Athlete Spotlight: Ryan Gendron of Gorham High School

With the indoor track and field season basically on hold without many competitions, we wanted to highlight some of the top athletes in the state. For the next month or so we will have interviews with athletes across the state. Today's feature is with Gorham senior standout Ryan Gendron.

When did you first start running, and do you recall any of your childhood races?

I began running in sixth grade. My first race was the 45-yard hurdles and we could say I barely stayed on my feet.

Was there a certain moment when you realized you'd be able to compete at such a high level?

My freshman year first meet when I jumped 5'6" I think I realized that if I worked hard enough at some point I could be really good.

What are some bumps in the road that you've encountered when it comes to training for different events during the season?

Definitely a big difference between jumping indoor than outdoor, especially in Maine. The conditions outdoor are not always nice.

How has COVID impacted your training this winter as you prepared for the season?

Other than not having competition I think my training has been the same as it would have been. Having no competition though is tough to see where I am at.

How is the college recruiting process going, and what schools are you looking at?

The process is going well I would say have kept contact with a few schools from all 3 levels, but haven't made any decisions on where I'm gonna compete next year.

Is there another track event you wish you were good at? What is appealing about it?

I wish I was good at javelin. Everyone thinks that if you're strong then you can throw it but I've noticed you need to have crazy good form. A lot more goes into that event than people think.

What are some hobbies and interests you have outside of track?

I like to fish. I have a lot of fun during both the summer month in my boat and during the winter months catching fish through the ice. A couple of other things I enjoy are golfing and bowling.

Who is your role model, and why?

I would definitely say, my mother. How she raised me and my sister on her own to become the people we are today is amazing. She has missed very minimal sporting events dating all the way back to when I was like 4.

Everyone has a bucket list, so give us some of the things on your list!

Definitely to compete in division 1 is at the top of my bucket list and to jump at nationals. Other things that don't include track would be to catch a 10lb largemouth bass and to travel to Greece.

What is the best advice you have received?

The best advice I have received is from Coach Tanguay when he says " This is an opportunity that you have to take advantage of. You never know what is going to happen so go make the most out of your opportunities."

What is your favorite pre-race snack, tradition, etc.?

When we have early morning meets my mother will always make me a bacon egg and cheese. Always my breakfast on meet days.

If you could do a sport other than XC/Track, what sport would it be, and why?

I would like to play golf because it is a sport I am just starting to get into and it's a sport you can play your whole life.

Gendron's High School Personal Bests

High Jump6-2
Long Jump19-3.5
Triple Jump37-10
High Jump6-4
Long Jump19-2.75
Shot Put30-0.25
Triple Jump37-2.5
55 Meter Hurdles8.75
1000 Meter Run3:21.62