Who is the Class C Favorite This Spring?

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Class C Boys

Last year the Orono boys added a third straight title in Class C. This spring southern Maine teams Wells and Traip Academy are the two top returning teams on paper.

The Warriors with 42 returning points are the top team. They are distance heavy with 32 of their points coming from that discipline. Traip Academy figures to be in the mix as well, they are a little more spread out with sprints, distance and hurdles for their 41 points.

Behind standout jumper Cayden Spencer-Thompson, Mattanawcook Academy sits in third with 39.5 points.

Three time defending champion Orono will be challenging for the title for sure, the Red Riots return 33 points from last year mainly focused in the sprints.

Fort Fairfield rounds out the top 5 with thirty points.

Team Scores

1Wells High School42
2Traip Academy41
3Mattanawcook Academy39.5
4Orono High School33
5Fort Fairfield30
6Lisbon High School28
7Mt. View26
8Caribou High School Viking Pack25
9Bangor Christian21.5
10Sacopee Valley High School20
11Dirigo High School15
11George Stevens Academy15
11Monmouth Academy15
14Calais High School14
14Wiscasset High School14
16Hall-Dale High School13.5
17Madison Memorial High School12
18Mountain Valley11
19Deer Isle Stonington10
19Greenville High School10
19Maranacook Community High School10
19Seacoast Christian10
23Mt. Abram9
23Waynflete School9
25Washington Academy8
26Boothbay Region High School7
27Winthrop High School6
28Bucksport High School4
29Central High School3
29Telstar Regional High School3
31Searsport District High School2.5
32North Yarmouth Academy2.33
33Fort Kent Community High School0.33
33Richmond High School0.33

100 Meter Dash

1Josh Larrabee2018Mt. View11.68 10
2Darrin Libby2018Madison Memorial High School11.72 8
3Jacob Gagner2018Traip Academy11.74 6
4Bailey Desjardins2018Sacopee Valley High School11.77 4
5Caleb Berube2019Lisbon High School11.90 3
6Morgan Perron2018Lisbon High School11.96 2
7Mitch Libby2018Wells High School11.99 1
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200 Meter Dash

1Jacob Gagner2018Traip Academy23.97 10
2Adam Vazquez2019Orono High School24.36 8
3Tony Manev2018Orono High School24.45 6
4Braeden Selby2019Orono High School24.49 4
5Nate St. Pierre2018Winthrop High School24.54 3
6Joshua Burris2018Mattanawcook Academy24.72 1.5
6Tyler Leeman2019Bangor Christian24.72 1.5
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400 Meter Dash

1Jesse Towne2018Seacoast Christian54.06 10
2Dylan Goff2018Monmouth Academy54.29 8
3Brian Niznik2019Wells High School54.63 6
4Tony Manev2018Orono High School54.75 4
5Braeden Selby2019Orono High School55.25 3
6Evan Michaud2018Caribou High School Viking Pack55.60 2
7Cory Jandreau2018Caribou High School Viking Pack55.78 1
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800 Meter Run

1Mitch Libby2018Wells High School1:57.82 10
2Dalan Hubbard2018Traip Academy1:58.68 8
3Henry Spritz2019Waynflete School2:07.91 6
4Griffin Allaire2020Wells High School2:08.16 4
5Nathan Shemwell2019Orono High School2:09.63 3
6Meredith Bradshaw Thomas2019George Stevens Academy2:10.44 2
7Blake Erhard2019Boothbay Region High School2:10.78 1
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1600 Meter Run

1Mitch Libby2018Wells High School4:30.24 10
2Dalan Hubbard2018Traip Academy4:31.37 8
3Troy Hendricks2018Sacopee Valley High School4:36.49 6
4Griffin Allaire2020Wells High School4:38.08 4
5Henry Spritz2019Waynflete School4:42.24 3
6Brendan Penfold2018Deer Isle Stonington4:44.05 2
7Jonathan Steelman2019Orono High School4:47.19 1
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3200 Meter Run

1Troy Hendricks2018Sacopee Valley High School10:12.70 10
2Brendan Penfold2018Deer Isle Stonington10:23.52 8
3Dylan Marrero2019Caribou High School Viking Pack10:26.13 6
4Griffin Allaire2020Wells High School10:41.27 4
5David Schlotterbeck2019Lisbon High School10:42.47 3
6Matt Keresey2018Orono High School10:48.68 2
7Jonathan Steelman2019Orono High School10:49.57 1
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300 Meter Hurdles

