University of Southern Maine

Venue Records

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Meets Held Here

Date Meet
2021-02-26 USM-UMaine-UNH
2021-02-19 USM Invite
2021-02-13 USM vs Husson
2020-02-22 Little East Indoor Track and Field Championships
2020-02-17 Class A Indoor State Championship
2020-02-08 SMAA Southwesterns Championships
2020-02-08 WMC Championship
2020-02-01 SMAA: Nob, Por, West, Win
2020-02-01 SMAA: Gor, TA, Mar. Mass, Scar, SP
2020-02-01 SMAA: BE, FAL, BID, KEN, CHEV, DER
2020-01-31 WMC:Cape, GNG, Free, LR, FRYE, YARM, LISBON, ST D
2020-01-31 WMC: Greely, Poland, Traip, Wells, NYA, YORK, Boothbay
2020-01-25 USM Invite
2020-01-24 WMC:Pol, Frye, Yar, Traip, Wells, St. D/Lisbon, York, BB
2020-01-24 WMC:Greely, GNG, Freeport, NYA, CAPE, LAKE REGION
2020-01-18 SMAA: BE, Scar, Fal, SP, Nob,Gor, TA, Por
2020-01-18 SMAA: Chev, Der, Mars, Mass, West, Wind, Bi,Ken
2020-01-17 WMC:York, GNG, Freeport, Fryeburg, Yarmouth, Boothbay
2020-01-17 WMC:Gree, Cape, Pol, LR, Traip, Wells, NYA, St. Dom, Lisb
2020-01-11 SMAA: BE, Fal, Mar, Mass, Por
2020-01-11 SMAA:Bid, Ken, Scar, SP, West, Win
2020-01-11 SMAA: Chev,Der,Gor,TA,Nob
2020-01-10 WMC:GNG, Freeport, Poland, Fryeburg, Yarmouth, Traip, Wells
2020-01-10 WMC:York, Greely, Cape, Lake Region, NYA, St. Dom's Lisbon, BB
2020-01-09 KVAC Meet # 13
2020-01-04 SMAA: Win, BE, Bid. Mar, Scar, Chev
2020-01-04 SMAA: West, TA, SP, Fal, Por
2020-01-04 SMAA: Der, Gor, Ken, Mass, Nob
2020-01-03 WMC:YORK, Cape, GNG, Freeport, Lake Region, Boothbay
2020-01-03 WMC: Gre, Pol, Frye, Yarm, Traip, Wells, NYA, St. D/Lisbon
2019-12-28 WMC/Special Olympics of Maine New Year’s Relays
2019-12-21 SMAA: BE, Fal, Gor, TA, West, Win
2019-12-21 SMAA: Bidd, Ken, Mar, Mass, Nob
2019-12-21 SMAA: Chev, Der,Scar, SP, Por
2019-12-20 KVAC Meet #5
2019-12-18 GNG, Freeport, Yarmouth & Poland Scrimmage Meet
2019-12-14 USM Open #1
2019-12-13 South Portland, Biddeford, Scarborough Scrimmage
2019-02-18 Class A Indoor State Championship
2019-02-09 SMAA Southwesterns Championships
2019-02-08 WMC Championship
2019-02-02 SMAA: Kenn, Bid, Chev, Fal, Mas, Por, Scar, West
2019-02-02 SMAA: BE, Deer, Go, Mar, SP, TA, Wind
2019-02-01 WMC: Greely, Poland, Traip, Wells, NYA, YORK, Boothbay
2019-02-01 WMC:Cape, GNG, Freeport, Lake Region, FRYE, YARM, LISBON/ST D
2019-01-26 USM Open #3
2019-01-25 WMC:Pol, Frye, Yarm, Traip, Wells, St D, Lis, York, Boothbay
2019-01-25 WMC:Greely,GNG, Freeport, NYA, Cape, Lake Region
2019-01-19 SMAA: West, BE, Deer, Mars, Por, Scar
2019-01-19 SMAA: Gor, No, SP, Mass, Kenn, Fal

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