New England Championship Meet Central

New England Championship Meet Central

Order of Events

Field Events:  Field events will begin at 10:00 am.

Long Jump: 2 pits - Boys and Girls at the same time (10:00 am) followed by the Triple Jump

Pole Vault: 1 pit - Girls followed by Boys

High Jump: Girls followed by Boys

Shot Put: Boys followed by Girls

Discus: Girls followed by Boys

Javelin: Girls followed by Boys

Running Events: Running events will begin at 10:30 am.

Boys first except 100m/110m hurdles finals.

1. Finals 4x800m Relay 7. Finals 4x100m Relay

2. Trials 110m/100m Hurdles on time 8 to final 8. Finals 400m Dash

3. Trials 100m Dash on time 8 to final 9. Finals 300m Hurdles

4. Final 110m/100m Hurdles 10. Finals 800m Run

5. Final 100m Dash 11. Finals 200m Dash

6. Finals 1600m Run 12. Finals 3200m Run

13. Finals 4x400m Relay

NOTE: Fastest sections will be run last. All athletes must check in TWO FULL EVENTS PRIOR to their event.

Do not miss the check in. In the 100/110 m High Hurdles and 100 m Dash, the top 8 times will advance to the