XC Watchlist: Will Shaughnessy (Brunswick HS)

XC Watchlist: Will Shaughnessy

School: Brunswick HS

Year of Graduation: 2020

2017 State Meet Finish: DNR

How long have you been running and how did you get started?

I've been running since 4th grade. When I was younger I played many different sports and decided to give XC a try because a lot of my friends were doing it. I was pretty good at it and I really liked the individual competitive aspect so far decided to stick with it. 8th grade is when I decided running was the sport for me and I really focused on working hard to improve.

What has your summer training consisted of? How much mileage you putting in?

This summer has been pretty solid for summer training. Early on I hit a bump when I hurt my toe(pro tip: never play soccer without shoes) and was out for 10 days or so. But since then I've been having a nice gradual buildup to 45 mpw and I'll probably continue to build up until I get to around 50 miles a week. I've been working at Slovenski camps in Raymond so I'm always on my feet and active and I think that's been really beneficial to my training.

What are your goals for the upcoming season?
My goals for this season are sub 15:50 and top 5 at states. Last year I was out for XC season so I don't know what I would've run last year but I'm excited to see what I can do on the course this year.

What is your favorite workout?

I don't really have a favorite workout in particular but I love any workout that's super painful because those are always the ones that are the most satisfying. I love the feeling of being done with a really good workout and knowing that it will help me improve.

What did you learn from last xc season that will help you improve in 2018?
Last year I was unfortunately out for most of the season with a stress fracture that I got the end of outdoor track freshman year. I struggled with many little injuries after recovering from that in the fall and then had horrible shin splints all of indoor track and most of outdoor track. That was a really hard time for me not just physically but emotionally, and there were times when I got really down. It was super frustrating knowing what I was capable of but not getting to train the way I wanted to because of pain. But I learned a lot about injury prevention and about my own body during that time and I think I've grown a lot as a runner. It's been great to get in some consistent training this summer and I look forward to putting in some good work and finally getting to fulfill my own potential.

What is your favorite course to run in Maine?
My favorite course is probably Cony. A lot of people hate it because it is so difficult but it is such a nice place to run and I honestly like the challenge of the hills. There's one hill in the middle that seems to go on forever but once you get over it you're rewarded with a long stretch of downhills where you can just let loose and fly. even though it hurts A LOT it's always very satisfying when you finish a race on that course.

Out of all your running accomplishments so far, which stands out the most?
One of my favorite races was the 3200m at outdoor New England's this past outdoor track season. I struggled a lot during that season with shin splints and some weird overwhelming fatigue and I wasn't hitting the times I wanted to, which was very frustrating. My race at states was super disappointing but I managed to qualify for New England's. It was so cool to be in that setting with so many great athletes and the competition was really intense. I just tried to stick with the main pack in the race and I ended up having an 11 second PR, and even tho the time still wasn't what I was hoping for for that season, it was a really great experience.

What do you love most about running?
I love how I just feel free when I run. I know that may seem like a generic thing to say but running just feels so natural for me, almost more so than walking. Whenever I'm feeling down I can just go for a run and let my mind wander and it's such a great feeling to just fall into a rhythm and let the miles fly by.

When you are not running what is your favorite thing to do?
When I'm not running I love to read a good book, hang out with friends, or play my tuba.

Do you have any pre-race rituals or routines?'
Typically the night before a race I have a pasta party with my team where we just consume overwhelming amounts of pasta and garlic bread.

Favorite quote?

My favorite quote isn't from anything that I know of, but it's more of an idea I think about each race. There have been races where I feel like I haven't given it everything I have and I just feel really awful and spend the next week kicking myself for not going harder. Now when I'm at that point in a race where I need to go into that final gear I just tell myself: "The pain of racing is nothing compared to what it feels like to give up." One similar quote is "Go hard or suffer the rest of your life" -Paul Chelimo

Snapchat or Instagram?

My instagram is will_.power. It's supposed to be a pun but it seems to go over most people's heads...

What shoes do you race/train in?

I train in Saucony Freedom ISO's and Saucony Kinvara 9's and race in the Saucony Havok XC. As you can tell, I am a very big Saucony fan.

What professional athlete would you most like to meet?
I would most like to meet Lisandro Berry-Gaviria. I wake up every morning wishing we will someday meet.

What is your favorite food?
My favorite food is definitely garlic bread, I think it could be classified as an addiction.

One word to describe yourself


Personal Records
  • 400m - 56.95
  • 800m - 2:06.84
  • 1600m - 4:39.61
  • 1 Mile (in) - 4:42.78
  • 3000m (xc) - 10:13.57
  • 3200m - 9:53.68
  • 2 Mile (in) - 10:20.68
  • 5K (xc) - 17:01.51