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Class B State Championship

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Silas Eastman repeated as champion as he sped out to the lead early hitting the mile in 5:03 with Dan Curts of Ellsworth right on his tail. Falmouth's Tim Follo was 3rd at the mile, crossing at 5:09. These trio would run away from the rest of the field. At 2 mile Eastman continued to lead but Follo was stalking him within 2-3 seconds with Curts hanging on for 3rd. In the final miel, Eastman's strength took over as he dispatched the competition on his way to the title. Silas would run 16:14.15 his best time on the twin brook course depsite the tough conditions. The fact that he put 15-16 seconds on Follo in the last mile shows what kind of strength he really has.


Follo would finish a strong 2nd, running a course personal best, and impressively 23 seconds faster than a week ago. Curts the EM regional champion from Ellsworth made a gutsy run at Eastman & Follo, finished 3rd in 16:38.43.


The Greely duo of Stefan Sandreuter & Nate Maderia came up big for the Rangers as they placed 4th & 5th respectively. Presque Isle's Matt Eager ran 17:24.59 for 6th, while Mitchell Finitz of York was 7th 17:28.21 holding off a strong effort from sophomore Peter Doane of Cape Elizabeth (17:28.46). Alex Beals of John Bapst ran strong for 9th (17:28.77), while Ron Lund of Caribou had his best of the season to finish 10th (17:31.40), Lund was 7th at the EM regional.



Boys Race Video

Top 20 Boys

  1 Silas Eastman             JR Fryeburg Academy      16:14.15    1
  2 Timothy Follo             SR Falmouth              16:32.20    2
  3 Dan Curts                 SO Ellsworth             16:38.43    3
  4 Stefan Sandreuter         SR Greely High School    17:09.08    4
  5 Nathan Madeira            JR Greely High School    17:10.53    5
  6 Matt Eager                SR Presque Isle          17:24.59    6
  7 Mitchell Finitz           SR York High School      17:28.21    7
  8 Peter Doane               SO Cape Elizabeth        17:28.46    8
  9 Alex Beals                SR John Bapst            17:28.77    9
 10 Ron Lund                  JR Caribou High School   17:31.40   10
 11 Caleb Chapman             SR Caribou High School   17:36.47   11
 12 Thomas Edmonds            SR Falmouth              17:38.80   12
 13 Jay Lesser                JR Falmouth              17:39.57   13
 14 Ryan Washington           SO Caribou High School   17:43.98   14
 15 Nick Eaton                JR York High School      17:46.80   15
 16 Nickolas Shuckrow         JR Winslow High School   17:47.89   16
 17 Thomas Bottomley          SR Cape Elizabeth        17:49.39   17
 18 Henry Briggs              SR Falmouth              17:50.17   18
 19 Colby Howland             SR Falmouth              17:51.08   19
 20 Will Shafer               SO Gray New Gloucester   17:53.24


Top 6 Teams

Falmouth dominated the team race scoring just 64 all 7 runners in the top 26             Greely edged out Caribou by 1 point for the runner-up trophy

The Falmouth Yacthsmen won their first state title since 2002 in dominating fashion as they placed all 7 runners in the top 26. The Yachtsmen scored 64 the only team under 100 on the day. Falmouth had all 7 runners at 18:00.74, as they had 7 runners in before any other team had 4 runners finish. After Tim Follo who finished 2nd the pack time for 2-7 was just 22 seconds, amazing quality and depth. Falmouth easily was the best team in the state after all 3 classes times were combined.

The battle for 2nd was great as expected, it ended up a 1 point difference with host team Greely rebounding from last week's 4th place finish in the WM regional to earn the runner-trophy over Carobou 102-103, York was 4th just 2 points back with 105.  For the Rangers the front running duo of Sanreuter & Maderia led the way, but it was a strong race from #3 Isaac Emery, 22nd with his first sub 18 minute clockin on his home course,17:56. Nestor Taylor rebounded from last week's race to run 37 seconds faster. Caribou the EM champ, and defending state champion showed a lot of heart, they ran by far the best race of the season. The Vikings got big races from Ron Lund (10th) & Ryan Washington (14th).


Cape Elizabeth rounded out the top 5 team with a score of 158.


  1 Falmouth High School         64    2   12   13   18   19   23   24
      Total Time:  1:27:31.82
         Average:    17:30.37
   2 Greely High School          102    4    5   21   31   41   75   80
      Total Time:  1:28:58.55
         Average:    17:47.71
   3 Caribou High School         103   10   11   14   32   36   50   62
      Total Time:  1:29:30.68
         Average:    17:54.14
   4 York High School            105    7   15   22   27   34   40   46
      Total Time:  1:29:35.91
         Average:    17:55.19
   5 Cape Elizabeth School Hig   158    8   17   20   53   60   64   65
      Total Time:  1:31:05.88
         Average:    18:13.18
   6 Freeport High School        165   25   26   30   35   49   57   86
      Total Time:  1:31:22.85
         Average:    18:16.57



The front of the girls race had Bethanie Brown of Waterville leading the way with Brittany Bowman of Camden Hills right on her heels, the duo would stay close together for most of race until Bowman made a late race surge after "the pain cave". Bowman would surprise the field crossing the finish line first in a fine 19:12.19, this was Bowman's first race win of the season. The sophomore from Camden Hills who placed 3rd last year as a freshman took her running to anothe level today.


