All-Time Maine Boys 1600m Programs

Dan Curts is the top 1600m runner for Ellsworth who ranks as the top program in state history.

All-Time 1600m Programs

We've been working to expand our vast results database this summer adding in several state championship meets dating back to 1996, and the plan is to continue throughout the summer.  While we don't have every team's top athletes of all-time we wanted to take a look at the data we had to see what programs (schools) had the top performers in every track and field event outdoors.

We scored each team just like a cross-country meet, giving 1 point for the fastest time and so on. A program's score is based on the top five performers in the event with the top 7 athletes acting as displacers.

Today we are going to take a look at the boy's 1600m. Below are the top five programs based on the results we currently have in the database. For the complete list of 95 teams visit the link below.


Ellsworth is the top ranked 1600m program, and it's not even close. The Eagles have had four athletes run under 4:20. Leading the way is Dan Curts who clocked 4:09.88 which ranks second best in state history. Behind him Louis Luchini ran 4:17.89, while his brother Joey ranks four best for the Eagles running 4:19.50. The Dewitt brothers also are in the top five with Steven running 4:19.34 and Corey clocking 4:23.13. Ellsworth  averaged an impressive  4:17.95 for their scoring five.

The Yachstmen of Falmouth are ranked second with five runners at 4:25.46 or faster. Brandon Bonsey is the fastest in school history with his 4:18.51. Falmouth averaged 4:22.77 for their scoring five. Current runner Ben Greene missed out this spring from moving up the list, in a time trial he clocked 4:18 though.

Edward Little ranks third all-time in the 1600m. Ben Fletcher is the top Red Eddie with his 4:19.83, brother Sam ranks second at 4:23.49. EL averaged 4:23.22 for their scoring five.

The Stags of Cheverus are fourth ranked behind Jack Terwilliger's 4:15.60. Our database doesn't have Brian Pettingill's 4:08.79 which would move Cheverus up a bit in the rankings. 

Rounding out the top five team is Scarborough who averaged 4:23.83 for their scoring five. Nate Hathaway has the fastest time with his school record 4:16.95

1Ellsworth High School(ME)118
1)Dan Curts4:09.882
2)Louis Luchini4:17.8918
3)Steven Dewitt4:19.3426
4)Joey Luchini4:19.5027
5)Corey Dewitt4:23.1345
Average Time: 4:17.95Total Time: 21:29.741-5 Split: 13.25
6)Joey Dewitt4:23.6153
7)Ben Chapman4:28.32114
2Falmouth High School(ME)239
1)Brandon Bonsey4:18.5119
2)Ethan Shaw4:21.0234
3)Jeremiah Sands4:23.7254
4)Ben Greene4:25.1462
5)John Auer4:25.4670
Average Time: 4:22.77Total Time: 21:53.851-5 Split: 6.95
6)Benjamin Potter4:29.56134
7)Bryce Murdick4:29.72136
3Edward Little High School(ME)250
1)Ben Fletcher4:19.8329
2)Samuel Fletcher4:23.4950
3)Jeremy Theriault4:23.6052
4)Jared Kuvaja4:24.0956
5)Benjamin Ray4:25.1663
Average Time: 4:23.23Total Time: 21:56.171-5 Split: 5.33
6)Lucas Bourget4:25.3869
7)Jeff Caron4:26.5984
4Cheverus High School(ME)292
1)Jack Terwilliger4:15.608
2)Ryan Toothaker4:23.4048
3)Ryan Fenton4:24.9360
4)Taylor Dundas4:26.7086
5)Thomas Howard4:26.8890
Average Time: 4:23.50Total Time: 21:57.511-5 Split: 11.28
6)David Frank4:28.78120
7)Tim Woods4:37.34243
5Scarborough High School(ME)305
1)Nate Hathaway4:16.9514
2)Colin Tardiff4:23.3646
3)Wout Moulin4:25.6071
4)Robert Hall4:25.7575
5)Andrew Sholl4:27.5099
Average Time: 4:23.83Total Time: 21:59.161-5 Split: 10.55
6)Shamus Malia4:28.86122
7)Nick Morris4:29.43131