Scarborough sweeps Class A state meets



The girls 4x800 was a back and forth affair throughout. Early leaders were Mt. Ararat & Brewer, with other contenders Scarborough & Brunswick a little bit back. Scarborough had to run without Abby Chick (So.), who was out of the meet with the flu. Brewer surged passed Mt. Ararat on the 3rd leg behind a strong effort from Sara Chavarie(Fr.), while Scarborough's Melissa Dellatore continued to make up ground on the leaders. Brewer had the lead heading into the anchor leg, Michelle Haluska (So.) had 4th leg, while Scarborough's Whitney Chamberlain (Sr.), the #1 seed in the 800 was on anchor for the Red Storm, Mt Ararat wasn't out of it yet either, as they had Christina Erving (Sr.) running anchor. Chamberlain set off in pursuit of Haluska immediatley and closed up the 3-4 second gap in the span of 100 meters. She sat until they passed the 200m and surged to lead and never looked back, leading the Red Storm to a victory, Erving chased Haluska all the way to line, edging her out of the lean 10:08.59 to 10:08.90.


  1 Scarborough High School                            10:06.36   10   
     1) Emily Tolman FR                 2) Meghan Summerson SR            
     3) Melissa Dellatorre JR           4) Whitney Chamberlain SR         
  2 Mt. Ararat High School                             10:08.59    8   
     1) Chloe Emerson SO                2) Krislyn Hyatt SR               
     3) Erin Fitzsimmons JR             4) Christina Erving SR            
  3 Brewer High School                                 10:08.90    6   
     1) Brooke Madden SR                2) Lily Sund JR                   
     3) Sara Chavarie FR                4) Michelle Haluska SO            
  4 Brunswick High School                              10:24.49    4   
     1) Meghan McDonough SO             2) Farren Welzel SO               
     3) Kathleen McMahon FR             4) Kyia Jensen SO                 
  5 Bangor High School                                 10:31.23    3   
     1) Jenny Leach SR                  2) Kendall Lunn JR                
     3) Rachel Huber JR                 4) Chelsea Pratt SR               
  6 Edward Little High School                          10:31.48    2   
     1) Hannah Hart SR                  2) Kelsey Blanchette JR           
     3) Abby Hart SO                    4) Stephanie Elwell JR            
  7 Deering High School                                10:50.36    1   
     1) Natalie Mitchell                2) Jane Farrell                   
     3) Katie Donlan                    4) Veronica Mitchell            


Cheverus led most the 4x800, with the exception of half lap when the Bangor Rams assumed the lead. The goal coming into the race was the state record 8:20.2, held by Deering High School and the Stags did just that dipping under the record with anchor Andrew Synder (Jr.) coming home in 8:19.05 for a new state record, other member os the Cheverus squad where Taylor Dundas (Jr), Josh Reali (Sr.) & Jack Terwilliger (So.). The battle for 2nd was between defending 4x800 champion Scarborough and Brunswick, both teams were expected to contend for the team overall title. The Red Storm used a strong 2nd leg from James Wright (Sr.) to pull ahead of the Dragons, and Nick Morris (Fr.) held a slight advantage over Liam Cassidy (Jr.) as they handed off to the anchor legs Sam Chick (Sr.) of Scarborough and Will Geoghegan (Jr.) Brunswick. Chick maintained the lead for Scarborough, running a controlled 2:00.5 leg.

Event 2  Boys 4x800 Meter Relay
     Class A: R 8:19.05  2/16/2009   Cheverus High School, Cheverus            
                         T Dundas, J Reali, J Terwilliger, A Snyder        
    School                                               Finals  Points
  1 Cheverus High School                                8:19.05R  10   
     1) Taylor Dundas JR                2) Josh Reali SR                  
     3) Jack Terwilliger SO             4) Andrew Snyder JR               
  2 Scarborough High School                             8:26.97    8   
     1) Tom Hague 10                    2) James Wright 12                
     3) Nick Morris 9                   4) Sam Chick 12                   
  3 Brunswick High School                               8:32.69    6   
     1) Stephen Purcell SO              2) Parker Merrill SR              
     3) Liam Cassidy JR                 4) Will Geoghegan JR              
  4 Bangor High School                                  8:36.17    4   
     1) John Moore SR                   2) David Gamble SR                
     3) Sam Nisbett JR                  4) Shea Patterson SR              
  5 Lawrence High School                                8:44.03    3   
     1) Joseph Gorman                   2) Christopher Low JR             
     3) Sebastian Peters JR             4) Michael Brooks SR              
  6 Deering High School                                 8:50.17    2   
     1) Charlie Dupee                   2) Matt Kalicky                   
     3) Seth Neuts                      4) Jeremy Turner                  
  7 Lewiston High School                                9:01.01    1   
     1) Ali Hersi SO                    2) Hussein Ibrahim SO             
     3) Shobow Saban SO                 4) Kevin Lavetu FR                


Boys SP

The boys Shot was a very competitive event this year, and the big throws started early in the first round of qualfying. John White (Jr.) who had been hurt most of the year with an MCL sprain, launched his first throw out over 48 ft. to set the tone. Jacob Dubois (Sr.) was next up and followed suit with a strong thorw of 48-10. John Gilboy (Sr.) & Justin Gagne follwed suit each getting out over 49 ft. In round two, Gagne unleashed his best throw of the day a new PR, 51-9 1/2 to put the pressue on the rest of the field. No one could catch up the rest of the day.

