Who's The Favorite? Class A State Team Rankings

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Freshman Victoria Bossong has Cheverus in a position to repeat as Class A champions. Bossong currently holds the top marks in the 100m, 200m & 400m so far this spring. Thornton Academy and Bonny Eagle are within striking distance with three weeks left in the season.

Who's The Favorite? Class A Girls State Team Rankings

Team Scores

1Cheverus High School63
2Thornton Academy58.16
3Bonny Eagle High School54
4Gorham High School46.1
5Falmouth High School40.6
6Noble High School39.33
7Marshwood High School35.5
8Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School34.5
9Scarborough High School33.33
10Deering High School32.6
11South Portland High School26.5
12Edward Little High School22.6
13Hampden Academy22.1
14Kennebunk High School21
15Westbrook High School20
16Messalonskee High School12.6
17Lewiston High School11
17Mt. Ararat High School11
19Skowhegan Area High School10.33
20Portland High School9
21Bangor High School5.53
22Sanford High School2
23Biddeford High School1.2

100 Meter Dash

1Victoria Bossong2021Cheverus High School12.78 10
2Lindy Hyndman2021Edward Little High School12.91 8
3Sophie Marcotte2019Falmouth High School12.96 6
4Rori Coomey2021Marshwood High School13.03 4
5Nina Tasker2018Noble High School13.04 3
6Katherine Page2019Marshwood High School13.07 2
7Annah Rossvall2018Deering High School13.08 1
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200 Meter Dash

1Victoria Bossong2021Cheverus High School26.10 10
2Emma Gallant2020Cheverus High School26.34 8
3Katherine Page2019Marshwood High School26.53 6
4Emma Wentworth2019Messalonskee High School26.64 4
5Rori Coomey2021Marshwood High School26.83 3
6Annah Rossvall2018Deering High School26.88 2
7Sophie Marcotte2019Falmouth High School27.02 1
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400 Meter Dash

1Victoria Bossong2021Cheverus High School58.85 10
2Katherine Page2019Marshwood High School59.60 8
3Caitlin Wolff2019Kennebunk High School1:00.33 6
4Charlotte Wentworth2021Messalonskee High School1:01.07 4
5Annah Rossvall2018Deering High School1:01.10 3
6Katie-marie Roy2019Thornton Academy1:01.56 2
7Kayla Raymond2019Bonny Eagle High School1:01.80 1
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800 Meter Run

1Malaika Pasch2019Falmouth High School2:18.04 10
2Kayla Raymond2019Bonny Eagle High School2:22.30 8
3Juliana Selser2018South Portland High School2:24.18 6
4Ami Beaumier2019Bonny Eagle High School2:25.90 4
5Anna Folley2020South Portland High School2:26.38 3
6Morgan Griffin2018Noble High School2:26.50 2
7Christine Toy2019Bonny Eagle High School2:26.70 1
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1600 Meter Run

1Christine Toy2019Bonny Eagle High School5:17.33 10
2Malaika Pasch2019Falmouth High School5:19.07 8
3Ami Beaumier2019Bonny Eagle High School5:21.29 6
4Helen Shearer2020Hampden Academy5:21.53 4
5Bethany Sholl2018Scarborough High School5:23.05 3
6Anna Slager2018Gorham High School5:28.52 2
7Karley Piers2021Falmouth High School5:29.59 1
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3200 Meter Run

1Ami Beaumier2019Bonny Eagle High School11:20.44 10
2Anna Slager2018Gorham High School11:29.68 8
3Helen Shearer2020Hampden Academy11:35.71 6
4Bethany Sholl2018Scarborough High School11:36.75 4
5Christine Toy2019Bonny Eagle High School11:41.00 3
6Karley Piers2021Falmouth High School11:42.95 2
7Katherine Leckbee2018Mt. Ararat High School11:43.35 1
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300 Meter Hurdles

1Annah Rossvall2018Deering High School47.33 10
2Emily Labbe2020Scarborough High School47.90 8
3Kaleisha Towle2020South Portland High School48.33 6
4Nina Tasker2018Noble High School48.41 4
5Emma McLaughlin2021Noble High School48.91 3
6Emma White2019Cheverus High School48.98 2
7Kylie Bedard2021Thornton Academy49.00 1
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4x100 Meter Relay

1Marshwood High School51.03 10
2Thornton Academy51.04 8
3Cheverus High School51.70 6
4Messalonskee High School52.34 4
5Noble High School52.38 3
6Falmouth High School52.62 2
7Edward Little High School52.73 1
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4x400 Meter Relay

