Falmouth Takes the Boys Class A State Championship. Mt. Ararat's Lisandro Berry-Gaviria Claims the Individual Crown.

Eleven male runners crossed the finish line in under 17:00 minutes at Twin Brook on Saturday. Nine of them ran in the Class A race. Nearing the half mile mark it was not at all clear who would be leading the race in another mile. A group of perhaps a dozen runners packed the front end of the trail as it began to narrow. The eventual winner and the eventual second place finisher--Lisandro Berry-Gaviria of Mt. Ararat, and Wyatt Lord of Hampden--were pushed to flanks in the ankle-rolling rough looking for gaps to work into.

Both were in unaccustomed positions as each had led for substantial portions of the the Northern Regional and KVAC meets over the past two weeks. Berry-Gaviria won both races.

Among the top finishers, only Deering's Yahya Nure looked to be in a good position just steps ahead of the pack.

It would be another mile and half before the top ten really came into focus. Even then, past the two mile mark and toward the end of the inner loop, the top ten runners remained within four seconds of each each other. Berry-Gaviria, Lord, and Nure went one, two, three, and a pack of seven, sometimes three abreast followed. Deering's Alec Troxell, winner of the Southern Regional held down the tenth spot. Before the race was over Troxell would move up to 6th place.

Nine of the leaders emerging into the crowd at the end of the inner loop would end in the top ten while Greely's Luke Marsanskis, fourteen seconds off first place at this point would move up to take the tenth position.

Among the top ten were Falmouth's John Auer (7th, 16:44), and senior Conner Piers (9th, 16:56). Just following at 14th and 18th were Yachtsmen seniors Alex Kinley and Charlie Henning. When Douglas Cooke crossed at 29th, Falmouth had 73 points and their second straight team Championship 

Scarborough led by the Coffins--Connor (4th) and Tristram (8th) came next with 95, while Greely finished with 105.

Berry-Gaviria took first with a time of 16:31, the second fastest time of the day behind Class B winner Luke Laverdiere. Wyatt Lord and Yahya Nure, maintained their holds on the second and third spots. Connor Coffin slipped by Bangor's Gabe Coffey for the 4th spot.