Event 20  Boys Shot Put
     Class A: R 59-10  1977        Ed Bogdanovich, Portland                    
    Name                    Year School                  Finals  Points
  1 Justin Gagne              SR Biddeford             51-09.50   10   
  2 John Gilboy               SR Thornton              49-03.50    8   
  3 Jacob Dubois              SR Edward Little         49-02.00    6   
  4 John White                JR Cheverus              48-10.50    4   
  5 Brian Woodbury            12 Scarborough           48-05.50    3   
  6 Ryan Skillings            SR South Portland        45-11.00    2   
  7 Patrick Fagan                Westbrook             44-08.00    1   


Boys HJ


Sean Seekins (Sr.) of Bangor was the most consistent jumper, clearing 6'2 with no misses to prevail over Imadhi Zagon (So.) who also cleared 6'2, but was 2nd on misses. Seekins, who jumped 6'2 for the first time at last weekend's EMITL championship, proved it was no fluke.

Event 26  Boys High Jump
     Class A: R 6-08.75  1983        Sawyer, Lawrence                          
    Name                    Year School                  Finals  Points
  1 Sean Seekins              SR Bangor                 6-02.00   10   
  2 Imadhi Zagon              SO Portland               6-02.00    8   
  3 Alex Dulac                12 Scarborough            6-00.00    6   
  4 Patrick Ciez              JR Windham                6-00.00    4   
  5 Emmanuel Vincent             Westbrook              5-10.00    3   
  6 Chase Daniels             SR Brewer                 5-08.00    2   
  7 Peter Olafsen             SR Portland               5-06.00    0.33
  7 Brett Walker              12 Gorham                 5-06.00    0.33
  7 David Hardison            SR South Portland         5-06.00    0.33



Girls LJ


The girls long jump was viewed as a pivotal event for the team title, Edward Little, Brewer, & Scarborough all had athletes expected to score points and they did just that. Maria Curit (So.) made everyone take notice when she popped off a 17-0 1/2 jump in the 2nd round, but that mark didn't stand for long as Red Storm senior, Lauren Blaisdell answered with a huge leap and personal best 17-2 3/4. That mark would stand up and gave the Red Storm some unexpected points. The level of competiton has been raised as 6 girls leaped out past 16 ft.

Event 21  Girls Long Jump
     Class A: R 17-06.25  1999        Jen Puiia/Rachel McCaslin, Brewer/Westbro
    Name                    Year School                  Finals  Points
  1 Lauren Blaisdell          SR Scarborough           17-02.75   10   
  2 Maria Curit               SO Biddeford             17-00.50    8   
  3 Emily Dodge               JR Edward Little         16-11.25    6   
  4 Muriel Schwinn            SR Edward Little         16-07.00    4   
  5 Emilia Scheemaker         SO Scarborough           16-05.25    3   
  6 Mackenzie DeGraff         SR Brewer                16-00.25    2   
  7 Kendra Lenz               SR Bangor                15-06.75    1   


Girls PV

The girls vault had been having a lackluster year, in terms of number of vaulters hitting the qualifying standard, however the state championship brought out the competitive fire of the ladies and we saw the best vaulting of the year with 8 girls over 8-0. In the end it was #1 seed Emily Hartzell (Sr.) taking the top spot with her 9-0 vault, she won on misses over Jen Tsang (Sr.) Bangor and Kaitlin Noyes (Sr.)

Event 27  Girls Pole Vault
     Class A: R 11-10  2/18/2008   Bethany Dumas, Cony                         
    Name                    Year School                  Finals  Points
  1 Emily Hartzell            SR Brunswick              9-00.00   10   
  2 Jen Tsang                 SR Bangor                 9-00.00    8   
  3 Kaitlin Noyes             SR Brewer                 9-00.00    6   
  4 Katie Cook                SR Windham                8-06.00    4   
  5 Katie Porter              SR Bangor                 8-00.00    2.50
  5 Danielle Paul             SR Edward Little          8-00.00    2.50
  7 Alison Keane              SR Brewer                 8-00.00    1   


Girls 55m Hurdles

The girls Hurdles was another event that was considered a pivotal event, as Edward Little & Scarborough had at a least athletes expected to score. In the trials, Dee Wilbur (Sr.) qualified fastest with her 8.82 clocking, Scarborough's Jenny Snyder had a great trial setting a new personal best, with her 8.86. EL's Emily Dodge(Jr.) broke the 9 second barrier with her 8.87 run. Edward Little qualified 2 more girls, in the 4th and 7th spots, while Scarborough nabbed the 6th spot.

