Maine 2021-2022 Indoor Track & Field Qualifying Standards

Qualifying standards are reviewed annually by the Qualifying Standards Committee. The following standards for running events are for times achieved from fully automatic timing systems. A fully automatic timing system is one where the firing of the gun starts the system and a camera hooked to a computer figures the finish time. If you do not use a F.A.T. system you must convert times in the following matter: first round the time up to the nearest tenth of a second and then add .24 seconds to the time, e.g. if the hand-held time in the 55 Dash is 6.71, it must first be rounded up to 6.8 and then add .24 to get a time for seeding purposes of 7.04. The first time/distance/height is the automatic standards; the second time/distance/height is the provisional standard.

State Meet Coverage

2020 Class A State Meet

2020 Class B State Meet