Flashback Friday: Class A State Meet Boys 4x400m 2014

Checkout our Flashback Friday video - Class A State Meet Boys 4x400m 2014

The Class A Boys State Championship meet ended with one of the finest 4x400m in state meet history. The Cheverus Stags closed the meet out in style running the second fastest time ever in the event as the clocked 3:25.98, however that wasn't what everyone was talking about after the race or for the days, weeks, and months after. The talk was about the anchor leg from Lewiston junior Isaiah Harris, who earlier in the day won the 800m (1:52.96) in a new state meet record & won the 200m (22.76) in a photo finish. The split from Harris was an eye popping 46.9, the fastest ever recorded split in state history in a 4x400m.

Before the races start in April, sit back and watch the race again or if you haven't seen it watch it for the first time.

  1 Cheverus High School                                3:25.98   5  10  
     1) Elijah Yeboah SR                2) Isaac Yeboah SR               
     3) James Hannigan JR               4) Jake Dixon JR                 
  2 Lewiston High School                                3:27.07   5   8  
     1) Ibrabim Hussein JR              2) Ahmed Musse JR                
     3) Sheon James JR                  4) Isaiah Harris JR              
  3 Thornton Academy                                    3:31.69   5   6  
     1) Tyler Lebel JR                  2) Dylan Smith JR                
     3) Andrew Smith JR                 4) Dan Marsh SO                  
  4 Noble High School                                   3:33.02   5   4  
     1) Alex Fitzgerald JR              2) Tyler Joy JR                  
     3) Cam Johnson JR                  4) Jared Wagner JR               
  5 Bangor High School                                  3:33.87   4   3  
     1) Jonathan Stanhope SR            2) Ben Salinas SR                
     3) Brady Vanidestine SO            4) Garrett Johnson SR            
  6 Scarborough High School                             3:34.44   4   2  
     1) Alex Karam SR                   2) Colin Jones JR                
     3) Will Fowler JR                  4) Jerry Kenney JR               
  7 Edward Little High School                           3:36.95   4   1  
     1) Trey Rogers SR                  2) Owen Mower FR                 
     3) Izaac White SR                  4) Hunter Martin JR