In the final it was Emily Dodge running the race of her life to win the title, with an outstanding time of 8.68, new pr. Wilbur ran well too, improving her time to 8.76, with Snyder equalling her prelim time of 8.82 for 3rd. Chyla Hoitt (Jr) of EL outleaned Emilia Scheemaker (So.) of Scarborough for 4th, both were clocked in 9.30

Event 3  Girls 55 Meter Hurdles
     Class A: R  8.23  2/18/2008   Jesse Labreck, Messalonskee                 
    Name                    Year School                  Finals  Points
  1 Emily Dodge               JR Edward Little             8.68   10   
  2 Dee Wilbur                SR Bangor                    8.76    8   
  3 Jenny Snyder              JR Scarborough               8.82    6   
  4 Chyla Hoitt               JR Edward Little             9.30    4   
  5 Emilia Scheemaker         SO Scarborough               9.30    3   
  6 Peyton Dostie             SO Bonny Eagle               9.38    2   
  7 Ashten Hackett            JR Edward Little             9.40    1   
  8 Kaitllyn Hall             SO Thornton                  9.47  


Boys 55m Hurdles

Event 4  Boys 55 Meter Hurdles
     Class A: R  7.52  2/20/2006   Ben Roy, Bonny Eagle                        
    Name                    Year School                  Finals  Points
  1 Jamie Ruginski            SR Bonny Eagle               7.91   10   
  2 Nick Winslow              SR Bonny Eagle               7.98    8   
  3 Tony Haeuser              SR South Portland            8.00    6   
  4 David Hardison            SR South Portland            8.08    4   
  5 Steven Rice               JR Brewer                    8.17    3   
  6 Kenzell Crawford          JR Brunswick                 8.19    2   
  7 Michael Tifiano              Deering                   8.25    1   
  8 Carleton Allen               Deering                   8.30  


Girls 55m

Event 5  Girls 55 Meter Dash
     Class A: R  7.25  1996        Jill Corey, Portland                        
    Name                    Year School                  Finals  Points
  1 Kristin Slotnick          SR Brunswick                 7.27   10   
  2 Melissa Carrier           JR Bonny Eagle               7.33    8   
  3 Morgan Costa              SO Bonny Eagle               7.45    6   
  4 Jenny Snyder              JR Scarborough               7.51    4   
  5 Emily Rissala             JR Thornton                  7.63    3   
  6 Lea Morin                 SR Lewiston                  7.66    2   
  7 Jackie Kelly              JR Brunswick                 7.68    1   
  8 Katie Cook                SR Windham                   7.73  


Boys 55m

Event 6  Boys 55 Meter Dash
     Class A: R  6.60  2/20/2006   Colby Brooks, Edward Little                 
    Name                    Year School                  Finals  Points
  1 Ben Sinclair              JR Brewer                    6.63   10   
  2 Erik Anderson             SR Messalonskee              6.76    8   
  3 Daniel Roukey                Westbrook                 6.77    6   
  4 Brandon Patten            12 Gorham                    6.80    4   
  5 Cody Sorrell              JR Noble                     6.85    3   
  6 Sam Balzano                  Deering                   6.85    2   
  7 Jake Willis               11 Gorham                    6.88    1   
  8 August Ibekilo            SR Thornton                  6.94  


Girls mile

The girls Mile was a two girl race, until the bell lap when Fiona Hendry (Fr.) ripped the final lap in 35 seconds for a impressive 5:10.99 clocking, which is a new PR. Rachel Wilkinson (Jr.) hung onto Hendry and looked very comfortable running an indoor best of 5:15.82 for 2nd. Vickie Hewey (Sr.) ran her usual smart race, hanging back early on and surging ahead over the final 800 meters for3rd. Last year surprise winner, Toby Crispen (Sr.) was 4th.

Event 7  Girls 1 Mile Run
     Class A: R 5:00.6h  1986        Wendy Delan, Bonny Eagle                  
    Name                    Year School                  Finals  Points
  1 Fiona Hendry              FR Cheverus               5:10.99   10   
  2 Rachel Wilkinson          11 Gorham                 5:15.82    8   
  3 Victoria Hewey            SR Sanford                5:22.17    6   
  4 Toby Crispen              SR Lewiston               5:28.29    4   
  5 Hannah Pierce             JR Massabesic             5:31.44    3   
  6 Kim Downing               SR Noble                  5:33.48    2   
  7 Kelsey Rex                11 Gorham                 5:34.10    1   


Boys mile

The boys Mile was one of the most anticipated races of the day, the race featured the matchup of three of the top junior distance runners in the state with #1 seed Will Geoghegan of Brunswick, #2 seed Luke Fontaine of Cony, & Nate Hathaway of Scarborough. Geoghegan took the pace for the first 400 which was past in 67.5, there was a large pack of runners still in contention, inlcluding all the favorites plus, Liam Cassidy (Jr.), Taylor Dundas (Jr.) & Mohamed Ahmed (Jr.). The 2nd 400 the pace slowed further, as the leaders came through in 2:18. The pace started to pick up on lap 6 as Hathaway surged into the lead and click off a 33.5, only Fontaine & Geoghegan were able to respond to the quickening of pace. Lap 7 the pace continued to acclerate to 32.5, and it was a down to Hathaway closely follwed by Fontaine. The two started to kick on the final lap, Fontaine pulled up on Hathaway on the backstretch and got by him with 100m to go, his turnover was just too much for Hathaway and he powered down the home stretch for victory. Hathway's last lap was 30.1, so Fontaine closed in 28.x, and his final 400m was around 60.x. Geoghegan was 3rd with teammate Cassidy picking up valuable points in 4th.

