State Champion Spotlight: Tia Tardy (Mt Desert Island)

State Champion spotlight: Tia Tardy (Mt Desert Island HS)

What were your preparations leading up to the state meet?

The championship season is where most athletes want to have their best performances, so that was what my training was developed around. I wanted those last few meets to really count. Where I had NE's and Nationals after the State meet, I knew that I could use the meet to score some really good points for my team. So I did the infamous 800m, 1 mile, 2 mile triple!

How did you deal with the pressure and emotions that come along with competing in a state meet?

 I have had the amazing opportunity to compete at many State meets before, so I've been able to get accustomed to the crowded, really hyped-up atmosphere that may be intimidating to newer track and field athletes. However, as most athletes do, I get a little nervous before each competition. I usually have nerves up until the gun fires for my first race. I think it is good to go into a race with a little bit of nerves, to have that adrenaline flowing. You just don't want to be so stressed out that you could potentially hurt your performance.

You won the Mile & 800m for the second year in a row at the Class B state meet?

Yes, I have been very fortunate to have won a few State Championship events in my high school career. It's an amazing feeling to be able to stand up on the podium and know that everything you worked towards during the season finally came together for an incredible finish. It takes an incredible amount of focus, and I won't lie, I don't always prioritize my training time wisely. But to be able to have a State Champ title, it's worth the blood, sweat, and tears that go into the training.

Talk about the experience, and focus it takes to win a state title You were running for the third different school, talk about the transition to MDI, and what it meant to help them to the state runner-up trophy.

The transition to MDI was a bit different from the transition to Orono. I didn't know as many kids here, it's a bigger school and the hallways were SO confusing for the first month. The team, teachers, students were all very welcoming. MDI has some of the best and most beautiful places to run, so doing 80-90 min workouts were never boring. I am so grateful that I got to help the team get the State runner's up title. Everyone worked so hard during the season for that moment and it was so meaningful to be a part of the process.

Coming into the season what were your goals and did you achieve them?

  My goals going into the season were to have PR's and just stay healthy. I didn't have quite the outcome I was hoping for in the mile and 800m, I would have liked to run a little faster. I did have a breakout performance at the USATF meet in the 1000m. I was extremely proud of how well I raced. I am excited to see where I will be during outdoor. 

How do you think winning an individual state title will effect you heading into outdoors?

By having a few state titles under my belt, it definitely gives me the confidence to achieve even greater things this outdoor season. I have some pretty big goals in mind, and I just want to finish off my senior year with a bang.

Tardy's Mile Progression


Tardy's 800m Progression


2016-17 Performances

2:14.34Indoor800mNew Balance Nationals Indoor16thFinals>
4:58.83IndoorMileNew Balance Nationals Indoor1stFinals>
4:57.18IndoorMileNew England Indoor Track & Field Championships2ndFinals>
2:53.49Indoor1000mMaine USATF Championship1stFinals>
2:18.58Indoor800mClass B Indoor State Championship1stFinals>
5:04.95IndoorMileClass B Indoor State Championship1stFinals>
11:43.69Indoor2MileClass B Indoor State Championship2ndFinals>
2:19.90Indoor800mEMITL Championship1stFinals>
5:02.81IndoorMileEMITL Championship1stFinals>
11:40.73Indoor2MileEMITL Championship1stFinals>
27.70Indoor200mPVC: BUC, ELL, FOX, GSA, MAT, MDI, SUM, WA2ndFinals>
1:00.09Indoor400mPVC: BUC, ELL, FOX, GSA, MAT, MDI, SUM, WA1stFinals>
5:07.30IndoorMileNew Balance Indoor Grand Prix11thFinals>
28.20Indoor200mPVC:BUC, CEN, FOX, GSA, HAM, MDI, OT, ORO1stFinals>
2:18.00Indoor800mPVC:BUC, CEN, FOX, GSA, HAM, MDI, OT, ORO1stFinals>
2:25.24Indoor800mPVC: BAN, BUC, CEN, FOX, HAM, JB, MDI, ORO1stFinals>
5:04.79IndoorMilePVC: BAN, BUC, CEN, FOX, HAM, JB, MDI, ORO1stFinals>
11:37.08Indoor2MilePVC: FOX, GSA, HER, JB, MDI1stFinals>