KVAC Class B Championship 2024

Brunswick, ME
Timing/Results Tyler Timing

Schedule (as of 2/5/24)

Field Events Start Time
Boys Long Jump 7:15 PM
Girls High Jump 7:15 PM
Girls Pole Vault 7:15 PM
Boys Shot Put 7:15 PM
Girls Long Jump 8:05 PM
Boys High Jump 8:45 PM
Boys Pole Vault 8:45 PM
Girls Shot Put 8:45 PM
Boys Triple Jump 8:55 PM
Girls Triple Jump 9:45 PM

Track Events Start Time
Girls 4x800m Run 7:30 PM
Boys 4x800m Run 7:45 PM
Girls 55m Hurdles Trials 8:00 PM
Boys 55m Hurdles Trials 8:10 PM
Girls 55m Dash Trials 8:20 PM
Boys 55m Dash Trials 8:30 PM
National Anthem 8:38 PM
Girls 55m Hurdles Finals 8:40 PM
Boys 55m Hurdles Finals 8:45 PM
Girls 55m Dash Finals 8:50 PM
Boys 55m Dash Finals 8:52 PM
Girls 1 Mile Run 8:55 PM
Boys 1 Mile Run 9:05 PM
Girls 400m Dash 9:15 PM
Boys 400m Dash 9:25 PM
Girls 800m Run 9:35 PM
Boys 800m Run 9:40 PM
Girls 200m Dash 9:45 PM
Boys 200m Dash 9:55 PM
Girls 2 Mile Run 10:05 PM
Boys 2 Mile Run 10:20 PM
Girls 4x200m Relay 10:35 PM
Boys 4x200m Relay 10:40 PM

10:50 PM (or at the conclusion of all field events)