Event 8  Boys 1 Mile Run
     Class A: R 4:16.46  1999        Ben Fletcher, Edward Little               
    Name                    Year School                  Finals  Points
  1 Luke Fontaine             JR Cony                   4:26.21   10   
  2 Nate Hathaway             11 Scarborough            4:27.59    8   
  3 Will Geoghegan            JR Brunswick              4:36.97    6   
  4 Liam Cassidy              JR Brunswick              4:38.56    4   
  5 Taylor Dundas             JR Cheverus               4:42.55    3   
  6 Seth Neuts                   Deering                4:44.15    2   
  7 Mohamed Ahmed             JR Lewiston               4:45.92    1   


Girls 400m

The girls 400 was one of the featured races of the day, with multi time state champion, Kristin Slotnick moving up to run the 400 for the first time in the state meet, against SMAA junior record holder, Maria Curtit (So.) of Biddeford, and the EMITL competition of Kira Giroux (Sr.), Brittany Chapman (Jr.) & Dee Wilbur (Sr.). Slotnick proved that the longer distance was no deterrent, as she ripped around the oval twice, clocking a fine 58.8, the 2nd fastest time in state meet history. Curit proved she is ready to run with anybody, as she smashed through the 60 second barrier with her 59.25 clocking. The Bangor duo of Chapman & Wilbur held down spots 3-4.

Event 9  Girls 400 Meter Dash
     Class A: R 57.88  2/18/2008   Clare Franco, Brunswick                     
    Name                    Year School                  Finals  H# Points
  1 Kristin Slotnick          SR Brunswick                58.80   6  10   
  2 Maria Curit               SO Biddeford                59.25   6   8   
  3 Brittney Chapman          JR Bangor                 1:01.29   6   6   
  4 Dee Wilbur                SR Bangor                 1:01.42   6   4   
  5 Peyton Dostie             SO Bonny Eagle            1:01.48   6   3   
  6 Jenna Van Dam             SR Scarborough            1:01.74   5   2   
  7 Kira Giroux               SR Brewer                 1:01.96   6   1  


Boys 400m

The boys 400m race was expected to go to Brewer standout junior Ben Sinclair who was the #1 seed, with his 49.56 run from earlier in the year. His biggest challenge was expected to come from Cam Stevens (Jr.) Gorham, the defedning indoor champion. Sinclair controlled the race early and led as the two runners hit the backstretch, Sinclair with a 5-6 meter lead. Stevens wasn't given up as he fought valiently to hold on. Dan Roukey (Sr.) of Westbrook held down the 3rd spot. Sinclair and Stevens battled through the turn, with Sinclair maintaining his lead ever so slighty, as the two turned for home, Stevens pulled along side and it was anyone's race. Showing his improved strength from his 800m training this season, Stevens eeked passed Sinclair at the line for a new state record 50.37, while Sinclair posted a fablous time of 50.45. These two showed they were the class of the field and the best 400m in the state, the showdown during outdoor should be just as good. Roukey posted a huge persoanl best of 51.66 for 3rd.

Event 10  Boys 400 Meter Dash
     Class A: R 50.37  2/16/2009   Cam Stevens, Gorham                         
    Name                    Year School                  Finals  H# Points
  1 Cam Stevens               11 Gorham                   50.37R  3  10   
  2 Ben Sinclair              JR Brewer                   50.45   3   8   
  3 Daniel Roukey                Westbrook                51.66   3   6   
  4 Lonnie Hackett            JR Bangor                   53.36   3   4   
  5 John Moore                SR Bangor                   53.54   3   3   
  6 Steve Roberge             SR Thornton                 53.80   1   2   
  7 Steven Rice               JR Brewer                   54.52   3   1   


Girls 800m

The girls 800m was expected to be a close race throughout, with several talented athletes in the field. #1 seed Whitney Chamberlain (Sr.) of Scarborough had different thoughts, she blitzed the field right from the gun, opening up a lead in the first 50 meters, one that she wouldn't relinquish. Covering the first lap in 31.x, Chamberlain blew the race apart. The real race was for 2nd at that point and it was a good one, with Danielle Paul (Sr.) of EL, Kyia Jensen (So.) of Brunswick, Kaitlyn Noyes (Sr.) of Brewer. In the end Chamberlain would hold on, just missing the state record of 2:18.44. Paul would provide big points for her team with her runner-up finish. Jensen came home in 3rd while Noyes held on for 4th.

