Indoor 2017-18: Class A Girls Top Returning Teams & Individuals

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Scarborough will be looking to repeat as champions - based on returners from a year ago they are slight favorites.

2017 me HS F Indoor Track Team Scores (Returners Only)

Calculated as of November 19, 2017

These rankings were calculated by scoring the rankings as a meet. We took the individual rankings ]scored them as a normal meet: 10-8-6-4-3-2-1. This doesn't include relays

Athletes whose graduation years are unknown were left out of the list.

Team Scores

1Scarborough High School71.5
2Cheverus High School65
3Bonny Eagle High School31
4Falmouth High School30.36
5Westbrook High School27
6Mt. Ararat High School25
6Thornton Academy25
8Gorham High School18
9Noble High School17
10Edward Little High School14.86
11Hampden Academy12.86
11Windham High School12.86
13Deering High School11
13South Portland High School11
15Biddeford High School8.36
16Messalonskee High School7.5
17Skowhegan Area High School6.86
18Portland High School4
19Bangor High School3.5
19Brunswick High School3.5
21Massabesic High School1
22Lewiston High School0.86

55 Meter Dash

1Emily Labbe2020Scarborough High School7.47 10
2Emma Gallant2020Cheverus High School7.48 8
3Mia Taranko2020Thornton Academy7.55 6
4Gaby Panagakos2018Scarborough High School7.58 4
5Ella Altidor2018Portland High School7.60 3
6Mykayla Hoggard2018Bangor High School7.67 2
7Sabria Merrifield2019Thornton Academy7.68 1
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200 Meter Dash

1Emma Gallant2020Cheverus High School26.27 10
2Emily Labbe2020Scarborough High School26.74 8
3Serena Speight2018Biddeford High School27.12 6
4Annah Rossvall2018Deering High School27.14 4
5Sarah Callahan2020Scarborough High School27.25 3
6Sophie Marcotte2019Falmouth High School27.32 2
7Ella Altidor2018Portland High School27.67 1
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400 Meter Dash

1Emma Gallant2020Cheverus High School58.22 10
2Juliana Selser2017South Portland High School1:00.03 8
3Gaby Panagakos2018Scarborough High School1:00.88 6
4Annah Rossvall2018Deering High School1:01.31 4
5Kayla Raymond2019Bonny Eagle High School1:01.34 3
6Wyley Fitzpatrick2020Mt. Ararat High School1:02.16 2
7Maggie Franz2019Scarborough High School1:02.33 1
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800 Meter Run

1Juliana Selser2018South Portland High School2:14.30 10
2Malaika Pasch2019Falmouth High School2:18.98 8
3Kayla Raymond2019Bonny Eagle High School2:20.10 6
4Emma Concaugh2020Messalonskee High School2:24.13 4
5Quincey Lyden2020Westbrook High School2:24.18 3
6Katherine Leckbee2018Mt. Ararat High School2:26.49 2
7Anna Slager2018Gorham High School2:26.95 1
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One Mile Run

1Malaika Pasch2019Falmouth High School5:12.91 10
2Juliana Selser2017South Portland High School5:13.53 8
3Katherine Leckbee2018Mt. Ararat High School5:20.60 6
4Anna Slager2018Gorham High School5:22.09 4
5Kayla Raymond2019Bonny Eagle High School5:24.91 3
6Ami Beaumier2019Bonny Eagle High School5:28.07 2
7Bethany Sholl2018Scarborough High School5:30.63 1
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Two Mile Run

1Katherine Leckbee2018Mt. Ararat High School11:23.58 10
2Bethany Sholl2018Scarborough High School11:40.31 8
3Ami Beaumier2019Bonny Eagle High School11:45.31 6
4Anna Slager2018Gorham High School11:51.16 4
5Iris Kitchen2017Gorham High School11:59.64 3
6Micaela Ashby2020Brunswick High School12:04.06 2
7Jillian Richardson2019Edward Little High School12:10.61 1
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55 Meter Hurdles

1Emily Labbe2020Scarborough High School8.79 10
2Nina Tasker2018Noble High School8.90 8
3Christie Woodside2018Hampden Academy8.99 6
4Madison Marinko2020Scarborough High School9.10 4
5Evelyn Hanley2019Cheverus High School9.30 3
6Aashyia Connell2018Bonny Eagle High School9.38 2
7Annah Rossvall2018Deering High School9.45 1
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Triple Jump

1Nyagoa Bayak2019Westbrook High School37-2.25 10
2Emma White2019Cheverus High School36-5.5 8
3Leah Savage2018Skowhegan Area High School34-9 6
4Mia Taranko2017Thornton Academy34-4 4
5Lingdong Bol2018Windham High School34-2.5 3
6Emma Concaugh2020Messalonskee High School33-7 2
7Noelle Boudreau2018Thornton Academy33-3.75 1
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High Jump

1Nyagoa Bayak2019Westbrook High School5-6 10
2Lingdong Bol2018Windham High School5-4 8
3Julia Pomerleau2018Cheverus High School5-2 6
4Allie Gross2019Thornton Academy5-1 4
5Bekah Robertson2018Biddeford High School5-0 0.857
5Christie Woodside2018Hampden Academy5-0 0.857
5Danielle Casavant2018Falmouth High School5-0 0.857
5Leah Savage2018Skowhegan Area High School5-0 0.857
5Olivia Jalbert2020Edward Little High School5-0 0.857
5Sierra Guite2020Windham High School5-0 0.857
5Taylor Chamberlain2018Lewiston High School5-0 0.857
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Long Jump

1Emma White2019Cheverus High School18-1 10
2Mia Taranko2020Thornton Academy17-6.25 8
3Christie Woodside2018Hampden Academy17-2.25 6
4Nyagoa Bayak2019Westbrook High School16-6.5 4
5Lauren Berube2018Edward Little High School16-3 2.5
5Madison Marinko2017Scarborough High School16-3 2.5
7Wyley Fitzpatrick2020Mt. Ararat High School16-0.25 1
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Pole Vault

1Anna Gardner2020Scarborough High School10-0 9
1Lauren Berube2018Edward Little High School10-0 9
3Chelsea Zhao2018Falmouth High School9-4 6
4Bridget Rossignol2018Gorham High School9-0 3.5
4Kirsten Dennen2018Scarborough High School9-0 3.5
6Bekah Robertson2018Biddeford High School8-6 0.5
6Delaney Goodell2019Falmouth High School8-6 0.5
6Lauren Barden2019Gorham High School8-6 0.5
6Libby Breznyak2019Messalonskee High School8-6 0.5
6Sofia Wittmann2019Bangor High School8-6 0.5
6Tea Kepler2019Brunswick High School8-6 0.5
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Shot Put

1Hannah Abbott2018Cheverus High School34-7.75 10
2Taelor Hardy2018Noble High School33-0 8
3Jocelyn Beaulieu2018Bonny Eagle High School31-9.5 6
4Noelle Michaud2018Thornton Academy31-6.5 4
5Jasmine Alkhalaf2019Falmouth High School31-4 3
6Evelyn Kitchen2019Gorham High School31-1 2
7Rebekah Hunnewell2020South Portland High School30-10.5 1
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