EMITL Championship Virtual Meet

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EMITL Championship Virtual Meet

We scored out the championship meet using those who were entered to get an idea of what might happen tomorrow at the EMITL Indoor track & field championship meet. In the field events where multiple athletes are seeded with the same performances (High Jump & Pole Vault), the program randomly selects the athletes. The meet was scored 10-8-6-4-2-1.

A barn burner is expected on the boys side between Brewer & Hampden Academy with the seeds on paper having the Orange crush with a scant .66 advantage. MDI is in the mix with John Bapst expected to put in a strong showing as well. Bangor rounds out the top five teams.

Boys Team Scores

1Brewer High School76.66
2Hampden Academy76
3Mt. Desert Island High School62.66
4John Bapst Memorial High School59
5Bangor High School49
6Old Town High School40.66
7Hermon High School40
8Ellsworth High School15
9Orono High School8
10Bucksport High School6
11George Stevens Academy1

Individual Seeds

55 Meter Dash

1Ben Cotton2018John Bapst Memorial High School6.78 10
2Johann Gerling2019Brewer High School6.83 8
3Liang-kang Lin2019Old Town High School6.85 6
4Steve Fitzpatrick2018John Bapst Memorial High School6.86 4
5Noah Benner0Bangor High School7.02 2
6Wade Brown2020Hampden Academy7.04 1
SCRJames Petersen2018Hermon High School6.85 --
SCRGriffin Maristany2018Mt. Desert Island High School6.97 --
SCRLandyn Francis2019Bangor High School7.04 --
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200 Meter Dash

1Johann Gerling2019Brewer High School23.62 10
2Griffin Maristany2018Mt. Desert Island High School23.82 8
3Steve Fitzpatrick2018John Bapst Memorial High School23.87 6
4Wade Brown2020Hampden Academy24.54 4
5Noah Benner0Bangor High School24.62 2
6Landyn Francis2019Bangor High School24.74 1
SCRAtticus Deeny2019Ellsworth High School24.68 --
SCRLiang-kang Lin2019Old Town High School24.68 --
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400 Meter Dash

1Griffin Maristany2018Mt. Desert Island High School52.98 10
2Ben Cotton2018John Bapst Memorial High School53.20 8
3Robert Buzzini2020Hampden Academy53.81 6
4Landyn Francis2019Bangor High School54.21 4
5Stu Frye0Hampden Academy54.96 2
6Brady Lobdell2019Hampden Academy55.80 1
7Gavin Mcdonald2019John Bapst Memorial High School55.88 --
8Jack Miller2021Central High School56.06 --
9Tony Manev2018Orono High School56.36 --
10Nate Sawyer2019Bucksport High School56.60 --
11Braeden Selby2019Orono High School56.75 --
12Phillip Feeney2018Brewer High School57.16 --
13Nate Henry2019Brewer High School57.53 --
14Matthew Perconti2018Mt. Desert Island High School57.58 --
SCRThorin Smith2019Mt. Desert Island High School53.72 --
SCRNoah Benner0Bangor High School54.05 --
SCRLiam Higgins2020Mt. Desert Island High School55.26 --
SCRJoshua Burris2018Mattanawcook Academy55.37 --
SCRDevin Smith2021Hermon High School55.48 --
SCRAlfie Griffin2020Central High School55.78 --
--Wyatt Lord2019Hampden Academy54.58 --
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800 Meter Run

1Wyatt Lord2019Hampden Academy2:00.21 10
2Thorin Smith2019Mt. Desert Island High School2:03.84 8
3Braedon Stevens2018Hermon High School2:06.54 6
4Jon Donnelly2018Brewer High School2:07.76 4
5Gavin Mcdonald2019John Bapst Memorial High School2:09.26 2
6Meredith Bradshaw Thomas2019George Stevens Academy2:09.48 1
SCROliver Johnston2019Mt. Desert Island High School2:05.02 --
SCRGabe Coffey2019Bangor High School2:05.54 --
SCRStephen Grierson2020Mt. Desert Island High School2:08.93 --
SCRLiam Higgins2020Mt. Desert Island High School2:09.20 --
SCRGrahme Sokoloski2020Hampden Academy2:12.06 --
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One Mile Run