1Jonah Daigle2019Fort Fairfield41.79 10
2Jacob Gagner2018Traip Academy43.06 8
3Matthew Chapman2019Wiscasset High School43.39 6
4Colin Goshorn2018Fort Fairfield44.94 4
5Nate Leblanc2019Winthrop High School45.34 3
6Joe Fusaro2018Lisbon High School45.63 2
7Seth Simonds2019Traip Academy45.83 1
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Long Jump

1Cayden Spencer-Thompson2019Mattanawcook Academy23-2.5 10
2Jonah Daigle2019Fort Fairfield20-9.5 8
3Chris Glover2018Mountain Valley20-7 6
4Darrin Libby2018Madison Memorial High School20-6 4
5AAron Vermette2018Telstar Regional High School19-10 3
6Max Sampson2018Wiscasset High School19-8 2
7Matt Albert2019Hall-Dale High School19-6 1
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High Jump

1Cayden Spencer-Thompson2019Mattanawcook Academy6-5 10
2Max Mattson2018George Stevens Academy6-4 8
3Jay Hasch2018Boothbay Region High School6-0 5
3Jonah Daigle2019Fort Fairfield6-0 5
5Ashtyn Abbott2018Hall-Dale High School5-10 2.5
5Malcolm Jones2018Searsport District High School5-10 2.5
7Ben Young2019Richmond High School5-8 0.333
7Bennet Theriault2018Fort Kent Community High School5-8 0.333
7Te'andre King2020North Yarmouth Academy5-8 0.333
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Triple Jump

1Cayden Spencer-Thompson2019Mattanawcook Academy47-8.5 10
2Jason Worster2019Mattanawcook Academy42-0.75 8
3Max Sampson2018Wiscasset High School40-9 6
4Danny Bunker2018Bucksport High School40-2.75 4
5Max Mattson2018George Stevens Academy39-8.75 3
6Caleb Trombley2018Caribou High School Viking Pack38-7.75 2
7Ashtyn Abbott2018Hall-Dale High School37-8 1
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Pole Vault

1William Green2018Maranacook Community High School13-6 10
2Evan Michaud2018Caribou High School Viking Pack12-1 8
3Josh Larrabee2018Mt. View11-6 6
4Colin Goshorn2018Fort Fairfield11-0 3
4Cory Jandreau2018Caribou High School Viking Pack11-0 3
4Ryan Norton2018Wells High School11-0 3
7Matt Keresey2018Orono High School10-6 1
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Shot Put

1Austin Keib2018Bangor Christian47-8.5 10
2Dalton Berry2018Dirigo High School45-4.5 8
3Zach Wallace2018Monmouth Academy45-0.5 6
4Devin Boone2018Greenville High School43-8 4
5Luke Preble2019Central High School39-3.5 3
6Alixx Canwell2019Hall-Dale High School38-8.25 2
7Oskar Martinez2019Mt. Abram38-6 1
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1Austin Keib2018Bangor Christian150-11 10
2Caden Williams2018Calais High School128-9 8
3Devin Boone2018Greenville High School128-5 6
4Dalton Berry2018Dirigo High School122-8 4
5Brandon Manter2018Caribou High School Viking Pack119-9 3
6Jack Sillin2018North Yarmouth Academy117-6 2
7Connor Demmons2018Boothbay Region High School116-5 1
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1Rayno Boivin2018Mt. View158-11 10
2Garrett Channell2018Washington Academy150-3 8
3Caden Williams2018Calais High School148-2 6
4Jasper Turner2020Mountain Valley147-3 4
5Matt Albert2019Hall-Dale High School144-8 3
6Joseph Norwood2018George Stevens Academy139-9 2
7Ethan Thombs2018Monmouth Academy138-9 1
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1600 Meter Race Walk

1Geoffrey Shambarger2029Lisbon High School7:54.81 10
2Benjamin Butterfield2019Mt. Abram8:02.54 8
3Alan Lavoie2019Lisbon High School8:13.81 6
4Zander Bourne2019Hall-Dale High School8:19.40 4
5Ethan Contour2019Dirigo High School9:05.47 3
6Corbin Hall2020Lisbon High School9:09.07 2
7Vinny Deroche2018Mountain Valley9:30.46 1
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