XC Watchlist: Marin Provencher (Greely HS)

XC Watchlist: Marin Provencher

School: Greely HS

Year of Graduation: 2020

2017 State Meet Finish: 20:20.51 16th in Class A

How long have you been running and how did you get started?

I have been running since 6th grade, and I started by wanting to do a school sport so I did indoor track.

What has your summer training consisted of? How much mileage you putting in?

I have been running about 25-40 miles a week, and I put in a bit over 200 miles this summer.

What are your goals for the upcoming season?

I would like to go sub 20 early in the season and see what I can do from there. I would also like to place well at the state meet.

What is your favorite workout? 

I like 400 or 800 repeats, I think that I get the most out of them and they help me with each season and event.

What did you learn from last xc season that will help you improve in 2018?

I learned that running in the summer is very important, but running too much can be bad too. For that reason, I did slightly less mileage this summer so I would not get another injury which prevented me from running in the beginning of the season.

What is your favorite course to run in Maine?

My favorite course to run on in Maine would have to be Twin Brook because I know it so well from being able to run it every day. It is definitely one of the more challenging courses, but I do enjoy it the most.

Out of all your running accomplishments so far, which stands out the most?

During the indoor track season, I had one race where I ran a 15 second PR in the mile. I didn't believe it when my coach told me my time and I felt amazing afterward.

What do you love most about running?

I love the feeling after running a really good race.

When you are not running what is your favorite thing to do?

When I'm not running, i'm probably cooking or listening to music.

Do you have any pre-race rituals or routines?

Before a race, I always listen to my pre-race playlist, and try to calm my nerves.

Favorite quote?

"Everything happens for a reason"

Snapchat or Instagram?


What shoes do you race/train in?

I race in the Saucony Havoks, and train in the Brooks Ravenna.

What professional athlete would you most like to meet?

I would like to meet Tom Brady.

What is your favorite food?

My favorite food is margherita pizza.

One word to describe yourself

I would describe myself as being determined.

Personal Records

  • 800m (in) - 2:36.94
  • 1600m - 5:15.42
  • 1 Mile (in) - 5:26.73
  • 3200m - 11:43.91
  • 5K (xc) - 20:20.51