Abby Mace Spring Blog #2

Abby Mace Athlete Blog #2

    Check out MaineTrackXC's spring athlete blogger Abby Mace's blog. Mace is one of the top distance runners in the state who will be running at UCONN in the fall. Abby has won a total of 7 outdoor track titles 3 in the 1600m, 3 in the 3200m & 1 in the 800m. Follow her season as she looks to add more titles to her already impressive totals.


Hey Everyone!
First off, I apologize for my last entry.  I was seriously lacking in inspiration so my blog ended up being super boring!  Since then, however, I've been looking at some old running magazines.  While thumbing through a past issue of Running Times, I discovered an article about Lauren Fleshman.  I hadn't heard much about Fleshman before, so I started reading and never put the magazine down until I finished.  What struck me about Fleshman was that she was unique from a lot of the other pro athletes out there.  So many elite runners live like monks, with their day-to-day lives consisting solely of training, eating, and sleeping.  While I find this dedication admirable, I think for many people this lifestyle is hard to relate to (myself included).  Most people need to juggle a variety of pursuits in life because they have several interests.  Such is the case with Fleshman.  She successfully balances a career in distance running (she's won two U.S. titles in the 5000 meters) with coaching recreational runners; baking for her energy bar company, Picky Bars; motivational speaking; and contributing to a sport psychology enterprise for female athletes she co-founded called Believe I Am.  Not to mention that she also blogs routinely on her web site,
The entire time I was reading the article, I couldn't help but be inspired by Fleshman's vigor and zest for life.  Fleshman is the prime example of how important it is to have more than one passion.  Because if you're only dedicated to one thing, what happens if you experience a period of failure or become incapable of doing it?  This is when it's especially vital to have several interests to complete your life.  I know I couldn't thrive--in running and in life in general--if I was just running all the time.  In addition to running, I have other activities to look forward to--piano, student government (I plan school dances and events), baking, mentoring elementary school kids, English class (my favorite subject!) and spending time with friends and family.  I've experienced the value of a well-rounded life firsthand when I suffered from injuries last year.  Even though the running aspect of my life was frustrating and disappointing, I remained happy because I was doing other things that I was succeeding in and, more importantly, was enjoying. 
Fleshman relied on her other passions to endure through a dark period in her life in which she dealt with an IT band injury.  In her blog, she shares her battle with depression and slow ascent to running healthily again.  And I think it was her other interests that lifted her outlook on life.  Because I've had an IT band injury, I could relate to Fleshman in her struggles, too, and it made me admire her even more.
Even though Lauren Fleshman is an accomplished runner, the most important advice I can take from her and apply to my life is this: follow all your passions, keep life balanced, and keep life fun!
-Abby Mace


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