Piers & Gomez top Maine runners at Boston Marathon

Sheri Piers once again was the top Maine women at the Boston Marathon, Piers finish 20th overall, she was the 2nd Masters runners, and the 4th best Amercian. Piers time for the 26.2 mile race was 2:39.25. Rob Gomez of Saco was the top Maine male runner at the Boston Marathon with his 32nd place finish & 2:22.53 effort. (photos from Glen Jordan PPH)


Top 5 Men

32nd Robert Gomez  2:22.53

67th Joshua Zolla    2:29.12

198th  Claton Conard  2:37:57

236th  Kirby Davis  2:39.09

265th  Al Bugbee  2:40.04


Top 5 Women

20th Sheri Piers 2:39.25

26th Erica Jesseman 2:44.35

37th Mary Pardi   2:48.42

47th Joan Samuelson  2:50.29

90th  Eliza Tibbets  2:57.08