KVAC Championship Class A Virtual Meet

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KVAC Championship Class A Virtual Meet

We scored out the championship meet using those who were entered to get an idea of what might happen tomorrow at the KVAC Indoor track & field championship meet. The meet was scored 10-8-6-4-2-1.

It is expected to be a battle between Mt Ararat & Messalonskee  as they teams are separated by less than 4 points with who is entered into the meet. The Eagles of Mt Ararat strength lies in distance & the jumps where they are seeded for a combined 65. The Eagles of Messalonkee are more spread out across the board with there two best scoring events being the sprints & jumps.

Girls Team Scores

1Mt. Ararat High School101
2Messalonskee High School97.75
3Edward Little High School83
4Lewiston High School60
5Brunswick High School33
6Mt. Blue High School26
7Camden Hills Regional High School19
8Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School6
9Skowhegan Area High School5.75
10Cony High School1.5

55 Meter Dash

1Marah Black2018Mt. Blue High School7.77 10
2Audrey Clement2018Camden Hills Regional High School7.82 8
3Emma Wentworth2019Messalonskee High School7.92 6
4Lindy Hyndman2021Edward Little High School7.94 4
5Taylor Chamberlain2018Lewiston High School8.00 2
6Lauren Berube2018Edward Little High School8.08 1
SCRKatie Lynch2020Mt. Ararat High School8.02 --
SCRAnna Andres Serpi2018Lewiston High School8.06 --
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200 Meter Dash

1Marah Black2018Mt. Blue High School27.62 10
2Emma Wentworth2019Messalonskee High School27.65 8
3Audrey Clement2018Camden Hills Regional High School27.92 6
4Katie Lynch2020Mt. Ararat High School27.94 4
5Wyley Fitzpatrick2020Mt. Ararat High School28.26 2
6Jacey Richard2018Messalonskee High School28.39 1
SCRTaylor Chamberlain2018Lewiston High School28.36 --
SCRElla Boucher2021Edward Little High School28.40 --
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400 Meter Dash

1Charlotte Wentworth2021Messalonskee High School1:02.20 10
2Katie Lynch2020Mt. Ararat High School1:02.76 8
3Sara York2019Mt. Ararat High School1:03.30 6
4Ella Boucher2021Edward Little High School1:03.39 4
5Hannah Mckenney2021Skowhegan Area High School1:04.16 2
6Anna Andres Serpi2018Lewiston High School1:04.47 1
SCRWyley Fitzpatrick2020Mt. Ararat High School1:03.24 --
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800 Meter Run

1Alexa Brennan2020Messalonskee High School2:34.85 10
2Sara York2019Mt. Ararat High School2:35.10 8
3Katherine Leckbee2018Mt. Ararat High School2:36.16 6
4Hafido Awil2018Lewiston High School2:36.44 4
5Emma Concaugh2020Messalonskee High School2:38.90 2
6Josie Miller2018Mt. Ararat High School2:40.11 1
SCRZaid Tekleu2019Lewiston High School2:38.98 --
SCRIsabella Pols2018Brunswick High School2:39.49 --
SCRCharlotte Wentworth2021Messalonskee High School2:39.99 --
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One Mile Run

1Katherine Leckbee2018Mt. Ararat High School5:23.82 10
2Jillian Richardson2019Edward Little High School5:35.09 8
3Isabella Pols2018Brunswick High School5:49.59 6
4Micaela Ashby2020Brunswick High School5:51.12 4
5Alexa Brennan2020Messalonskee High School5:52.23 2
6Rebecca French2018Mt. Ararat High School5:55.01 1
SCRZaid Tekleu2019Lewiston High School5:51.29 --
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Two Mile Run

1Jillian Richardson2019Edward Little High School11:58.83 10
2Katherine Leckbee2018Mt. Ararat High School12:15.93 8
3Micaela Ashby2020Brunswick High School12:37.58 6
4Charlotte Wentworth2021Messalonskee High School12:55.94 4
5Isabella Pols2018Brunswick High School12:56.79 2
6Alexa Brennan2020Messalonskee High School13:02.43 1
SCRZaid Tekleu2019Lewiston High School12:55.73 --
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55 Meter Hurdles