Event 11  Girls 800 Meter Run
     Class A: R 2:18.44  2/19/2007   Kaitlynn Saldanha, Scarborough            
    Name                    Year School                  Finals  Points
  1 Whitney Chamberlain       SR Scarborough            2:19.33   10   
  2 Danielle Paul             SR Edward Little          2:23.13    8   
  3 Kyia Jensen               SO Brunswick              2:25.83    6   
  4 Kaitlin Noyes             SR Brewer                 2:26.85    4   
  5 Hannah Pierce             JR Massabesic             2:27.46    3   
  6 Victoria Hewey            SR Sanford                2:27.74    2   
  7 Sarah McCullough          12 Gorham                 2:29.09    1   


Boys 800m

The boys 800m proved to be the turning point in the meet for the Scarborough Red Storm. Coming into the event they were seeded for 6 points. The pace started out in a crawl with Sam Chick (Sr.) of Scarborough leading through 400 in 64.02, with Andrew Snyder (Jr.) in tow, and the rest of the pack of Michael Brooks (Sr.) of Lawrence, James Wright (Sr.) of Scarborough, & Joey Collins (So.) of Bonny Eagle, the pace picked up a bit during the 3rd lap, but it was uncertain whether or not the pack would be able to beat the fine time posted in Raymond Richardson of Westbrook in heat 1 of 2:05.98. The last lap was epic, as Chick and Snyder waged a heavy weight battle, Chick led as they entered the back stretch and was in full stride. Snyder, quicken his stride and went by as they entered the final turn, Chick hung onto his shoulder, and as they hit the home stretch powered by on the inside all the way to the line for the win, his last lap was 28.5. Snyder finished 2nd, and Richardson scored 3rd from heat 1. In the end Scarborough scored 13 points which proved to be the difference at the end of the meet.

Event 12  Boys 800 Meter Run
     Class A: R 1:56.29  2004        Sam Fletcher, Edward Little               
    Name                    Year School                  Finals  Points
  1 Sam Chick                 12 Scarborough            2:04.57   10   
  2 Andrew Snyder             JR Cheverus               2:05.36    8   
  3 Raymond Richardson           Westbrook              2:05.98    6   
  4 Michael Brooks            SR Lawrence               2:06.46    4   
  5 James Wright              12 Scarborough            2:08.08    3   
  6 Joey Collins              SO Bonny Eagle            2:08.13    2   
  7 Nate Buck                 SR Portland               2:08.24    1   


Girls 200m

The girls 200m was the last chance for Kristin Slotnick to run to the top spot on the podium, and she didn't disappoint as she capured her 3rd individual title of the day, and her 9th event win in a row, pretty impressive resume. Slotnick ran away with the win, clocking 26.38, Morgan Costa (So.) maybe the future in this event, ran impressively in the 3rd heat to a new pr of 26.83 good enough for 2nd overall, her teammate Melissa Carrier, chased Slotnick also broke the 27 second barrier with her 26.93.

Event 13  Girls 200 Meter Dash
     Class A: R 25.80  2/19/2007   Kristin Slotnick, Brunswick                 
    Name                    Year School                  Finals  H# Points
  1 Kristin Slotnick          SR Brunswick                26.38   4  10   
  2 Morgan Costa              SO Bonny Eagle              26.83   3   8   
  3 Melissa Carrier           JR Bonny Eagle              26.93   4   6   
  4 Maria Curit               SO Biddeford                27.15   4   4   
  5 Lea Morin                 SR Lewiston                 27.36   4   3   
  6 Emily Rissala             JR Thornton                 27.42   2   2   
  7 Caroline Summa            SO Cheverus                 27.49   2   1   


Boys 200m

The boys 200m final heat lost one of the top competitors, when Matt Hatke (So.) of Brunswick, had to leave the meet due to a foot injury after the 55m. However, the 6th and final heat proved to be the fastest, with #1 seed Ben Sinclair racing to his 2nd individual win of the day, with a fine run of 23.19 to outdistance Erik Anderson (Sr.) of Messalonskee 23.35. Merton Foss (Sr.) of EL upheld the strong sprinting tradition of the Red Eddies with his 3rd place finish. The surprise of the day, was in the 3rd heat where Brandon Patten (Sr.) of Gorham ran to a huge pr of 23.68 which was good enough for 4th, his teammate Jake Willis (Jr.) had a strong run as well in the 3rd heat, running 23.79, 6th fastest on the day.

Event 14  Boys 200 Meter Dash
     Class A: R 22.65  2/20/2006   Colby Brooks, Edward Little                 
    Name                    Year School                  Finals  H# Points
  1 Ben Sinclair              JR Brewer                   23.19   6  10   
  2 Erik Anderson             SR Messalonskee             23.35   6   8   
  3 Merton Foss               SR Edward Little            23.65   6   6   
  4 Brandon Patten            12 Gorham                   23.68   3   4   
  5 Imadhi Zagon              SO Portland                 23.75   5   3   
  6 Jake Willis               11 Gorham                   23.79   3   2   
  7 Renaldo Lowry                Deering                  23.92   4   1   


Girls 2 mile

The girls 2 mile was dominated by star freshman Fiona Hendry as she ran to a 12 second win over Grace Glynn (Jr.) of Thornton Academy. Last year's champion Rachel Wilkinson of Gorham finished in 3rd.