For Brown the runner-up finish was a solid performance in her first state xc championship meet, the junior has made a successful transition from the soccer field to trials this fall. Brown has established a front running style, and that was evident in this race.


Abby Mace of Maranacook the WM regional champ, and 2x state champ ended up 3rd overall, Aleta Looker who was 4th at the EM regional matched that place today (20:08.40).


The top freshman was Camden Hills Willow Parker in 5th (20:18.45), while WM regional runner-up Heather Evans placed 6th (20:21.86). Caribou's Mackenzie Belyea had a big race to finish 7th, she was 8th a week at the EM regional. Adrienne Carmack of John Bapst finished 8th (20:44.66) with MDI's Nora Hubbell in 9th (20:46.87) edging Eva Bates (Greely) 20:47.08


Top 20 Girls

  1 Brittany Bowman           SO Camden Hills          19:12.19    1
  2 Bethanie Brown            JR Waterville            19:29.70    2
  3 Abby Mace                 SR Maranacook            19:42.56    3
  4 Aleta Looker              SO Ellsworth             20:08.40    4
  5 Willow Parker             FR Camden Hills          20:18.45    5
  6 Heather Evans             SO York High School      20:21.86    6
  7 Mackenzie Belyea          JR Caribou High School   20:31.34    7
  8 Adrienne Carmack          JR John Bapst            20:44.66    8
  9 Nora Hubbell              SO MDI                   20:46.87    9
 10 Eva Bates                 FR Greely High School    20:47.08   10
 11 Isabel Erickson           SO MDI                   20:49.60   11
 12 Olivia Erickson           SO MDI                   20:51.83   12
 13 Maddie Wiegman            JR Leavitt               20:52.17
 14 Maggie Painter            SO MDI                   20:56.56   13
 15 Kristina Smith            FR Poland                20:57.01
 16 Caroline Driscoll         FR MDI                   21:00.84   14
 17 Caroline Colan            JR Maranacook            21:14.04   15
 18 Emily Lopez               JR Camden Hills          21:20.31   16
 19 Mallory Evans             SR York High School      21:20.87   17
 20 Tori Brigham              SR Cape Elizabeth        21:23.43   18


Top 6 Teams

MDI dominated the Class B girls race to win the state title        Camden Hills didn't make the state meet last year but took 2nd in 2011


Camden Hills sprung the upset over MDI at the EM regional last week, that served as a wake-up call for the Trojans. MDI was on a mission in the Class B girls race, one that left many coaches talking about the dominance of the Trojans post-race. MDI had all 5 scorers running within a few seconds of eachother as they hit the first mile which set the tone for the rest of the race. Despite only having one finishers in the top 10 (Nora Hubbell -9th), MDI posted a score of 59 to take down Camden Hills by 16 points for the state title. The Trojans would place all 5 scorers between placed 9-16, with a spread of 14 seconds!! MDI last won the state title in 2006.


Camden Hills who didn't even qualify for the state meet a year ago, made an immediate impact in 2011, as the Windjammers earned the runner-up trophy with 75 points behind the 1-2 punch of Brittany Bowman (1st) & Willow Parker (5th). For the Windjammers they had 5 girls in before every other teams 4th runner with the exception of MDI.


Caribou ran well to take the 3rd spot (145 points) while Cape Elizabeth who was 4th at the WM regional matched that finish at the state meet. Greely rounded out the top 5 teams with 166, a great effort considering they had to run without Kirsten Sandreuter who was diagnosed with mono this week as well as anemia.


MDI returns their entire squad as does Camden Hills next year, should make for another exciting race.


  1 Mount Desert Island HS       59    9   11   12   13   14   21   53
      Total Time:  1:44:25.70
         Average:    20:53.14
   2 Camden Hills High School     75    1    5   16   26   27   29   83
      Total Time:  1:44:40.43
         Average:    20:56.09
   3 Caribou High School         145    7   22   24   44   48   69   70
      Total Time:  1:48:49.22
         Average:    21:45.85
   4 Cape Elizabeth School Hig   159   18   30   35   37   39   43   47
      Total Time:  1:50:10.93
         Average:    22:02.19
   5 Greely High School          166   10   34   36   40   46   50   64
      Total Time:  1:49:59.90
         Average:    21:59.98
   6 York High School            183    6   17   38   60   62   73   87
      Total Time:  1:49:37.44
         Average:    21:55.49

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