Colby College

Venue Records

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Meets Held Here

Date Meet
2019-01-30 KVAC:Skow,Nok,Wtvl,MCI @ Colby
2019-01-23 KVAC:Erk,Mess,Law,Win,Cony @ Colby
2018-12-22 KVAC:Brunswick, Waterville, Belfast, MCI, Leavitt @ Colby
2018-12-21 KVAC:Lew,Law,OH, Erksine @ Colby
2018-12-08 KVAC:Lea,Mt A, Lew, Oce, OH, EL, Bru , Bel, LA @ Colby
2018-01-27 KVAC: EL, Bel, Law, Skow, Mess, Cony, Erskine Academy, Oceanside
2018-01-19 KVAC:Lincoln Academy, Cony, Lawrence, MCI, Nokomis, Waterville,
2018-01-12 KVAC: Bel, Ersk Acad, EL, Ocean, Mt. A, Mess, Skow, Winslow
2018-01-05 KVAC: WTVL, Win, Cony, ErsK Acad, MCI, Nok Skow, Law
2017-01-28 KVAC: Bel,Cony,Ersk Acad,Law,Lin Aca,Mess,Skow,Wat, Win @ Colby
2017-01-14 KVAC: Cony, Ersk Acad, Law, MCI, Mess, Skow, Wat, Win @ Colby
2016-12-21 KVAC:EL, Ersk Acad, Law, Oceanside, MCI, Skow, Wat, Win @ Colby
2016-12-10 KVAC:Belfast, BWICK, Cony, Lewi, Lin Acad, Mess, Mt A @ Colby
2016-10-29 NESCAC Championships
2016-04-23 Mens State of Maine Collegiate Championship
2016-04-16 Colby Open
2016-01-30 KVAC:Mess,Wtv,Ersk,MCI,Law,Cony,Nok,LA
2016-01-23 KVAC:Mess,EL,Brun,Wtv,Erk,MCI,Law,Win,Mt B, OH, Morse
2016-01-23 KVAC:Belfast,Cony,EL,Gardi,Lew,Oceanside(CH),Skowhegan
2016-01-09 KVAC: EL,Lawrence,(MCI),Oceanside,CH,MV,Skowhegan,Water
2015-12-19 KVAC: Skow, EL, Law, Win, OHS, Gard, Nok, MCI @ Colby
2015-04-25 NESCAC Championship
2015-04-18 Mens State of Maine Collegiate Championship
2015-04-11 Colby Invitational
2015-01-31 SMAA makeup @ Colby
2015-01-24 KVAC Colby meet #3
2015-01-17 KVAC Colby Meet #2
2014-12-13 KVAC: Colby Meet #1
2014-10-04 Colby Invitational
2014-09-27 KVAC: Winslow, Bangor, Lawrence, Skowhegan,MCI @Messalonskee
2014-04-26 NESCAC Championship
2014-04-19 Mens State of Maine Collegiate Championship
2014-01-18 KVAC: Bel, Brun, Cony, EL, Law, Lew, Lin, Mt View, Wtvl @ Win
2014-01-11 KVAC: Bel, Cony, EL, Lew, Mt View, Oceanside
2013-12-07 KVAC Meet #1 @ Colby College
2013-10-19 State of Maine Cross-Country Championships
2013-05-03 NE Division III Outdoor Track & Field Championships
2013-01-26 KVAC: Wtv, Mess, Law, Win, Lew, Skow, MCI, CH, ocean, Med, Mt V
2013-01-12 KVAC: EL, Law, Win, Mt Blue, Mess, Skow, Cony, Bel, Brun, MCI
2012-12-08 KVAC: Watville, Mess, Win, Bel, Cam, Ocean, Med, Law, MCI, LA
2012-09-29 Colby Invitational
2012-09-08 Bates/Colby Class Meet
2012-04-21 Mens Maine State Collegiate Championship
2012-04-14 Colby vs Husson, MIT, Bates, USM, St Joes
2012-01-28 KVAC: Bel, Con, Law, MCI, Lew, LA, Mess, Mt V, Wtv, Win
2012-01-14 KVAC: El, Erk, Law, MCI, LA, Mes, Mt V, Ocean, CH, MV, Skow, Wtv
2011-04-16 Colby Invitational
2011-02-05 KVAC: Bel, Cony, Law, MCI, Mess, MB, Lew, Mt V, Wtvl, Win
2011-01-29 KVAC: Bel, Ersk, Law, MCI, Mess, MB, Skow, Wins
2011-01-15 KVAC: EL, Ers, Law, MCI, Mess, Mb, Rock, CH, MV,Skow, WTVL, Win

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