season?

Do you have any pre-race rituals or routines?

 My pre-race rituals/routines are to warm up wth my team and then warm up again before a race, listen to music, and talk with my teammates before the race. 

Who is your favorite athlete?

My favorite athlete is Allyson Felix.

What is your favorite food to eat the night before a meet?

My favorite food to eat the night before a meet is pazzo bread from Amatos. 

What is the best piece of advice anyone has given you?

The best piece of advice that I have received is to channel my nervous energy before a race into my running. 

Finish this sentence. Emily Turner is ______.

 Emily Turner is excited for the next level of track.

  • 55m (in) - 7.69
  • 200m (in) - 26.10
  • 400m (in) - 58.47
  • Long Jump (in) - 16-4