1Wyatt Lord2019Hampden Academy4:25.19 10
2Gabe Coffey2019Bangor High School4:32.82 8
3Grahme Sokoloski2020Hampden Academy4:43.53 6
4Thorin Smith2019Mt. Desert Island High School4:44.21 4
5Jon Donnelly2018Brewer High School4:44.83 2
6Jason Mathies2019Hampden Academy4:46.57 1
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Two Mile Run

1Gabe Coffey2019Bangor High School10:00.32 10
2Wyatt Lord2018Hampden Academy10:09.53 8
3Grahme Sokoloski2020Hampden Academy10:24.20 6
4Connor Glowa2021Hampden Academy10:24.80 4
5Matt Shea2020Ellsworth High School10:35.10 2
6Jason Mathies2019Hampden Academy10:37.17 1
SCRPatrick Tyne2020Orono High School10:34.20 --
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55 Meter Hurdles

1Zachary Beaton2019Hermon High School7.99 10
2Dominic Graves2020Old Town High School8.41 8
3Phillip Feeney2018Brewer High School8.61 6
4Derek Barclay2018Old Town High School8.90 4
5Andrew Munroe2021Bangor High School8.92 2
6Jack Sandone2020Ellsworth High School8.93 1
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4x200 Meter Relay

1Brewer High School1:38.41 10
2Mt. Desert Island High School1:38.53 8
3Bangor High School1:38.75 6
4Hampden Academy1:38.84 4
5Old Town High School1:39.03 2
6John Bapst Memorial High School1:39.92 1
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4x800 Meter Relay

1Hampden Academy8:42.61 10
2Brewer High School8:45.22 8
3Mt. Desert Island High School8:54.14 6
4Hermon High School8:56.06 4
5Orono High School9:13.75 2
6Bangor High School9:18.09 1
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Triple Jump

1Zachary Beaton2019Hermon High School41-5 10
2Atticus Deeny2019Ellsworth High School41-0.5 8
3Elijah Veilleux2020Old Town High School40-3 6
4Kyle Smith2018Old Town High School39-11 4
5Danny Bunker2018Bucksport High School39-10.5 2
6Connor Roope2018Brewer High School38-3 1
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Long Jump

1Ben Cotton2018John Bapst Memorial High School20-9.75 10
2Liang-kang Lin2019Old Town High School20-5.75 8
3Tony Manev2018Orono High School19-11 6
4Atticus Deeny2019Ellsworth High School19-8.5 4
5Jack Dunning2018Hampden Academy19-8 2
6Gaberiel Carrigan2019Brewer High School19-6.5 1
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High Jump

1Zachary Beaton2018Hermon High School6-1 10
2Gavin Mcdonald2019John Bapst Memorial High School6-0 8
3Cole Jordan2019Bangor High School5-8 4
3Gaberiel Carrigan2019Brewer High School5-8 4
3Malcolm Jones2018Bucksport High School5-8 4
6Deandre Reid2019Mt. Desert Island High School5-6 0.333
6Derek Barclay2018Old Town High School5-6 0.333
6Nate Regan2021Old Town High School5-6 0.333
SCRHunter Blanchard2018Mattanawcook Academy5-6 --
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Pole Vault

1Brady Chadwick2018John Bapst Memorial High School11-6 10
2Josh Hart2019Brewer High School11-0 8
3Andrew Gillette2019Brewer High School10-6 4
3Peter Blackwell2019Bangor High School10-6 4
3Tyler Reilly2018Bangor High School10-6 4
6Cameron Oxley2018Brewer High School10-0 0.333
6Elijah Denning2020Mt. Desert Island High School10-0 0.333
6Michael Hayden2019Brewer High School10-0 0.333
SCRJohann Gerling2019Brewer High School10-6 --
SCRNick Brown2018John Bapst Memorial High School10-0 --
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Shot Put

1Garrett Graham2018Brewer High School52-11 10
2Croix Albee2018Mt. Desert Island High School52-5.75 8
3Sam Hoff2019Mt. Desert Island High School45-7.25 6
4Gilbert Isaacs2019Mt. Desert Island High School45-7 4
5Jacob St Louis2018Old Town High School43-0 2
6Riker Brown2021Bangor High School42-9.5 1
SCRJacob Mccluskey2019Brewer High School51-7.5 --
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