Falmouth boys & Waterville girls win Class B State Championships

Class B State Meet Winners Table



Event Athlete Team Time/Distance
4x800 G    Greely  10:21.84
4x800 B    Hampden  8:38.97

Pole Vault G

 Shelby Wheeler  Orono  9-6
Pole Vault B  Devin Burgess  Waterville  12-6
High Jump B  Jake Leithiser  Old Town  6-4
High Jump G  Jen Daley  John Bapst  5-2
Shot Put B  Michael Burgess  Greely  51-9 1/2
Shot Put G  Kate Sparks  Falmouth  36-7 1/4
55m Hurdles G  Carley O'Brien  Traip  8.84
55m Hurdles B  Reid Pryzant  Falmouth  7.96
55m Dash G  Amanda Peterson  GNG  7.49
55m Dash B  Isaiah Spofford  Waterville  6.62

 Mile G

 Bethanie Brown Waterville  5:26.21
 Mile B  Jeff Hale  Waterville  4:43.73
 400m G  Olivia Thurston  Waterville  59.51 *record
 400m B  Will Wegener  Falmouth  51.38
 800m G  Aleeta Looker  Ellsworth 2:24.03
 800m B  Nicholas Byers  Hermon  2:01.95
 200m G  Amanda Peterson  GNG  27.01
 200m B  Will Wegener  Falmouth  22.84
 2 Mile G  Bethanie Brown  Waterville  11:46.92
 2 Mile B  Dan Curts  Ellsworth  10:25.80
 4x200m G    Waterville  1:51.82
 4x200m B    Falmouth  1:37.15
Long Jump G  Emily Mitchell  York  17-6 1/2 *record
Long Jump B  Reid Pryzant  Falmouth  20-9
Triple Jump G  Hannah Hill  Belfast  35-8 3/4
Triple Jump B  Isaiah Spofford  Waterville  42-10 1/2



Girls Long Jump


What a long jump duel it was between seniors Emily Mitchell (York) & Carley O'Brien (Traip). In the prelims Mitchell the #1 seed took the lead on her 3rd jump getting out to 16-10 1/4, while O'Brien popped 16-5 3/4 on her 2nd jump to secure her spot in the finals. O'Brien put the pressure on with her 2nd jump in the finals taking the lead with a 16-10 3/4 leap, she continued to apply the pressure on her last jump as she set a huge personal best leaping out to 17-6, for a new state record. Mitchell had the last jump, so with all the pressure on she hit the board and came down with a new state record, and winning leap of 17-6 1/2! Talk about coming through with the game on the line.  (Photo by Mike Segalla)


Girls 55m  RACE VIDEO

  (Photo by Mike Segalla)

Boys High Jump

  (Photo by Mike Segalla)

Boys Mile

  (Photo by Mike Segalla)

 Boys 2 Mile

 (Photo by Mike Segalla)

Boys 4x800 Relay

  (Photo by Mike Segalla)


Girls 4x800 Relay


Girls 400m


Boys 4x200