1Maria Bellegarde2019Lewiston High School9.54 10
2Jacey Richard2018Messalonskee High School9.59 8
3Markiana Hewett2019Messalonskee High School9.78 6
4Katie Lynch2020Mt. Ararat High School9.89 4
5Julia Berube2020Edward Little High School9.95 2
6Ella Boucher2021Edward Little High School10.18 1
SCRLauren Berube2018Edward Little High School9.54 --
SCRTessa Rubocki2019Edward Little High School10.01 --
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4x200 Meter Relay

1Mt. Ararat High School1:50.86 10
2Messalonskee High School1:53.15 8
3Lewiston High School1:53.69 6
4Edward Little High School1:56.86 4
5Brunswick High School2:00.07 2
SCRSkowhegan Area High School2:10.81 --
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4x800 Meter Relay

1Messalonskee High School10:54.05 10
2Lewiston High School11:43.24 8
3Brunswick High School12:21.24 6
4Edward Little High School12:33.24 4
5Cony High School12:45.00 1.5
5Mt. Ararat High School12:45.00 1.5
SCRCony High School12:45.00 --
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High Jump

1Taylor Chamberlain2018Lewiston High School5-0 10
2Olivia Jalbert2020Edward Little High School4-11 8
3Emmie Wood2019Camden Hills Regional High School4-10 5
3Sara York2019Mt. Ararat High School4-10 5
5Brennan Thiboutot2020Mt. Ararat High School4-8 0.75
5Cassandra Kane2019Mt. Ararat High School4-8 0.75
5Lauren Pickett2018Messalonskee High School4-8 0.75
5Makenzie Tessier2021Skowhegan Area High School4-8 0.75
SCRJulia Berube2020Edward Little High School4-10 --
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Long Jump

1Lauren Berube2018Edward Little High School16-8.5 10
2Wyley Fitzpatrick2020Mt. Ararat High School16-2.25 8
3Taylor Haggerty0Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School15-7 6
4Olivia Jalbert2020Edward Little High School14-11.75 4
5Ella Boucher2021Edward Little High School14-10 2
6Julia Berube2018Edward Little High School14-5.75 1
SCRChelsea Beaudry2020Lewiston High School14-6 --
SCRKatrina Bolduc2020Lewiston High School14-5.25 --
SCRLibby Breznyak2018Messalonskee High School14-4.25 --
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Triple Jump

1Wyley Fitzpatrick2020Mt. Ararat High School33-10 10
2Libby Breznyak2018Messalonskee High School32-9 8
3Makenzie Charest2018Messalonskee High School32-1 6
4Julia Berube2020Edward Little High School31-8.5 4
5Olivia Jalbert2020Edward Little High School31-0.25 2
6Katrina Bolduc2020Lewiston High School30-3.25 1
SCRLauren Berube2018Edward Little High School33-9.25 --
SCRMaddie Wayne2020Brunswick High School31-4 --
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Pole Vault

1Lauren Berube2018Edward Little High School10-0 10
2Hope Langworthy2018Mt. Ararat High School8-6 6
2Libby Breznyak2018Messalonskee High School8-6 6
2Tea Kepler2019Brunswick High School8-6 6
5Emily Smith2018Mt. Ararat High School7-6 1
5Maddie Wayne2020Brunswick High School7-6 1
5Markiana Hewett2019Messalonskee High School7-6 1
SCRAdelin Dolley2021Brunswick High School8-0 --
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Shot Put

1Laila Bunnitt2020Lewiston High School36-8 10
2Benedict Citenga2020Lewiston High School32-9.25 8
3Laura Gunter2020Mt. Blue High School32-3 6
4Rebecca Raymond2018Edward Little High School30-2.25 4
5Tatum Parker2018Skowhegan Area High School29-6.5 2
6Carey Lee2018Skowhegan Area High School28-11 1
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