Event 15  Girls 2 Mile Run
     Class A: R 10:53.5h  1987        Wendy Delan, Bonny Eagle                 
    Name                    Year School                  Finals  Points
  1 Fiona Hendry              FR Cheverus              11:40.34   10   
  2 Grace Glynn               JR Thornton              11:52.21    8   
  3 Rachel Wilkinson          11 Gorham                12:01.92    6   
  4 Toby Crispen              SR Lewiston              12:09.59    4   
  5 Morgan Beede              JR Cony                  12:16.24    3   
  6 Kim Downing               SR Noble                 12:20.09    2   
  7 Kathleen McMahon          FR Brunswick             12:21.71    1   


Boys 2 mile

The boys 2 mile was led out by Matt Driscoll (Sr.) of Lewsiton, the #1 seed coming into the race. Driscoll toured the first mile in 4:48-49, with Will Geoghegan of Brusnwick & Jack Terwilliger of Cheverus in tow. Just of the pack was Tim Belanger of Bonny Eagle & Liam Cassidy of Brunswick. Just after the mile, Driscoll started to fall back, he had been sick the week leading up to race and just didn't have the strength. Geoghegan found himself in front, with Terwilliger the only one able to keep contact. Will would pull away in the end for his first individual state track championship, with Terwilliger running a strong race for 2nd and his first time under 10 minutes. Cassidy ran a smart race and moved up throughout and his 3rd place finish, breathed some hope back into Brunswick's chances for the team title. Tim Belanger ran a gutty race for 4 important points for the Scots as well.

Event 16  Boys 2 Mile Run
     Class A: R 9:24.26  2/21/2005   Eric Giddings, South Portland             
    Name                    Year School                  Finals  Points
  1 Will Geoghegan            JR Brunswick              9:52.49   10   
  2 Jack Terwilliger          SO Cheverus               9:57.53    8   
  3 Liam Cassidy              JR Brunswick             10:00.48    6   
  4 Tim Belanger              JR Bonny Eagle           10:06.64    4   
  5 Hussein Ibrahim           SO Lewiston              10:21.02    3   
  6 Faisal Noor               SO Edward Little         10:22.64    2   
  7 Nate Hathaway             11 Scarborough           10:22.73    1   


Girls 4x200 relay

The 4x200 Relay coming into the meet was considered to be the deciding factor for the team title, that wasn't teh case however, as Scarborough had locked up their 5th straight title with a 10.5 point heading into the final event of the day. The Red Storm were the defedning champions in the event, and had set a new state record last year in the process. They were in the first heat of the day, and got off to a strong start with Freshman Nicole Kirk, the Red Storm would continue to extend their lead with each leg, and strong baton passes aided in their quest of a new record. With anchor Rachelle Green (So.) on anchor, she sprinting down the home stretch, leaning at the line to notch another state record, an impressive 1:48.71. With 3 more heats to go, Scarborough had to wait and see if there time would hold up. Bonny Eagle would come the closest, clocking 1:50.79 in heat 4, good enough for 2nd place. So it was another state title, and another 4x200 win and state record for the Red Storm, an emphatic end to the 2008-2009 indoor state meet.

Event 17  Girls 4x200 Meter Relay
     Class A: R 1:48.71  2/16/2009   Scarborough High School, Scarborough      
                         N KIRK, J VAN DAM, L BLAISDELL, R Greene          
    School                                               Finals  H# Points
  1 Scarborough High School                             1:48.71R  1  10   
     1) Nicole Kirk FR                  2) Jenna Van Dam SR               
     3) Lauren Blaisdell SR             4) Rachelle Greene SO             
  2 Bonny Eagle High School                             1:50.79   4   8   
     1) Morgan Costa SO                 2) Nicole DeMidio SO              
     3) Peyton Dostie SO                4) Melissa Carrier JR             
  3 Mt. Ararat High School                              1:51.94   2   6   
     1) Katrina Gelwick JR              2) Rebecca Merritt JR             
     3) Christina Erving SR             4) Colby Gail SO                  
  4 Thornton Academy                                    1:52.60   1   4   
     1) Kaitllyn Hall SO                2) Savannah Ribaudo JR            
     3) Erica Reaser SO                 4) Emily Rissala JR               
  5 Bangor High School                                  1:53.37   4   3   
     1) Laken Thomas FR                 2) Jade Baumrind FR               
     3) Dee Wilbur SR                   4) Brittney Chapman JR            
  6 Deering High School                                 1:53.98   2   2   
     1) Fiona Densmore                  2) Georgia Hutchins               
     3) Delaney Loring                  4) Brooke Durgin                  
  7 Brewer High School                                  1:54.53   4   1   
     1) Aline Michaud SR                2) Kaitlin Noyes SR               
     3) Brooke Madden SR                4) Kira Giroux SR                 


Boys 4x200 relay

The Boys 4x200 would be anti-climatic as the team title was wrapped up but the runner-up trophy was yet to be decided. Gorham the defending state champion at 4x200, started the relays off with a strong run, anchored by 400m champion Cam Stevens, the Rams raced around the track and posted the time to beat 1:36.45, they would have to sit and watch the next 3 heats. Brunswick the #1 team coming into the mee had to run without top sprinter Matt Hatke (So) who had to be taken to the hospital earlier in the meet with a foot injury, despite not having his services, the Dragons showed a lot of heart as they posted a strong 1:37.62, with anchor leg Brandon Swayer chasing down EL's anchor to nip them at the line. This proved to be the difference, as Brunswick would hold on for 3rd and get 6 points which pushed them into 2nd over Bonny Eagle in the team competition. Thornton Academy gave chase to Gorham's time in heat 4, but came up just short, running 1:36.87, good enough for 2nd.

