Kate Hall's 2021 Olympic Dreams Derailed Due To ACL Tear

With the 2020 Olympics postponed last summer due to COVID-19 Casco native, Kate Hall had to put her Olympic dreams on hold until 2021. Hall sponsored by Asics was preparing to open her 2021 competitive season this weekend in New York but during training last weekend she suffered an anterior cruciate ligament tear in her left knee while doing box jumps. 

Hall posted on her Instagram page on Thursday afternoon that she was at the gym, and tipped a 30-inch box over by landing on the back edge of it. When she tried to catch her fall she hyperextended her left knee. On Tuesday an MRI confirmed the worse that she had a complete tear of her ACL. 

Kate was expected to be one of the top contenders for one of the three long jump spots for the United States to compete in Toyko this summer. Hall won the 2019 indoor U.S. title and was the runner-up in 2020 in the long jump.

While Hall's Olympic dreams for 2021 are over she vowed to return: "This definitely is NOT the end for me though. Strength has been engrained in me since I was diagnosed with type one diabetes at age 10. I have always worked hard to accomplish my goals, and my motivation to one day become an Olympian is one thing that won't waver through these hard times."

Hall was relieved that the injury happened on her non-plant leg. She will undergo surgery next Friday to repair her ACL.