XC Watchlist: Karli Leighton (Mt Ararat HS)

XC Watchlist: Karli Leighton

School: Mt Ararat HS

Year of Graduation: 2021

2017 State Meet Finish: 9th in Class A 19:50.03

How long have you been running and how did you get started?
I've been running since I was 8 and I would go up to Eastport ME for the 4th of July every year and I would run the kids mile, I later joined my town's XC team and I've done XC ever since.

What has your summer training consisted of? How much mileage you putting in?
I have very unique training I roller ski three days a week and I then run the other days with a rest day usually on Sunday. I do roughly 40 miles a week.

What are your goals for the upcoming season?
I think that my main goal this year is to place higher in states and to go to New England's again. I would also like to improve my PR.

What is your favorite workout?
I don't really have a favorite workout but I do enjoy the roller skiing workouts.

What did you learn from last xc season that will help you improve in 2018?
Last year I had a hard time pacing myself in the start of a race, I would burn myself out sometimes if I went to fast in the first half mile so this year I'm going to run more evenly paced races.

What is your favorite course to run in Maine?
I enjoy most of the courses I run on, but I would say my favorites are the Mt. Blue course and the Belfast course.

Out of all your running accomplishments so far, which stands out the most?
I think the accomplishment that stands out the most to me is being the only girl on my team to qualify for New England's.

What do you love most about running?
I love running through the trails and seeing how beautiful the forest is, that is why I love how XC is all different kinds of trails and it's also why I don't really like track. 

When you are not running what is your favorite thing to do?
When I'm not running I roller ski which I actually enjoy more than running and it's nice to do different things throughout the week so my training is not repetitive.

Do you have any pre-race rituals or routines?'
Before racing I do an anti cramp breathing exercise that has not failed. I have a very sensitive stomach when it comes to cramps and I always time when I eat my food so I don't get cramps. My team also does a cheer right before the race.

Favorite quote?
I don't have a favorite quote.

Snapchat or Instagram?
My insta is k_l8n

What shoes do you race/train in?
This year I'm racing in the Saucony Carrera spikes and I train in the ON cloud flow.

What professional athlete would you most like to meet?
I would absolutely love to meet Jessie Diggins from the US Nordic ski team.

What is your favorite food?
My favorite food is probably sushi.

One word to describe yourself


Personal Records
  • 400m - 1:05.39
  • 800m - 2:39.01
  • 1600m - 5:43.34
  • 1.x Mile (xc) - 12:24.48
  • 3000m (xc) - 11:56.00
  • 3200m - 12:27.98
  • 2.x Mile (xc) - 13:21.00
  • 5K (xc) - 19:29.34