State Champion Spotlight: Carolyn Todd (Greely HS)

State Champion Spotlight: Carolyn Todd (Greely HS)

What were your preparations leading up to the state meet?

I focused on getting lots of rest and water, as well as staying calm. I don't usually get too nervous for races, more often excited, but this indoor state meet in particular, being seeded first in my events, and without Katherine by my side, I really felt that I needed to keep my nerves in check!

What was one thing that you focused on this winter that made a difference in your performance?

This winter was pretty difficult for me. I think many athletes were affected by the difficult flu season and all the snow this year. I ended up getting the flu twice, and there were a few weeks where I wasn't running any more than ten miles. During this time, I worked on the mental aspect of running much more than the physical. Although I didn't achieve the times I wanted this season, focusing on my attitude allowed me to continue fighting during every race, even when I wasn't seeing results that I was happy with. Definitely focusing on my team's success was another thing that really motivated me when it counted.

You won the mile then got to watch your twin brother win the mile. Talk about that experience.

Winning states wouldn't have been the same without being able to share it with Matt. As I was watching his race I had confidence that he was going to win, but I was also freaking out. The guys were taking it out so slow, but I knew the pace would allow Matt to have more energy for his kick so I wasn't too worried. He has grown so much as a runner this year and it really amazes me how driven he is becoming.

Coming into the season what were your goals and did you achieve them?

My personal goal this season was to help make another state win possible for our girls team. I think that at the state meet athletes on every team try to do their best individually, but on our team, what really motivates us is that we are always racing or competing for each other, rather than just ourselves. Winning both boys and girls state titles was an amazing experience and achievement so I definitely left the season feeling as though our team had accomplished all of our goals.

You also won the two mile to help lead your team to the state title. What did it mean to win two events and carry on the strong tradition of success at Greely?

I feel so fortunate to be apart of the Greely team. We have such a strong group of both guys and girls, and I wanted to make sure that I did my part in making the state win possible for our girls.

What have your coaches meant to your success?

I've had amazing coaches from the second I began running. I cannot thank any of them enough for developing my love and passion for the sport. Coach Folan and Coach Dowling have been so successful in their respective coaching careers, so I always have complete confidence that they know what is best for me and for the team. Coach Dowling is absolutely wonderful, and he puts a smile on my face every day when he arrives at practice. I know that his coaching has contributed to my success in so many ways, and I am going to cherish my last four seasons with him.

Todd's Mile Progression


Todd's 2 Mile Progression


2017-18 Performances

5:22.98IndoorMileNew England Indoor Championships13thFinals>
5:25.30IndoorMileClass B Indoor State Championship1stFinals>
11:59.47Indoor2MileClass B Indoor State Championship1stFinals>
5:23.88IndoorMileWMC Championship1stFinals>
12:07.09Indoor2MileWMC Championship1stFinals>
11:58.29Indoor2MileWMC:Greely,GNG, Freeport, NYA, Cape, Lake Region1stFinals>
5:31.67IndoorMileWMC: Gree, Cape, Pol, Lake Reg, Traip, Wells, NYA, St. Dom/ Lisb1stFinals>
1:05.64Indoor400mWMC: Greely, Pol, Frye, Yar, Traip, Wells, NYA, St. Dom/Lisbon1stFinals>
12:04.72Indoor2MileWMC: Greely, Pol, Frye, Yar, Traip, Wells, NYA, St. Dom/Lisbon1stFinals>
5:29.79IndoorMileUSM Relays5thFinals>