State Champion Spotlight: Molly Murnane (Scarborough HS)

State Champion Spotlight: Molly Murnane (Scarborough HS)

What were your preparations leading up to the state meet?

My preparations leading up to the state meet were mostly just thoughts. Of course I went to practice the week leading up, but I was really nervous the entire week. It took a long time to calm myself down and realize that I was prepared for this meet.

What was one thing that you focused on this winter that made a difference in your performance?

Since this was my first ever season of track I had a lot I needed to focus on and improve. I worked a lot on my form and starts. The start in the 55 makes a huge difference in the race because its so short, so I mostly focused on that.

This was your first season of track were you surprised to win the 55m state title? 

I was shocked to win the 55. I did not expect anything out of this season of track at all. The first time I ran a 55 I tripped at the start, my foot got caught behind my other foot and I thought for sure I would never run another 55 because of how bad I had done. 

Coming into the season what were your goals and did you achieve them?

My goals coming into this season were just to get faster. To be honest, one of the main reasons I did track was soccer. I ended up enjoying track and I would say I achieved my goal as my times continued to get better throughout.

If there was one event you haven't done that you would like to try what would it be?

didn't really have any events that I really wanted to do that I didn't do this season. For a while I had a joke about doing pole vault because it looked really fun.

What have your coaches meant to your success?

My coaches have helped me this season to be successful. Both of my coaches had more faith in me than I did and that definitely helped me a lot! They always encouraged me just to have fun which is really important

2017-18 Performances

7.43Indoor55mNew Balance Nationals Indoor42ndPrelims>
8.02Indoor60mNew Balance Nationals Indoor42ndPrelims>
7.32Indoor55mNew England Indoor Championships6thFinals>
7.36Indoor55mNew England Indoor Championships6thPrelims>
7.23Indoor55mClass A Indoor State Championship1stFinals>
7.30Indoor55mClass A Indoor State Championship1stPrelims>
26.12Indoor200mClass A Indoor State Championship3rdFinals>
58.69Indoor400mClass A Indoor State Championship3rdFinals>
7.27Indoor55mSMAA Southwesterns Championships1stFinals>
7.32Indoor55mSMAA Southwesterns Championships1stPrelims>
26.27Indoor200mSMAA Southwesterns Championships1stFinals>
1:00.35Indoor400mSMAA Southwesterns Championships1stFinals>
7.38Indoor55mFalmouth, Scarborough @ Phillips Exeter1stFinals>
26.22Indoor200mFalmouth, Scarborough @ Phillips Exeter1stFinals>
7.39Indoor55mDartmouth Relays1stFinals>
7.43Indoor55mDartmouth Relays1stPrelims>
7.56Indoor55mSMAA: Bonny Eagle-Marshwood-Scarborough-South Portland1stFinals>
26.91Indoor200mSMAA: Bonny Eagle-Marshwood-Scarborough-South Portland1stFinals>
7.38Indoor55mUSM Relays1stFinals>
7.53Indoor55mUSM Relays1stPrelims>
27.06Indoor200mSMAA: Deering-Gorham-Noble-Scarborough1stFinals>
1:00.49Indoor400mSMAA: Deering-Gorham-Noble-Scarborough1stFinals>