Alex Moser Q & A


Maine Milesplit Q & A with Alex Moser

Congrats on your race this weekend, you just had the race of your life this past weekend at the Festival of Champions, winning over a very talented field and clocking a 16:28 for 5k on a muddy/wet course. What were you goals coming into the meet? Can you give us a recap of how the race played out?


My goals were simple at first, but changed as the race went on. Our team wanted to do better than where we were predicted because we have all been doing the same workouts and trying just as hard. Coming into the race I just wanted to do better than my seed of 14th. I figured I was 15th overall in the state last year, and should be higher than 14.



The race was a very odd run for me. I started out at the back of the lead pack, around the 20's. My good friend and former York runner Ryan James was right by my side. During the first mile I moved up out of the back and into a large chase pack that was following Driscoll. The next mile was just a fight to get up and also move around the chase pack when it split into 2 groups. The group I ran up to contained Fontaine, Geoghegan, and I believe Robinson. We hit some woods hills and it turned into a pack of juniors chasing Driscoll. When we left the woods and took the turn into the last 1200 meters or so the group passed Driscoll, who I admire for running out front for so long. We got onto the football field and I think I took the lead right before those 2 really steep drops and climbs. Both Fontaine and Geoghegan caught back up and pressured me through the bank turn. We hit that little patch of trail in the woods and they both took the lead again. Crossing the little bridge I knew that I could break off anyone on a hill. I surged both the steep hill after the bridge and the long hill up towards the finish. I think this is where Fontaine fell back a bit. At the crest of the hill Will began to kick, I noticed him coming back up on me and I put in a stride right to the finish. I'd just like to congratulate Will and Luke on their great race.

I think your win certainly took some people by surprise, although you came into the FOC meet having won 3 out 4 meets. I had seen some of the workouts you had been doing from your facebook status, so I certainly knew you were fit. Can you describe how you have been training this fall? What are a some key workouts you have been doing to get ready to run well?


My training method is very methodical. I never run for more than 6 days a week. Every Sunday I go on a 12 to 16 mile run depending on the weather or how I feel, this is usually alone but sometimes I have company. Monday we usually do 9 miles that either composes of fast running, rolling hills, or both. Tuesday is our dreaded speed workout. We do anywhere from 12  800’s to 4 mile tempos, to a pyramid of distances. I usually run at my race pace at first and go faster and faster as the workout goes on. Wednesday is a 5 to 6 mile recovery day that ends up being a very fast paced run. Thursday had usually been dodge ball. It’s the team of 47’s favorite. Mixed in over the week we do intense core training and stretching.

My personal key workouts to get ready to run well are my Sunday and Tuesday runs. Sunday as I said is 12 to 16 miles at an average pace of 7:10 or less. Tuesday is the day that my legs actually get tired from getting used to running faster that I normally would. I think that these track workouts are key in learning to pace yourself.


You start your championship season this Friday with your conference championship meet What are your individual & team goals for the meet? How about the rest of the year?


Our team goal for the meet is to get 3rd. This is one of the best seasons I’ve seen on this team, Dan, Tristan, Brian, Mike, Silas, Josh, Mitch, Aaron, and O’Connor are the hardest working runners I have ever seen. As for my goals, the first one is obviously to try to win the meet. Our training is still pushing us hard all this week and next week, but I still think I’ll be rested enough in time to keep with Rand longer than the mile mark like I did at Cape.

As for the rest of the year, our team hopes to place higher than we have in 3 years. With our September workouts just paying off now, I think we are in a good spot to do pretty well at our championship meets. My goal is to win states. A more important goal than states is to represent Main at the New England XC championships. I would really like to do well there for our state.


What races are you looking forward to running the rest of the year?  What is your favorite course to race on?

I am looking forward to Regionals, States, and New Englands. My favorite course is going to have to be the State course at Belfast. This is because it isn’t just a flat race as I was told. It was surprisingly hilly, and not an easy course. My previous favorite was the course at Twin Brooks due to the hills and mud.

How did you first get into running?  Who's been the biggest influence on your running up to this point?

I first got into running freshman year. This was when my friend Ryan James had noticed my 8th grade mile time for gym class. I ran the mile in cargo shorts and some horrible size 14 new balance shoes and finished 2 seconds behind him in 5:22.

In the beginning the only influence to run fast was to stay up with the lead pack during practice to listen to Vinnie McMahons hilarious stories. As I got better I would look at someone faster than me and strive to equal them. Now I am influenced by one of my coaches who is currently marathon training.

Do you have any pre-race rituals or superstitions?

  I have drank coffee since I was 2, and still drink it before races. I always tie 6 knots in my spikes because I have lost a shoe in 3 races before. I wait till the last minute to put on my spikes because they feel like socks compared to my trail running shoes. Our team usually does some aerobics right before a race that pumps us up.

Final Question … Favorite vacation spot?  

I really like upstate New York and Vermont, it’s really pretty there.


Thanks for a great interview Alex...