Event 18  Boys 4x200 Meter Relay
     Class A: R 1:33.77  1986        Brunswick                                 
                         Noveria, McIntyre, Jacobs, Droney                 
    School                                               Finals  H# Points
  1 Gorham High School                                  1:36.45   1  10   
     1) Brandon Patten 12               2) Jake Willis 11                 
     3) Chris Esposito 12               4) Cam Stevens 11                 
  2 Thornton Academy                                    1:36.87   4   8   
     1) Chad Harvey JR                  2) Steve Roberge SR               
     3) Brad Turgeon SR                 4) August Ibekilo SR              
  3 Brunswick High School                               1:37.62   2   6   
     1) Kenzell Crawford JR             2) Jeremy Diaz JR                 
     3) Matt Peabody SR                 4) Matt Hatke SO                  
  4 Edward Little High School                           1:37.79   2   4   
     1) Merton Foss SR                  2) Josh Clark SR                  
     3) Taka Ranucci SO                 4) Brandon Gruver SR              
  5 Cony High School                                    1:38.13   3   3   
     1) Corey Clark JR                  2) Jon Day JR                     
     3) Dustin Dang JR                  4) Rick Orio JR                   
  6 Bangor High School                                  1:38.20   1   2   
     1) Kyle Lawson SR                  2) John Moore SR                  
     3) Kevin Hanselman SR              4) Lonnie Hackett JR              
  7 Bonny Eagle High School                             1:38.60   4   1   
     1) Nick Winslow SR                 2) Cody Marean                    
     3) Khamla Mickelson                4) Caleb Gosselin JR              


Boys PV

The Pole Vault proved to be a tight competition this year, without the feats of last year's state record David Slovenski, who has taken his talents onto Princenton, the vault was wide open. Coming into the meet Josh Clark (Sr.) of Edward Little had been jumping his best, clearing 13-6 twice last week and winning the KVAC title. Last year's runner-up Brad Nakanishi of Scarborough, came into the meet on the other side, having no heighted at Wednesday's jump meet. Nakanishi had been battling the flu, which caused him to miss the SMAA championship meet and lose 11 pounds during his sickness. With the competiton underway, Clark looked the best out of all the jumpers, easily clearing his opening height. Nakanishi opened at 12-0 and missed his first jump, but regained his focus with a huge clearance on his next attempt. Eric O'Connor (Sr.) Windham cleared his opening height of 12-0 as well. As the bar moved up, to 13-0 four vaulters remained, Mike Slovesnki (So.) of Brunswick, O'Connor, Nakanishi, & O'Connor. Nakanishi and Clark cleared on first attempts. While O'Connor cleared on his 2nd attempt and Slovenski on his 3rd. The bar moved to 13-6, all 4 vaulters missed their first attempt, Nakanishi put the pressure of the rest of field with his 2nd attempt clearance of 13-6. Only Clark was able to respond with his 3rd jump clearance. Neither vaulter would clear 14-0, and the title would go to Nakanishi. Asked afterwards what he was thinking about after his miss at 12-0 to open the competition, Brad said "I was so nervous that I couldn't think, I just ran down planted the pole and pushed as hard as a could with my hands".

Event 28  Boys Pole Vault
     Class A: R 16-02.50  2/18/2008   David Slovenski, Brunswick               
    Name                    Year School                  Finals  Points
  1 Brad Nakanishi            12 Scarborough           13-06.00   10   
  2 Josh Clark                SR Edward Little         13-06.00    8   
  3 Eric O'Connor             SR Windham               13-00.00    6   
  4 Mike Slovenski            SO Brunswick             13-00.00    4   
  5 Brandon Gruver            SR Edward Little         12-00.00    3   
  6 Sean Seekins              SR Bangor                11-06.00    2   
  7 Dylan Wingfield           SR Brewer                11-06.00    1  


Boys TJ

The Triple Jump was another key event for the team title. Bonny Eagle got the 10 points that Jamie Ruginski was seeded for, as he easily handled the field with his 44-4 leap, almost 2 ft. better than runner Tim Bickford of Mt. Ararat. It was the thrid individual title for Ruginski on the day. HJ champion, Sean Seekins (Sr.) of Bangor moved into third in the final round of jumps, but it was the 4-5 finish of Sarborough seniors Sam Chick & Ian Ramsdell that would secure the state championship for the Red Storm.

Event 24  Boys Triple Jump
     Class A: R 45-11.75  1996        Peter Phelan, Brewer                     
    Name                    Year School                  Finals  Points
  1 Jamie Ruginski            SR Bonny Eagle           44-04.00   10   
  2 Tim Bickford              JR Mt. Ararat            42-05.25    8   
  3 Sean Seekins              SR Bangor                42-02.00    6   
  4 Sam Chick                 12 Scarborough           41-06.00    4   
  5 Ian Ramsdell              12 Scarborough           41-03.50    3   
  6 Patrick Ciez              JR Windham               40-02.25    2   
  7 Chad Harvey               JR Thornton              40-00.50    1   


Boys LJ

The boys Long Jump figured to be an easy win for Bonny Eagle senior Jamie Ruginski, who came into the meet fresh off a new 22-6 3/4 personal best at Wednesday Jump meet. With the meet record being 22-6 1/2, the chance of a new record looked good. Ruginski would live up to his #1 seed, winning the meet with a jump of 22-0, but he was pushed to the limit by Portland standout Imadhi Zagon (So.) who jumped a new personal best 21-7 for 2nd. Tim Bickford (Jr.) from Mt. Ararat had a strong day leaping out to a new personal best 20-11 1/2 good enough for 3rd. With 5 scorers returning next year the competition for first should be tight.