1Deering High School4:16.73 10
2Noble High School4:18.38 8
3Cheverus High School4:18.49 6
4Scarborough High School4:19.67 4
5Bonny Eagle High School4:21.77 3
6Marshwood High School4:22.60 2
7Mt. Ararat High School4:22.88 1
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4x800 Meter Relay

1Gorham High School10:01.10 10
2Bonny Eagle High School10:06.59 8
3Deering High School10:13.18 6
4Noble High School10:24.34 4
5Scarborough High School10:26.69 3
6Cheverus High School10:29.02 2
7Kennebunk High School10:31.86 1
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Triple Jump

1Nyagoa Bayak2019Westbrook High School38-1 10
2Emma White2019Cheverus High School35-11 8
3Leah Savage2018Skowhegan Area High School35-0.5 6
4Christie Woodside2018Hampden Academy34-7 3.5
4Evelyn Kitchen2019Gorham High School34-7 3.5
6Mia Taranko2020Thornton Academy34-6.25 2
7Wyley Fitzpatrick2020Mt. Ararat High School34-5 1
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Long Jump

1Taylor Haggerty2021Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School17-4 10
2Wyley Fitzpatrick2020Mt. Ararat High School17-0.75 8
3Mia Taranko2020Thornton Academy17-0.5 6
4Kaleisha Towle2020South Portland High School16-10 3.5
4Nina Tasker2018Noble High School16-10 3.5
6Caitlin Wolff2019Kennebunk High School16-8.75 2
7Emma White2019Cheverus High School16-7 1
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High Jump

1Nyagoa Bayak2019Westbrook High School5-10 10
2Jaidyn Appel2019Portland High School5-3 8
3Allie Gross2019Thornton Academy5-2 4.333
3Leah Savage2018Skowhegan Area High School5-2 4.333
3Tessa Cyr2020Noble High School5-2 4.333
6Annika Hester2021Falmouth High School5-0 0.6
6Bekah Robertson2018Biddeford High School5-0 0.6
6Christie Woodside2018Hampden Academy5-0 0.6
6Evelyn Kitchen2019Gorham High School5-0 0.6
6Olivia Jalbert2020Edward Little High School5-0 0.6
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Pole Vault

1Lauren Berube2018Edward Little High School10-6 10
2Katie-marie Roy2019Thornton Academy10-0 8
3Anna Gardner2020Scarborough High School9-6 4.333
3Sofia Wittmann2019Bangor High School9-6 4.333
3Tia Snyder2021Thornton Academy9-6 4.333
6Bekah Robertson2018Biddeford High School9-0 0.6
6Darcy Lally2020Deering High School9-0 0.6
6Georgia Doore2021Bangor High School9-0 0.6
6Libby Breznyak2018Messalonskee High School9-0 0.6
6Naomi Noack2021Bangor High School9-0 0.6
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1Jadah Adams2019Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School118-4 10
2Adia Grogan0Kennebunk High School106-2 8
3Evelyn Kitchen2019Gorham High School104-6 6
4Leah Dickman2019Scarborough High School103-0 4
5Olivia Jalbert2020Edward Little High School102-11 3
6Julia Allen0Sanford High School101-8 2
7Emily Smith2018Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School97-9 0.5
7Madison Person2020Marshwood High School97-9 0.5
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Shot Put

1Maighread Laliberte2018Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School35-6 10
2Laila Bunnitt2020Lewiston High School34-7 8
3Rebek Hunnewell-dunphe2020South Portland High School34-1 6
4Paige Boudreau2018Thornton Academy33-3 4
5Aspen Dyer2019Noble High School32-7 2.5
5Johnna Scott2019Thornton Academy32-7 2.5
7Libby Hayden2020Noble High School31-6.5 1
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1Emma Harrington2019Falmouth High School112-3 10
2Jaigan Boudreau2020Thornton Academy107-1 8
3Johnna Scott2019Thornton Academy102-8 6
4Maighread Laliberte2018Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School101-9 4
5Laila Bunnitt2020Lewiston High School99-0 3
6Noelle Michaud2018Thornton Academy97-1 2
7Caroline Lerch0Portland High School95-4 1
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1600 Meter Race Walk

1Hayley Bickford2018Gorham High School8:23.90 10
2Moxie Flanagan2020Hampden Academy8:25.87 8
3Stef Meacham2020Gorham High School8:42.83 6
4Grace West2018Kennebunk High School9:15.81 4
5Sydnie Pike2019Scarborough High School9:30.99 3
6Madison Smith2018South Portland High School9:39.22 2
7Samantha Norwood2019Noble High School9:42.90 1
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