Dance Off 2019, Southern Maine Classic Style

Dance Off for the Southern Maine Classic Competition Rules

● The group should be no smaller than 5 and as large as your team.
● Your dance will be made up of three thirty second segments of music you choose from the list below.
● You can feature props but are required to provide these yourself. Be safe and appropriate!
● No grinding or similar dancing.

Judging Criteria - There will be up to 100 points awarded for each performance.

** General - up to 25 points
  • Overall delivery of the group
  • Interaction between group members
  • Smoothness of transitions
  • Overall dramatic impact
  • Confidence of the dancer(s/0
** Dance Skills - up to 25 points
  • Overall delivery of dance skills
  • Fluency 
  •  Control and coordination
  • Spatial awareness
  •  Rhythm
** Originality - up to 25 points
  • Elements of originality 
  • Choice of music   
  • Costume choice 
  •   Presentation 
  • Use / choice of props
** The final 25 points to be awarded for how together the dance group appears.
*** If there is a tie, there will be a dance off between those schools. The DJ will choose the song(s) to use.

List of songs used this year (your team will choose three for the DJ to play 30 second clips of)
1 - I Like to Move It (from start)
2 - Old Town Road (from 0:25)
3 - Juju on that Beat (from 0:23)
4 - Lip Gloss (from 0:20)
5 - What is Love (from 0:09)
6 - Watch Me (from start)
7 - Never Gonna Give You Up (from start)
8 - Yeah! (from start)
9 - Dancing Queen (from start)
10 - Fifth Harmony (from start)

This is a trailer for the competition.

When you get to the meet?
# 1 = Check in with the DJ by the finish line area to sign your team up for the dance off
# 2 = Choose the three songs to be played and tell the DJ
# 3 = Good luck in your race
# 4 = Return to finish line area with your team after cooling down
# 5 = The dance off will begin prior to awards for the race