Maine XC Festival of Champions Headquarters

Maine Festival of Champions Meet Headquarters

Troy Howard Middle School will once again be the site for the Maine XC Festival of Champions on Saturday. The single largest one day high school sporting event in Maine will attract runners from all over New England, and even Canada.

All Scratches Reported to Meet Management - 9:30 AM

Coaches and Captains Meeting at Starting Line - 9:50 AM

Canadian and American National Anthems - 10:15 AM

Boys Unseeded Section A - 10:30 AM

Girls Unseeded Section - 11:10 AM

Boys Unseeded Section B - 11:50 AM

Girls Freshman Section - 12:30 PM

Boys Freshman Section - 1:10 PM

Girls Seeded Section - 1:50 PM

Boys Seeded Section - 2:30 PM

Awards Ceremony - 3:15 PM