Event 22  Boys Long Jump
     Class A: R 22-06.50  1999        Nicholas Nappi/Brett McIntyre, Cheverus/B
    Name                    Year School                  Finals  Points
  1 Jamie Ruginski            SR Bonny Eagle           22-00.00   10   
  2 Imadhi Zagon              SO Portland              21-07.00    8   
  3 Tim Bickford              JR Mt. Ararat            20-11.50    6   
  4 Kenzell Crawford          JR Brunswick             19-09.50    4   
  5 Derick Roy                JR Lewiston              19-07.00    3   
  6 Chris Esposito            12 Gorham                19-03.00    2   
  7 Mike Pottle               JR Windham               18-10.50    1   


Girls TJ

Like the Long Jump the Triple Jump was another key event for the team title. Edward Little took care of business with a surprise 1-2 finish, behind a huge leap from Emily Dodge 36-11 1/4, good for her 2nd individual title of the day. Teammate Ashton Hackett (Jr.) took a surprise 2nd with her PR jump of 34-11 1/2. Emilia Scheemaker gave Scarborough some points with her 3rd place jump of 34-8 1/2. EL's 19 points in the event gave them a huge boost, while Scarborough only scored 9. Another surprise was the 6th place finish of Emily Hartzell (Sr.) of Brunswick who jumped 33-8 3/4, 2 ft better than her seed.

Event 23  Girls Triple Jump
     Class A: R 38-04.25  2/18/2008   Jesse Labreck, Messalonskee              
    Name                    Year School                  Finals  Points
  1 Emily Dodge               JR Edward Little         36-11.25   10   
  2 Ashten Hackett            JR Edward Little         34-11.50    8   
  3 Emilia Scheemaker         SO Scarborough           34-08.50    6   
  4 Mackenzie DeGraff         SR Brewer                34-04.50    4   
  5 Lauren Blaisdell          SR Scarborough           33-10.75    3   
  6 Emily Hartzell            SR Brunswick             33-08.75    2   
  7 Jessica Nyholm            JR Edward Little         33-06.00    1   


Girls HJ

The girls High Jump record set by Jesse Labreck (5-6) set in 2008 was considered to be breakable considering the success of Caroline Summa (So.) of Cheverus, who jumped 5-6 1/4 at the SMAA championship. Unfortunately it looked as if Summa had some sort of neck injury, as she was seen with an ice bag in hand during the competition. That didn't get in the way of a great HJ competition though and Colby Gail (So.) of Mt. Ararat had her best jumping day of the season, winning the meet with her clearance of 5-4 an then upping the bar to a new pr height of 5-5, which she would clear. Summa was 2nd with a 5-2 clearance and surprise 3rd place finisher Kaitllyn Hall (So.) of TA also cleared 5-2. With the top 5 jumpers returning next year except the HJ to be a featured event in the 2010 state meet.

Event 25  Girls High Jump
     Class A: R  5-06  2/18/2008   Jesse Labreck, Messalonskee                 
    Name                    Year School                  Finals  Points
  1 Colby Gail                SO Mt. Ararat             5-05.00   10   
  2 Caroline Summa            SO Cheverus               5-02.00    8   
  3 Kaitllyn Hall             SO Thornton               5-02.00    6   
  4 Megan Hogan               JR Bangor                 5-00.00    4   
  5 Courtney Mailly           FR Westbrook              5-00.00    3   
  6 Stefanie Stockwell        SR Bonny Eagle            4-10.00    2   
  7 Angela Balzano               Deering                4-10.00    1   


Girls SP

The girls Shot put featured the present and the future, defending champion Catie Funk (Sr.) was back to defend her title but had to face the challenge of two up and coming sophmores, Emily Morin (TA) & Randi London (Mt. Ararat). While Funk dominated the competition, throwing over 39+ ft twice, including her winning throw of 39-10 to notch her 2nd straight title, it was the two sophmores who would battle it out for 2nd, with Morin posting a new pr throw of 35-10 to nab 2nd, & London in 3rd with a throw of 34-2 1/2.

Event 19  Girls Shot Put
     Class A: R 44-06  1986        Jane Woodhead, Lewiston                     
    Name                    Year School                  Finals  Points
  1 Catie Funk                SR Scarborough           39-10.00   10   
  2 Emily Morin               SO Thornton              35-10.00    8   
  3 Randi London              SO Mt. Ararat            34-03.50    6   
  4 Siobhan Bolinger          12 Gorham                33-06.50    4   
  5 Abigail Huntress          SO Thornton              33-04.50    3   
  6 Ericka Lariviere          SR Biddeford             32-11.00    2   
  7 Cote Theriault            SR Bangor                32-02.50    1