All-Time Maine Boys 300 Hurdles Programs

Bonny Eagle has the top 300m hurdle program led by Jamie Ruginski who ran 38.76

All-Time 300m Hurdles Programs

We've been working to expand our vast results database this summer adding in several state championship meets dating back to 1995, and the plan is to continue throughout the summer.  While we don't have every team's top athletes of all-time we wanted to take a look at the data we had to see what programs (schools) had the top performers in every track and field event outdoors.

We scored each team just like a cross-country meet, giving 1 point for the fastest time, and so on. A program's score is based on the top five performers in the event with the top 7 athletes acting as displacers.

Today we are going to take a look at the boy's 300m hurdles. Below are the top five programs based on the results we currently have in the database. For the complete list of 95 teams visit the link below.


Bonny Eagle is the top 300m hurdle program, the Scots are led by Jamie Ruginski who ran a personal best of 38.76. Michael O'Clair 39.79, and Jeremy Collins 39.84 also broke the 40-second barrier. All give scorers for BE ran under 41 seconds while averaging 39.91 for the scoring five.

The Stags of Cheverus are the second-ranked program. Jesse Allen has the top time with a 39.42, while The Yeboah brothers Isaac & Elijah clocked 39.44 and 39.81 respectively. For their scoring five Cheverus averaged 40.06.

Gorham is the third-ranked program behind Josh Maxwell's 40.0. The Rams have four others that have run 40.46 or faster. The five-man scoring average for Gorham is 40.27.

The Red Riots of South Portland are next with Jason Soule leading the way with a 39.32. Nate Thompson is second for SP with a strong 39.41 effort. South Portland averaged 40.16 for their scoring five.

Waterville rounds out the top five with Travis Horner's 39.08 personal best leading the way. Horner ranks ninth-best in state history. The Purple Panthers averaged 40.39 for their scoring five.

1Bonny Eagle High School(ME)164
1)Jamie Ruginski38.765
2)Michael O'clair39.7919
3)Jeremy Collins39.8422
4)Greg Gadbois40.2441
5)Ben Roy40.9477
Average Time: 39.91Total Time: 3:19.571-5 Split: 2.18
6)Nate Doehler41.2394
7)Kyle Bailey41.83154
2Cheverus High School(ME)188
1)Jesse Allen39.4211
2)Isaac Yeboah39.4412
3)Elijah Yeboah39.8120
4)Steve Virgilio40.6865
5)Don Hathorn40.9780
Average Time: 40.06Total Time: 3:20.321-5 Split: 1.55
6)Joe Slattery41.66133
7)Jake Dixon42.01178
3Gorham High School(ME)213
1)Josh Maxwell40.0029
2)Branden Kuusela40.2442
3)Julian Nijkamp40.3044
4)Travis Grant40.3345
5)Dave Baker40.4653
Average Time: 40.27Total Time: 3:21.331-5 Split: 0.46
6)Brandon Cushman41.0482
7)Elton Savery41.30102
4South Portland High School(ME)213
1)Jason Soule39.329
2)Nathan Thompson39.4110
3)Jay Mims40.5658
4)Jamison Esquibel40.7267
5)David Hardison40.7769
Average Time: 40.16Total Time: 3:20.781-5 Split: 1.45
6)Peter Corbett41.47112
7)Diego Ramirez41.52117
5Waterville High School(ME)268
1)Travis Horner39.087
2)Alex Lefebve40.5354
3)Jordhan Levine40.5455
4)Alex Rowe40.8171
5)Dominik Alexis41.0181
Average Time: 40.39Total Time: 3:21.971-5 Split: 1.93
6)Devin Burgess42.35205
7)Shawn Lawler43.00277