State Champion Spotlight: Russell Allen (Edward Little)

State Champion Spotlight: Russell Allen (Edward Little)

What were your preparations leading up to the state meet?

Leading up to the meet I felt that I needed to prepare myself mentally more than physically. I trusted that my training had been good enough, I just had to figure out a race plan and prepare myself mentally for it.

How did you deal with the pressure and emotions that come along with competing in a state meet?

Coming into the meet seeded second put a lot of pressure on me. I knew I was so close and I knew I'd have to perform my absolute best if I wanted to win. I was most nervous before the race, but I knew I needed to remain calm and collective if I wanted to run well.

The 800m race was a battle coming down to a kick at the end with you and Wyatt Lord, he finished first but was later DQ'd. What was your reaction when you found out you were first?

 I honestly had no idea he had been DQ'd until the 800m runners were lined up at the podium. The other runners and I were looking around for him when they started calling us up and announcing our places. It wasn't until they called my name that I realized what happened. I was surprised more than anything. However, the fact that I won due to the DQ makes it bittersweet. Even though I was standing on the first place podium I still felt that Wyatt had won the race.

Coming into the season what were your goals and did you achieve them?

Coming into the season I knew that I had a shot at winning States. I wanted a state title more than anything this year and it feels great to have achieved it. I am however, disappointed that I have not yet run under 2:00. It seems that I have been on the brink of running sub 2:00 for so long and it's definitely gonna be my top priority once outdoor comes.

What have your coaches meant to your success?

Unfortunately during this season a distance coach was not hired. I ended up coaching myself and the rest of the distance team for the entirety of the season which is much tougher than a lot of athletes think, especially when it comes to designing workouts. Regardless, I am still very grateful that the head coach and other coaches were very open to cooperating with me and assisting me in any way that they could.

How do you think winning an individual state title will effect you heading into outdoors?

   Winning an individual state title is definitely a huge confidence booster for myself heading into outdoors. I'm excited for the season to start and ready to get back to competing.

Allen's 800m Progression


2017-18 Indoor Performances

2:41.87Indoor1000mNew England Indoor Championships21stFinals>
2:00.25Indoor800mClass A Indoor State Championship1stFinals>
2:00.83Indoor800mKVAC Championship1stFinals>
2:02.52Indoor800mKVAC: EL, Bel, Law, Skow, Mess, Cony, Erskine Academy, Oceanside1stFinals>
53.43Indoor400mKVAC:Bel, Linc Acad, Ocean, Bwick, EL, Lew, Mt. A, Mess2ndFinals>
10:35.30Indoor2MileKVAC:Bel, Linc Acad, Ocean, Bwick, EL, Lew, Mt. A, Mess2ndFinals>
4:53.14IndoorMileKVAC:Mess, Lew, Ocean, Law, Win, EL,MCI, Nok1stFinals>
10:43.92Indoor2MileKVAC: EL,Mess,Lew, Law, MCI, Nok, Win1stFinals>
25.30Indoor200mKVAC: Bel, Erskine, EL, Oceanside, Mt. Ar, Mess, Skow, Win3rdFinals>
54.54Indoor400mKVAC: Bel, Erskine, EL, Oceanside, Mt. Ar, Mess, Skow, Win2ndFinals>