Salute to Seniors - Colin Tardiff (Scarborough HS)

Name:​ Colin Tardiff

School:​ Scarborough High School

What was your most memorable race?

My most memorable race was definitely the 3200 at outdoor states this past year. I unexpectedly ran a new school record and came in second place.

Who would you consider your biggest competition over your four years?

My biggest competition over these past 4 years was probably Jesse Southard of Gorham. Him and I were always switching off beating each other in xc races.

What was your greatest accomplishment?

My greatest accomplishment was the TRIPLE CROWN!!

If you could do it all over again what would you change about your running career in high school?

If I could do it all over again I would do more upper body exercises so I didn't look so scrawny while racing.

What were the most difficult obstacles you had to overcome?

The most difficult obstacles I had to overcome was my stress fracture sophomore year which needed surgery, 3 months without walking including 2 months of bed rest. Physically and mentally I was weaker.

What will you miss the most?

I will miss the satisfaction of running well in 3-4 distance events in a single meet. 

What advice you would give to younger athletes?

I would advise you to enjoy the sport. Everyone who runs track and xc are so friendly and interesting- become friends with the competition. 

What influence has your coach had with respect to your performance and overall life goals?

Coach Veilleux has taught me that things you really don't believe you can do, can be done if you are mentally tough enough. It works for running, and life.

What are your college plans?

I am going to study wildlife ecology at the University of Maine, and run track and xc at UMO.

Who would you like to say thank you to?

I'd like to thank my parents for keeping the fridge stocked so when I come home from practice I can empty it. 

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